Mary Conan Doyle

Basic Info

Current Status:Alive
Portrayed by:Emily Carey [IMDb | Twitter]
Family:Arthur Conan Doyle (Father)
Touie (Mother)
Kingsley Doyle (Brother)
Episode Appearances:1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 7



     Mary is a young girl being raised by a single father and she is struggling to come to terms with her mother being in a coma. During episode 2 we see how much this affects her as she fakes sick during “mother’s week” for many days in a row. Her father Arthur Conan Doyle is upset with her with her at first, but it’s not until he finds the pamphlet for mother’s week that he truly understands what is going on. It makes him realize that he is not the only one struggling and causes the father daughter bond to be stronger. Although sad, Mary has high hopes for her mother coming home, at one point even telling her father not to pack her mother’s stuff away. Outside of dealing with her mother, Mary is quite a strong individual, not unlike Constable Stratton. For example, she questions gender inequality and asks questions such as why girls have to take housewifery and why boys and girls are treated differently. Not much is known about her social life except that she has a friend from Spain named Paloma.

Facts:Misses her mother and frequently asks for updates from her father.
Soft spoken but headstrong like her mother.
While generally very sad during the episodes, we see a permanent smile on her face during her mother’s awakening in Episode 3.
Has a friend named Paloma who is from Spain.
First spoken words [to Doyle]: “Were you able to talk to mother?”

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