Professor Havensglin

Basic Info

Current Status:Deceased

Professor Havensling
Portrayed by:Owen Teale [IMDb]
Occupation:Vanator (Protector of the Innocent)
Episode Appearances:8



     Professor Havensglin is a self proclaimed vampire hunter. Before this episode started, Bram was very fond of the professor and even used his name as an anagram of one of his fictional vampire hunters (Van Helsing). Professor Havensglin is responsible for the death of Lachlan McBride and during Episode 8 tries to kill Bram Stoker. This is because he feels Bram's "book emboldened the Strigoi, attracting more into the fold, spreading filth among the virtuous." Havensglin ends up dying when Stoker throws him into a fire inside a crematorium.


First spoken words: “The legends date back at least 4,000 years to the ancient Assyrians and Babylonians.”
Last spoken words (Last seen/Died in Episode 8): “I'll toss you in the flames. You can burn with the other paupers.”
Van Helsing is an anagram of Havensglin. Bram chose it as an homage to the professor.

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