Spring-Heel’d Jack

Basic Info

Current Status:Alive
Portrayed by:Scott Jenkinson [IMDb]
Episode Appearances:4



     Spring-Heel’d Jack is a demon that has been plaguing the world for over a century. According to Doyle’s research and police files, he is a mysterious assailant that has been causing terror for over 100 years, according to the first report. A second report is from 1855 and described him as a phantom who leaps across “the rooftops, attacking without warning”. The third report comes from 1889 when again this phantom terrorized parts of Kensington. No arrests were ever made but Doyle notices that each appearance is “preceded a great communal tragedy.” For example, The Crimean War, a cholera outbreak, even a financial panic. Most recently the demon has been to blame for the death of Barrett Underhill. While other terror events in the city was due to Lyman Biggs trying to make stories for The London Daily, Biggs states he had nothing to do with Underhills murder and didn’t even know the name Spring Heel’d Jack until Doyle mentioned it. Spring-Heel’d Jack is last seen overlooking the city in Episode 4.

Facts:No spoken words.
Can fly.
Responsible for many deaths over the past 100 years.
Name sometimes not hyphenated as “Spring Heel’d Jack” or “Spring Heeled Jack”
Last seen in the final scene of Episode 4 when he is overlooking the city.

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