Vladimir Palinov

Basic Info

Current Status:Alive (Jailed)

Portrayed by:Dritan Kastrati [IMDb]
Occupation:Circus Gymnast
Episode Appearances:4



     Vladimir Palinov is a Russian gymnast who works at a travel circus. Due to his acrobatic abilities, he was approached by Lyman Biggs and asked to become a Spring-Heel’d Jack impostor. He is responsible for scaring Natalia Kroshenko (a former crush) one night, and also indirectly responsible for the death of Herbert Oglivie. Herbert Oglivie was running away from him, tried to scale a fence, slipped and impaled himself. Palinov is currently serving a jail sentence with Lyman Biggs.

Facts:First spoken words [acknowledging Stratton calling his name]: “Yes?”
Last spoken words [Last seen/Arrested in Episode 4]: “I’m here every night. Speak to people I work with. You will see. I am not responsible.”
Astounding gymnast.

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