Anne Batch

Basic Info

Current Status:Alive

Portrayed by:Amy Huberman [IMDb]
Family:Fred Batch (Husband, Deceased)
Episode Appearances:3



     Anne Batch is the window of Frank Batch who died in front of her at a faith healer gathering. She truly believes that Frank was struck down by God for lack of faith and speaking against Elias Downey. Anne and her husband have been trying to have a child for the past 3 years but with no luck which is why she suggested they try the faith healer. Anne is also deeply religious and has weekly meetings with her church group. Judging by notes found in her house she is also an avid baker.

Facts:First spoken words: “Frank, you promised.”
Last spoken words [Last seen in Episode 3]: “Now if you don’t mind I’m meeting some ladies from my church group.”
Had a recipe for fritters.
No children.

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