Houdini’s Tricks

Houdini's Tricks

1E01.T01Escape from water torture cell.Water3:43
2E01.T02Lock-pick on convent door.Locks11:00
3E01.T03Making a glass of water disappear/faking a cough to get Winnie alone.Water12:13
4E01.T04Picking the lock on Sister Fabian's box.Locks14:02
5E01.T05Creating a fake spirit and leaving fake blood to prove a point with Doyle & Stratton.Other20:24
6E01.T06Making Sister Grace believe she sees Lucy. He even mentions his timing had to be perfect.Other40:16:00
7E01.T07Disappearing coin trick to show Stratton that "the eyes only see what the mind lets them."Coins41:30:00
8E02.T01Escaping police handcuffs with arms behind his back. This is when Doyle is searching the records.Handcuffs5:34
9E02.T02Smoothly unlocks the boys handcuffs when he is cuffed to the railing.Handcuffs21:41
10E02.T03Picking the lock of Lydia's safe.Locks31:46:00
11E02.T04Pieces of paper during the truth-trade game.Other41:41:00
12E03.TR01Making Merring's handkerchief disappear/reappear in his office.Sleight of Hand5:05
13E03.TR02Removes "tumor" from man at faith healer's gathering.Sleight of Hand11:35
14E04.T01Tricking Doyle into thinking he is passing the note to him. The "fake pass", twice in a row.Sleight of Hand4:16
15E04.T02Causing tickets to appear in gains pocket.Sleight of Hand4:59
16E04.T03Demonstrating to Doyle how a person could have done what Natalia had seen. He jumps onto the wall and runs across rooftops in the back of Natalia's house.Other12:10
17E04.T04Picking the locks on Stratton's door.Locks19:05
18E04.T05Causing people to think they were being gassed.Other28:23:00
19E04.T06Dressing up like Spring Heel'd Jack and tricking Biggs.Other38:29:00
20E05.T01Cold reading the widow before Madame KorzhaCold Reading15:09
21E05.T02Stealing Korzha's PassportSleight of Hand25:20:00
22E06.T01Picking Stratton's luggage lock with a pennyCoins4:31
23E06.T02Stealing Stratton's package out of her luggage.Sleight of Hand4:31
24E06.T03Hypnosis of DanielOther9:26
25E06.T04Cold reading StrattonCold Reading13:30
26E06.T05Putting Stratton's package back into her luggage.Sleight of Hand42:01:00
27E07.T01Dropping ergot poison into Dr. Randall's tea.Sleight of Hand32:23:00
28E09.T03Chimney cap to create wind tunnel, causing bible pages to turn and figures to fall from shelves.Other12:54
29E09.T01Houdini pretending to talk from the necrophone when he first arrives at Falcroft Manor.Other14:46
30E09.T02Light bulb lighting up.Other15:26
31E09.T05Smashing mirror.Other35:11:00
32E09.T04Another breeze blowing through the manor.Other35:17:00
33E09.T06Flying knife.Other35:20:00

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