Lydia Belworth

Basic Info

Current Status:Alive (Jailed)

Portrayed by:Laura Fraser [IMDb]
Occupation:Leader of women’s suffrage movement
Family:Peter Bennett (Son)
Episode Appearances:2



     Lydia Belworth is a the leader and face of the women’s suffrage movement. She had an affair with a man named Martin Upton and became pregnant. When she told Martin she was pregnant, he laughed in her face. This made her angry and she killed Martin. Months later she gave birth to a child. However, during child birth, her mother took the baby and told her it died. Years later the boy, named Peter, grows up and learns the truth about his mother and father. He takes on the persona of Martin Upton and confronts her during a demonstration on day, shooting her in the arm. In the meantime, another girl having an affair with Martin Updon, named Margery Maguire, could connect her to the disappearance of Martin. She tried to pin everything on the boy and clear up any lose ends. Houdini, Doyle and Stratton, figured it out and Lydia is currently in jail.

Facts:Shot Houdini 3 times in the back (bullet proof vest) thinking he was Margery Maguire.
Dropped charges against Peter Bennett once she realized it was her son.
First spoken words: “This is not an act of violence, this is an act of war.”
Last spoken words [Last seen/Arrested in Episode 2]: “Where is he?”

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