Dr. Randall

Basic Info

Current Status:Alive (Jailed)

Dr. Randall
Portrayed by:Unknown
Occupation:Physician at B.H.R.
Episode Appearances:7



     Dr. Randell is a physician at Bethlem Royal Hospital and works under Dr. Pilsen. Randall is interested in curing fear in order to end madness and save people's lives. The technique he uses works the same was as Louis Pasteur cured rabies. Randall would give his patients small doses of fear though a poison called ergot. This however, has a negative side effect and causes patients to behave oddly as if possessed and eventually they die. When Randall poisoned Doyle, Houdini caught on to what he was doing, and poisoned the doctor himself in order to obtain the antidote. At the end of Epiosde 7, Stratton arrests Randall.


First spoken words: "I believe permitting one's fears to paper has the effect to defining it and once defined it and can be targeted."
Last spoke words (Last seen/Arrested in Episode 7): "It would end madness, save so many lives from ruin."
Poisoned Doyle with ergot via a cup of tea.
Randall was arrested in Episode 7.

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