Time & Clocks

1E01.C014m22s---Houdini's curtain starts to rise.Stage clock3:39
2E01.C0210:34A.M.Just before the scene where Houdini meets with Doyle in Merring's office.Clock tower / Big Ben5:10
3E01.C0412:15P.M.Sister Fabian's officeDesk10:46
4E01.C050m9s---When Doyle & Stratton visit Houdini.Stage18:50
5E02.C0112:29P.M.After Stratton questions Peter/Martin.Clock tower / Big Ben8:05
6E02.C028:50A.M.Houdini searches Peter Bennett's house/room.Mantle in front of mirror.30:12
7E02.C039:13P.M.Right before Houdini talks with Stratton about Lydia's husbands.Clock tower / Big Ben32:16
8E02.C049:34P.M.Inside Stratton's office when Houdini is talking to her about Lydia Belworth.Wall34:06
9E02.C0511:33*P.M.Just before Doyle finds where Peter/Martin is hiding.
*hard to judge due to distance from camera
Clock tower / Big Ben37:37
10E03.C0110:16A.M.After Arthur's dream / before Scotland Yard scene.Clock tower / Big Ben4:49
11E03.C0212:29P.M.After Doyle and Houdini meet in hospital and before Houdini meets up with Stratton.Clock tower / Big Ben18:04
12E03.C033:55P.M.After Houdini's mother looks after him / Before Doyle and Stratton walk through the halls of the police station.Clock tower / Big Ben37:06
13E04.C0110:27A.M.As Doyle, Stratton & Houdini are leaving Merring's office.Wall6:55
14E04.C0212:21P.M.Inside of Stratton's house.Desk20:12
15E04.C0310:17A.M.Before Houdini's demonstration of mass hysteria.Clock tower / Big Ben27:15
16E05.C0112:27P.M.When Doyle and Houdini enter police station.Wall4:57
17E05.C022:31P.M.Just after Korzha leads them to the dolls.Clock tower / Big Ben12:29
18E05.C033:40P.M.At the police station, when Stratton asks Doyle what happens at midnight.Wall22:57
19E05.C046:04P.M.At the police station when Houdini is explaining the rope trick.Wall28:06
20E05.C056:30P.M.At Mitchell's house.Mantle29:42
21E05.C0611:55P.M.Doyle realizing the Sherlock Holmes quote.Mantle42:13
22E05.C0712:00A.M.Stratton sitting at her desk.Wall43:04
23E06.C012:35P.M.In Booth's office. The angle is hard to read. Although if the train left at 8:00ish and it takes 6 hours to get there (Houdini), it wouldn't be far fetched. Wall6:44
24E07.C0111:25A.M.Before our trio investigate Molly's dead body.Church Tower2:27
25E07.C0210:00A.M.During Doyle's flashback.Grandfather clock15:38
26E07.C031:55P.M.Houdini sits on Adelaide's desk.Wall17:12
27E07.C046:17P.M.When Houdini is running down the road with the antidote.On side of building33:17
28E07.C058:50P.M.When Doyle is talking to his father.Fireplace35:21
29E08.C019:20A.M.When the trio meet Stoker for the first time.Behind Stratton & Houdini3:18
30E08.C0211:05A.M.The trio are talking outside of Bram's office.Grandfather Clock5:36
31E08.C036:45P.M.Houdini & Stratton talking in Bram's office.Behind Stratton & Houdini12:39
32E08.C048:25P.M.Before the scene at Stratton's house. * Clock is far away so it's hard to judge the time.Big Ben / Clock Tower21:44
33E08.C058:50P.M.Stratton's house, right after Houdini takes the book.Mantle22:50
34E08.C066:30P.M.Merring's OfficeMantle28:39
35E08.C072:33A.M.Stoker's HouseGrandfather clock38:36
36E10.C017:00P.M.Reverend checks his pocket watch.Pocket Watch0:50
37E10.C026:57P.M.Houdini & Doyle searching Dr. Millet's house.Dr. Millet's pocket watch9:44
38E10.C037:47P.M.When Houdini & Doyle arrive at hotel.Clock in Hotel Lobby32:33

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