Cecilia Weiss

Basic Info

Current Status:Deceased

Portrayed by:Diana Quick [ IMDb]
Family:Houdini (Son)
Episode Appearances:1 | 3 | 5 | 8



     Houdini mother’s came from a very poor lifestyle. Now that Houdini is famous he can giver her the luxurious lifestyle that we all crave. Although she enjoys showing off her jewelry and meeting famous celebrities, she is still Houdini’s mother at heart and looks after him when he needs help. For example, when Houdini was sick with hidradenitis suppurativa she stayed by his bedside, rubbing him with a cloth and giving him encouragement.

Facts:First spoken words: “Ehhriee! Get back in bed.”
Last spoken words[Last seen/Died in Episode 8]: "You don't have to do that."
Was poor a majority of her life.

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