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Episode Plots

Episode 1:

     Episode 1 introduces us to our three main characters. Sir Author Conan Doyle, Harry Houdini and Constable Adelaide Stratton. Doyle favors the supernatural side of things while Harry favors science. Houdini has also devoted his life to debunking the likes of mediums, fortune tellers, etc… Constable Stratton is the middle ground between them and she is there to keep them in line. The first case deals with nuns being murdered at a convent. The suspect of these murders is believed to be the ghost of a girl that died over 6 months ago. and her name is Lucy. Houdini and Doyle express interest in solving the case with some resistance from Inspector Merring, their boss. However, Houdini quickly wins him over with a threat to call the head over Scotland Yard if they don’t let them investigate the case. As our trio dig deeper, they find many girls at the convent have noticed seeing Lucy’s spirit and a second murder takes place. In the end, the killer turns out to be Sister Grace, who is a nun at the convent and also Lucy’s biological mother. Sister Grace gave her daughter up for adoption when she was younger. She was surprised one day to see her daughter enter the convent herself, but Lucy did not know Sister Grace was her mother. Lucy was being tortured and tormented by two nuns at the convent (Fabian and Mathilda), eventually soaking her with water and letting her stay out all night long. Lucy caught a cold and died soon-after. Sister Grace thought it appropriate to avenge Lucy’s death, so she killed Sister Fabian and Sister Mathilda. Houdini, Doyle and Stratton solve the case after noticing Sister Grace as the same red hair and also has the same genetic disease that Lucy had. Once the murderer has been found Houdini and Doyle both explain how the sightings occurred. Not long after Lucy had died, a subway station built not far from the convent. As the subway passes, the vibrations has an affect on the fluid on the eyeballs, causing disruptions in peripheral vision. While Houdini is in solitude, we see that he owns the complete collection of Doyle’s work and as much as they argue we can see they respect each other.

Story Arc: We are introduced to Adelaide Stratton, a Constable at Scotland Yard. She is forced to work in the basement of the police headquarters and only “summoned upstairs to make tea.” She says she had worked hard all her life, sometimes even putting in 20 hour days.

Episode 2:

     Episode 2 takes us on an adventure of reincarnation and deals with issues plaguing our three heroes. A young boy identified as Martin Upton attempts to kill a women’s right activist named Lydia Belworth. When the assassination goes wrong, we find that Martin is accusing Lydia of killing him 10 years ago, and claiming to be reincarnated. Houdini, Doyle and Stratton investigate the strange case and slowly dig up clues. Martin, a past life, was a professional painter and womanizer. He was married to a woman named Beatrice but had multiple affairs. One of his affairs was with Lydia Belworth. Lydia told Martin she was pregnant and asked him to marry her, but he laughed in her face. She killed Martin, giving birth to the child months later and thinking it had died during childbirth. What actually happened was that her mother told Lydia the baby had died and gave it up for adoption. When the boy (now known as Peter) grew up, he learned about his mother Lydia killing his father (Martin). He became obsessed with this knowledge, and without knowing it, took on the person of Martin Upton to get revenge. Lydia finding out that Peter is actually her son, drops all charges and goes to jail while Peter goes to live with his adoptive parents.

Story Arc: During dinner Stratton says to Houdini “how do you know I don’t have any skeletons in my closet?”

Episode 3:

     Episode 3 brings us on an adventure involving a faith healer. The faith healer is traveling around England, holding faith healer rituals, and being praised by his supporters. However, those that speak against him are swiftly brought to death. As our trio investigate while also struggling with personal issues involving their faith. Houdini is one of those that speaks against him and he becomes sick, Doyle’s wife awakens after being visited by the faith healer, and Stratton again is caught somewhere in the middle. As it turns out the faith healer does believe in himself but unbeknownst to him, he is working as his sister’s puppet. His sister makes him believe he is powerful, while killing those that speak against him, leaving him to think he is a messenger of God. In the end, the sister is arrested, Houdini is cured and Doyle’s wife slips back into a coma.

