Sister Grace

Basic Info

Current Status:Alive (Jailed)

Portrayed by:Simone Kirby [IMDb]
Family:Lucy Allthorpe (Daughter)
Episode Appearances:1



     Sister Grace was born Alice Carlaw. She is currently a Maggie, which means she had committed a crime, released from prison and is now staying at a convent. After getting out of jail, she joined the convent in exchange for her work at Magdalene Laundries. She had a baby, Lucy Allthorpe, when she was younger and the convent took her baby away. In her eyes she had committed a mortal sin. She tried to put it behind her, changing her name and joining the convent to start a new life. However, Lucy grew up and ended up joining the convent as well, and also had a child of her own. Watching Lucy being punished by Sister Fabian and Sister Mathilda, Grace figured Lucy was brought to the convent by God to punish her. Sister Grace is responsible for the murders of Sister Fabian and Sister Mathilda and killed them for revenge for torturing her daughter Lucy.

Facts:Has Ehler-Danlos Syndrome (characterized by hyper-flexible joints and a slight limp)
First spoken words [confirming name to Stratton]: “Grace, good morning.”
Last spoken words [Last seen/Arrested in Episode 1]: “My baby….”

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