Elias Downey

Basic Info

Current Status:Alive
Portrayed by:Nathan Stewart-Jarrett [IMDb | Twitter]
Occupation:Reverend / Faith Healer
Family:Jane Downey (Sister)
Episode Appearances: 3



     Elias Downey is a faith healer. He truly believes that he is a messenger of God since he has quite the track recording for healing people. When he was younger his sister, Jane, was suffering from pneumonia. The doctors had told the family to plan the funeral but instead he stood by her bed, took her hand and prayed for God to heal her. He said he felt a warmth through this body and his sister miraculously got better. Since then, he and his sister have been traveling all over, holding faith healer gatherings and healing people. The truth however is that people were healed because they wanted to be healed. Those that didn’t were kill by Jane and it was made to look like an accident.

Facts:First spoken words: “The Bible teaches us that all things are possible to him that believeth, and I ask, all of you… do you believe in the power of the Almighty Father.”
Last spoken words [Last seen in Episode 3]: “Their blood is on our hands.”
Believes he is the messenger of God and a true healer.
Lost his faith at the end of episode 3.

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