Fred Batch

Basic Info

Current Status:Deceased

Portrayed by:Nicholas Burns [IMDb]
Occupation:Traveling Businessman
Family:Anne Batch (Wife)

Episode Appearances:3



     Frank Batch was a traveling salesman and married to Anne Batch. The two could not produce offspring so Anne decided to visit a faith healer. Frank was very skeptical but decided to go with her in order to appease her. While at the ceremony Frank became upset, calling the faith healer a fake and a liar. A few moments later he starts to choke and ends up dying. At first people around him though it was because he spoke against a man of God but what really happened was that he was poisoned with cyanide by Mrs. Downey, the faith healers sister.

Facts:First spoken words: “What a load of rubbish.”
Last spoken words [Last seen/Died in Episode 3]: “God's as big a fraud as you.”
Died via cyanide poisoning.

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