Sister Fabian

Basic Info

Current Status:Deceased
Portrayed by:Unknown
Episode Appearances:1



     Sister Fabian was the head nun at Magdalene Laundry and Convent. She was found dead by Sister Winnie one night and the primary suspect was the ghost of Lucy Allthorpe, an idea shared by the other girls at the convent. They believed this for two reasons. First, there were many sightings of Lucy’s ghost and secondly, because Sister Fabian was blamed for killing her. Lucy made the other girls happy by singing, playing piano and making them laugh. For this, Sister Fabian hated her. When Lucy talked back, Sister Fabian cut off her hair, soaked her clothes and locked her out for the night. After some investigation by Houdini, Doyle and Stratton we find that Sister Fabian was actually murdered by Lucy’s mother, who is also a nun at the convent.

Facts:Sister Fabian is the first death we encounter in Houdini & Doyle.
She enjoyed alcohol.
Kept a locked box in her desk.
Embezzled some of the weekly laundry money.

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