Story Arc: N/A
Episode 4:

     Episode 4, involves a phantom named Spring-Heel'd Jack. The phantom is to blame for the death of an Omnibus businessman (Barrett Underhill) and the fear and panic puts the town in chaos. Out trio start the primary investigation when another death occurs and a man is impaled on some fencing (Herbert Ogilvie). As time goes by our trio pinpoint the blame on a local newspaper reporter, Lyman Biggs. With the help of Harry Houdini in disguise, Lyman Biggs confesses his crimes. As it turns out Biggs had hired a local circus gymnast to send the city into panic, by running across rooftops, jumping from one to the other and creating a phantom persona. Biggs, in jail, tells Houdini he just wanted to scare the city to be able to write a story in the newspaper, therefore selling more papers. He goes on to say Ogilvie was killed by accident, he tried to run, climb a fence but impaled himself by accident. Biggs swears he wasn't responsible for Underhill's murder which leads Harry and Doyle to believe the phantom may still be out there.

Story Arc: We learn that Stratton is married and has meetings with a person named Nigel Pennington, her husbands friend.

Episode 5:

     A psychic, Madame Korzha, is commended for finding a kidnapped girl named Julia Hargreaves. Julia is found a sewer, tied up and left to drown as the water rises. Our trio investigate and everyone thinks Korzha is the real deal, except for Houdini. As the investigation progresses Korzha soon turns out to be their main suspect. After another girl goes missing, we find the kidnapper to be a man by the name of Mitchell Pearce. Mitchell's daughter Emily, was kidnapped and left to drown a year ago. After the press and police work died on the original case Mitchell became bitter and felt like Emily had been forgotten. Mitchell decides to start his own rash of kidnappings to keep his daughters memory alive. Mitchell is eventually shot and killed and it is left to our trio and Madame Korzha to find the second kidnapped girl. She is eventually found at the docks, tied to supports. After some very suspenseful moments, Houdini jumps into the water to rescue her before the water rises. During the end of this episode there is a huge twist in the story arc and it turns out that Constable Stratton is not exactly who she says she is. Instead her name is Penelope Graves.

Story Arc: We learn that Constable Stratton is not her real name. She used to be Penelope Graves.

Episode 6:

     Episode 6 starts with a couple named Daniel and Rosie laying in a field. Daniel is dark skinned and Rosie is white. He apologies to her and asks her to leave Nethermoor before the baby comes. We wonder if it is because they are an interracial couple or something else. They see a glowing light in the sky and it crashes into the ground. Daniel is found the next day with Rosie missing. Rosie’s uncle Jim is quick to place Daniel for Rosie’s disappearance and frequently refers to him as darkie. In fact everyone in the town things Daniel is behind it except for the local policeman and our trio. As Houdini, Doyle, and Stratton investigate they find an underground society of miners, that have been driven from the town long ago. They have been living there for a century and have survived by stealing food and clothing. In the end it turns out that Rosie has stumbled and fell, hitting her head. The society of underground people knew she was pregnant and took care of her, also helping her deliver her baby. In the end everyone is happy. The background story-arc is also touched upon as well. We find out that Stratton though her husband was killed which is why she joined the police force. We also find out that Pennington has been found dead in the Thames River and Stratton thinks her life is in danger.

Story Arc: While Houdini & Doyle talk between themselves, Houdini tells Doyle that Stratton’s husband was named Benjamin Graves. Houdini hands him an envelope full of pictures and clippings of Benjamin, Nigel Pennington and George Ives. Houdini also digs up a coroners report and it states that Stratton’s husband killed himself. Stratton, however, isn’t so sure. She believes he was murdered. At the end of the episode we find out that Nigel Pennington’s body is found in The River Thames.

