On-screen / Episode Deaths

1E01.D01Sister FabianThroat slit by Sister Grace.1:33
2E01.D02Sister MathildaThroat slit by Sister Grace.21:50
3E03.D01Fred BatchChoking to death during faith healers gathering. However, cause of death due to his Mrs. Downey poisoning him via a drink before the gathering started.2:59
4E04.D01Barrett UnderhillKnocked out of his window by Spring Heel'd Jack.2:08
5E04.D02Herbert OgilvieTrying to climb over the fence to escape the shadowy figure. Instead, he slipped and fell, impaling himself.25:42
6E05.D01Mitchell PearceHoudini tackled him and he was shot during the struggle.31:30
7E06.D01Nigel PenningtonBody found in Thames River.42:59
8E07.D01Molly MorganPoisoned by Dr. Randall.1:14
9E07.D02NathanielBreaks his own neck. This was in Doyle's dream.26:30
10E08.D01Glynis ConwayStake through her heart. Murdered by Lauchlan McBride.2:41
11E08.D02Lauchlan McBrideKilled and drained of his blood. Murdered by Professor Havensling.24:26
12E08.D03Vampire in CemeteryHead cut off.31:20
13E08.D04Professor HavenslingThrown into a fire by Bram Stoker.37:05
14E08.D05Houdini's motherDied in her sleep.42:45
15E09.D01Mr. ReidPinned to wall with swords. Murdered by Roland Carson.1:11
16E09.D02Rustom AvariKilled in a basement then thrown off a cliff to make it look like a spirit had done it. Murdered by Roland Carson.22:14
17E10.D01Galen LaPierCarbon dioxide poisoning.1:09
18E10.D02Mrs. LaPierCarbon dioxide poisoning.1:21
19E10.D03Unknown womanCarbon dioxide poisoning.1:38
20E10.D04Unknown manCarbon dioxide poisoning.1:39
21E10.D05Unknown womanCarbon dioxide poisoning.1:43
22E10.D06Dr. MilletCarbon dioxide poisoning.2:02
25E10.D07 - E10.D093 unknown womenCarbon dioxide poisoning.2:13
29E10.D10 - E10.D134 unknown menCarbon dioxide poisoning.2:13
39E10.D14 - E10.D2310 bodies, unknown sexes laying in road, grass, etc...Carbon dioxide poisoning.2:13
40E10.D241 childCarbon dioxide poisoning.7:05
41E10.D25Greg LaughlawCarbon dioxide poisoning. *death certificate seen when Doyle is browsing papers.22:26
62E10.D26 - E10.D46Doyle mentions 47 deaths in total, but Libby recovers.Carbon dioxide poisoning.5:10
63E10.D47Unknown male. Body found upriver of LaPier.Carbon dioxide poisoning.21:35
64E10.D48Unknown female. Body found upriver of LaPier.Carbon dioxide poisoning.21:35
65E10.D49Unknown child. Body found upriver of LaPier.Carbon dioxide poisoning.21:35
66E10.D50Benjamin GravesShot by Stratton.37:34

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