Rosie Berry

Basic Info

Current Status:Alive

Portrayed by:Gillian Saker [IMDb]
Family:Daniel (Husband), Jim Gorton (Uncle), Child (Son)
Episode Appearances:6



     Rosie is another local in Nethermoor. She is married to Daniel Berry and is bearing child. She is happy in Nethermoor and wants to stay and raise her family there. One night Daniel and herself see a shooting start in the sky. It ends up crashing landing nearby. Creatures are seen coming from the crash, Daniel has a blackout and Rosie goes missing. It turns out crave creatures, who have been shunned from the town 50 years earlier, helped take care of Rosie and deliver her child.

Facts:First spoken words: "You're drunk!"
Last spoken words (Last seen in Episode 6): "Just like your new nephew."

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