Jane Downey

Basic Info

Current Status:Alive

Portrayed by:Enuka Okuma [IMDb]
Occupation:Faith Healer / Gatherer
Family:Elias Downey (Brother)
Episode Appearances:3



     When Jane was a child, she suffered terribly from pneumonia. She was on the brink of death and her brother Elias prayed for her. When she got better Elias though he was a faith healer and Jane ran with the idea. She suggested they get into the faith healing business. On blind faith alone people were healed but anytime someone spoke against Elias, Jane would kill them, making it look like an accident. Doyle had figured her out after a long hair was found during a robbery at a local pharmacy. Along with cyanide there was also a bottle of gower powder stolen. Doyle matched this with the psoriasis when he noticed her nails were brittle and she would always wear scarf. She was arrested in Episode 3.

Facts:First spoken words: “It’s alright Joseph, all of God’s children are welcome.”
Last spoken words [Last seen/Arrested in episode 3]:”As long as people had faith in your divine powers, they could be healed. There’s no higher calling than that.”
Suffers from psoriasis.

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