Lyman Biggs

Basic Info

Current Status:Alive (Jailed)
Portrayed by:Blake Harrison [IMDb]
Occupation:Newspaper Reporter
Episode Appearances: 4



     Lyman Biggs used to work for The London Daily newspaper as a reporter. His stories were found in the ½ penny papers and he used to write flattering articles about Houdini. Recently, his job took him to the investigation of the death of Barrett Underhill. Underhill was thrown out of his window and killed. While reporting Biggs overhears Doyle suggesting the cause could be phantom, Spring-Heel’d Jack. Biggs runs with the story and gets an idea to copy cat the demon. Not necessarily to kill people but to scare them, that way he would sell more papers. While Biggs is the mastermind, he hires a Russian named Vladimir Palinov to carry out the acrobatic feats of jumping from roof to roof, and making it seem like a demon floating across the sky. Biggs is soon fooled into confession to Houdini. Biggs, from jail, admits it was all his doing but says he was not responsible for the first murder, leaving us to believe it was actually a phantom that killed Underhill.

Facts:First spoken words: “Be still my fragile heart, if it ain’t Europe’s eclipsing sensation.”
Last spoken words [Last seen/Arrested in Episode 4]: “I didn’t know anything about Spring Heel’d Jack until I heard Mr Doyle mention him to you.”

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