Angus Tuttle

Basic Info

Current Status:Alive

Portrayed by:Craig Conway [IMDb]
Occupation:Livery Stable Owner
Family:Married (Unknown)
Episode Appearances:4



     Angus Tuttle is the owner of a local livery. It is the largest in London and has been in the Tuttle Family for over 70 years. Tuttle is the primary suspect into the investigation of the death of Barrett Underhill. After some investigation, Houdini finds out that Tuttle had written the threatening note that Underhill received. However, Tuttle was not responsible for the murders because he had an alibi for both. He was spending time at a strip club.

Facts:First spoken words: “Now, that’s a heap of rubbish.”
Last spoken words [last seen in episode 4]: “Listen, if you’re police officers, I want some identification. And if you’re not, then I want you out. Before I throw you out.”
Doesn’t know who Houdini nor Doyle are.

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