Jim Gorton

Basic Info

Current Status:Alive

Jim Gorton
Portrayed by:Unknown
Occupation:Town Laborer
Family:Rosie (Niece)
Episode Appearances:6



     Jim Gorton is a local of Nethermoor. His niece is Rosie Berry and he is quite upset when she goes missing. The first person he blames is Daniel Berry (Rosie's husband) and we see negative qualities in Jim. For example, he often refers to Daniel and "blacky" or "black bastard". At the beginning of the episode he is a racist, bigot and hates outsiders. However, at the end of the episode when Rosie tells him the cave people helped her deliver her baby and saved her life, he seems to have a more accepting quality to him.
end up seeing a side of Jim that isn't

Facts:First spoken words: "Why should we be out there searching when he knows where she is!?"
Last spoken words (Last seen in Episode 6): "This lot!?."
Has gotten beat up/knocked out by Houdini.
Name is homage to Jim Gordon. [Source]

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