Peter Bennett

Basic Info

Current Status:Alive

Portrayed by:Samuel Joslin [IMDb]
Family:Lydia Belworth (Biological Mother, Jailed)
Martin Upton (Biological Father, Deceased)
Frank & Clara Bennett (Adoptive Parents)
Episode Appearances:2



     Peter Bennett is the adoptive son of Frank and Clara Bennett and the biological son of Lydia Belworth. A year before the events in Episode 2, Peter started to change. He used to be happy and creative but now he has changed. He had become distant, solemn, and often retreated to the fantasy world. He started missing school and wandering off until one day he had shot Lydia Belworth. What had happened was that Peter learned of his real parents, Lydia Belworth and Martin Upton. Lydia had killed Martin in a fit of rage one night after he laughed at her for being pregnant with his child. Months later, during child birth, her mother took the baby and told her it died. Years later the boy, Peter, grows up and learns the truth about his mother and father. He takes on the persona of Martin Upton and confronts her during a demonstration on day, shooting her in the arm. Lydia Belworth decided to drop charges when she had found out it Peter was actually her biological son.

Facts:First spoken words: “You murdered me.”
Last spoken words [Last seen in Episode 2]: “My father's dead and my mother is a murderer.”

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