Episode 7:

     Episode 7 takes us on an adventure to a mental institution. Individuals are becoming possessed and attacking others. The possessed individuals die and the mark of Abaddon is found on their neck. The origin of these possessions are from Bethlem Royal Hospital in which a patient named Nathaniel is controlling others in the hospital and causing them to do evil deeds once released. While investigating Doyle is poisoned by one of the doctors and taken on his own adventure in his mind palace. He uses his fictional character Sherlock to figure his way out of it. While Doyle is stuck in his dream like state, Houdini also figures out it was the doctor causing the events, using a poison on the patients. Stratton arrests the doctor and Doyle makes his way out of the dream like state. During the last scene of this episode, Stratton is threatened and told to drop the case regarding her dead husband.

Story Arc: It is revealed that Stratton’s husband had a ring bearing the crest of a Polish anarchist group. She believes Benjamin was trying to stop them. She says Benjamin was killed and left hanging in a study for her to find.
At the end of the episode, Stratton receives a threat on her desk to drop the investigation. It is written on top of a news article about Nigel Pennington being found dead. The threat says “Drop this or die” written over it.

Episode 8:

     Episode 8 brings us on an adventure involving vampires. During the intro scene, Doyle is seen escorting Bram Stoker (Yes, THAT Bram Stoker) home one night. They find Stoker’s maid dead on the floor with a stake through her heart. As our trio investigate Stoker seems like the likely suspect at first. However, Doyle finds out there is a sort of “cult war” happening between those who think they are vampires and those who think they are vampire hunters. One of the vampire hunters, Professor Havensling, has a task of killing Bram Stoker. He believes Stoker awakened the fascination with the strigoi, the undead. With Bram's book, Dracula, being released, it will awaken a much bigger following of vampires. In the end our trio stop Havensling and he is killed but not without some close moments for both Houdini (being buried alive) and Doyle (held with a knife to his throat). Throughout the episode, Stratton starts to become more suspicious of her late husband having committed assassinations around the globe. During the final scenes we see Stratton’s house ransacked and all of her husband’s things missing. Stratton tells Houdini that her husband was in talks with a man from Buffalo, NY, about acquiring firearms. Houdini says he will take her to New York. During the last scene, sadly, Houdini’s mother passes away.

Story Arc: Stratton finds records of assassinations by the Polish anarchist group. During all 7 assassinations, her husband Benjamin was within 50 miles of the event. Stratton is sure Benjamin was trying to expose the group and thinks he was a possible government agent.
Stratton finds a telegram sent from Benjamin to a Mr. Walbridge in Buffalo, New York. In the telegram he is inquiring about firearms sold at Mr Walbridge’s hardware store.

Episode 9:

     The trio travel to Canada to investigate deaths of a man named Mr. Reid at Falcroft Manor. Mrs. Reid blames a poltergeist but police say the evidence points to her killing her husband. Thomas Edison has also taken notice of this case and travels there to use his new device a Nercophone. The Nercophone is a new piece of technology that would allow people to communicate with the dead. While there Edison’s assistant is also murdered and after some investigation our trio pinpoint the blame on a man named Roland Carson. Carson has been having an affair with Mrs. Reid and killed her husband. When Edison’s assistant found out, he killed him as well. At the end Edison ends up destroying the device because it was starting to open the gates to Hell with many voices calling out, one of the voices being Houdini’s mother. During the final moments of the episode we also find Benjamin Graves has returned and wants Stratton to leave him alone while he tends to dangerous business.

Story Arc: Stratton meets secretly with her husband. He explains that he is acting as a spy and that she needs to drop the case until the upcoming events are over.

Episode 10:

     Episode 10 begins with a priest sitting inside a church, on some stairs. The priest is asleep and suddenly wakes to check his pocket watch. He reacts if he is late and rushes down the stairs. He enters the back entrance to a church and pulls a string to ring a bell. He walks through the church to the front door and swings it open. There is nobody outside and he looks at his pocket watch again. It is 7:00. He places his...Read more.

Story Arc: Stratton finds that her husband is going to try to assassinate the President of the U.S.A. The trio eventually stop him, but Doyle pays the price by getting shot. Stratton is forced to shoot Benjamin. Doyle survives the shooting but Benjamin isn't so lucky.

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