Touie Doyle

Basic Info

Current Status:Alive (Coma)

Touie Doyle
Portrayed by:Louise Delamere [IMDb]
Family:Arthur Conan Doyle (Husband)
Mary (Daughter)
Kingsley (Son)
Episode Appearances:1 | 3 | 7



     Touie is Arthur Conan Doyle's wife. A year before Episode 2, she suffered from tuberculosis and slipped into a coma. She currently resides under doctors care at Brompton Sanatorium.


First spoken words [In Arthur's dream]: "You're a brilliant word smith, no doubt you can conjuring up a few hours of polite conversation."
Came out of a coma in Episode 3 but then slipped back by the end of the episode.
She visited Arthur in his dream like state in Episode 7. She told him she was happy where she is and he doesn't have to look for a cure.

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