Mitchell Pearce

Basic Info

Current Status:Deceased
Portrayed by:Unkown
Occupation:Dock Worker
Family:Emily Pearce (Daughter, Deceased)
Episode Appearances:5



     Mitchell Pearce is a widower and had one daughter named Emily. One night, while taking on an extra shift, Emily was kidnapped and left to drown in a water tank. Mitchell Pearce took it hard and after the investigations had died down, people stopped talking about Emily. This hurt Mitchell even more and he decided to conduct his own rash of kidnappings in order to keep Emily’s name alive and in the papers. Our trio find out he is responsible for the recent kidnappings and confront him at his house. He pulls a gun and in the midst of a struggle, is shot and killed.

Facts:First spoken words: “Did you find him yet? Did you find the man who murdered my little girl?”
Last spoken words (Died in Episode 5):”It’s too late for that.”
Sixth death in the series.

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