Barrett Underhill

Basic Info

Current Status:Deceased
Portrayed by:James Lance [IMDb]
Occupation:Owner of Omnibus MFG Company
Family:Isobel Underhill (Wife)
Episode Appearances:4



     Barrett Underhill is the owner of an omnibus manufacturing company. Recently the company had negotiated a contract with the city to supply them with a fleet of omnibuses. One night after celebrating the contract, Underhill is thrown out of his window and killed. His death marks the beginning of a series of events in which people around the city would be frightened into chaos and possibly killed by a phantom, Spring-Heel’d Jack. While a majority of events were attributed to Lyman Biggs, a local newspaper reporter, Biggs swears he didn’t having anything to do with Underhill’s murder. Leaving us to speculate that he was actually killed by the demon Spring-Heel’d Jack.

Facts:First spoken words: “To the future. A bus on every street, a motorcar on every household.”
Last spoken words [Last seen/Died in Episode 4]: “No, although I have an inkling who sent it.”

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