Constable Booth

Basic Info

Current Status:Alive
Constable Booth
Portrayed by:Thomas Howes [IMDb]
Occupation:Constable in Nethermoor
Episode Appearances: 6



     Booth is a local constable in Nethermoor. He is the only police officer in the town and knows the townspeople quite well. Being the lone police officer he is charged with the task of setting up a search party to look for Rosie Berry and solving the mystery of what has happened to her. Luckily for him Stratton, Houdini and Doyle come to help him out. He plays a role in calming the townspeople down and bridging the gap to the "outsiders". At the end of Episode 6 he seems quite thankful for the trios help.

Facts:First spoken words: "You're searching because I'm the only copper you've got!"
Last spoken words (Last seen in Episode 6): " home."

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