Bram Stoker

Basic Info

Current Status:Alive

Bram Stoker
Portrayed by:Paul Ritter [IMDb]
Episode Appearances:8



     Bram Stoker is of course THE Bram Stoker, famous author of many works, most notable being Dracula. During Episode 8 Bram has finished his novel Dracula and it is about to be published in paperback. However, there are individuals fighting its release saying it will “emboldened the Strigoi, attracting more into the fold, spreading filth among the virtuous.”(Professor Havensling) Stoker has been the attempts of many failed assassinations and later a prime suspect of the murder of his maid and Lachlan McBride. This is because our trio start to suspect him after he exhibits many traits of a vampire such as drinking blood at a butcher shop, oddly shaped teeth, and sensitivity to sunlight. As it turns out however, Bram is suffering from tertiary syphilis which is a late stage of syphilis. He is dying and it was a secret he was trying to keep by not going out in public, trying not to smile and keeping to himself.


First spoken words: “Of course not. You know me. Any heroics are confined to my fiction.”
Last spoken words (Last seen in Episode 8): “Well, most people are fickle and forgetful. Most.”

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