Sister Mathilda

Basic Info

Current Status:Deceased
Portrayed by:Unknown
Episode Appearances:1



     Sister Fabian was born Bernadette Downie. When she was 19, she was caught for pick pocketing went did time in jail. After she was released she joined the sisterhood and worked her way up the ranks at Magdalene Laundry and Convent. One day she is murdered and like Sister Fabian, the ghost of Lucy Allthorpe is to blame. While she did not directly cause her harm, she stood by and watched as Lucy was tortured and punished. Likewise, the night Lucy was locked out in her wet clothes, instead of helping her and letting her in, she stood by and watched her suffer.

Facts:Sister Fabian is the second death we encounter in Houdini & Doyle.
First spoken words: “If that’s all Sargent Gudgett, our girls are quite prone to hysteria and the sooner we can put this behind us, the better.”
Last spoken words [Last seen/Died in Episode 1]: “I could have sworn there was a glass sitting there, I’ll be right back.”

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