Upcoming Projects

August 31, 2016

I still get a couple of messages a week asking about HouDoyle and the future of the site. While I’ve stated I am not going anywhere for the time being I thought I could update you on site projects that I am working on.

Trading Cards

While I have already released the first trading card, I still have many more to go. To be honest they have been put on the back burner until I get the Halloween project finished.

Halloween Guide

I’ve teased this a little on my Instagram account. I love Halloween. Therefore, I am working on a Halloween Guide to Houdini & Doyle which will hopefully let you introduce a few Houdini & Doyle elements into your Halloween activities.


Comparison Project

This is a big one right now and will probably take a month or two to finish. The reason being the two other projects on the go. Anyway the plan is to go through every Houdini & Doyle episode and compare the ITV and FOX versions and list all the differences I can find. Some range from text on the screen to completely new/missing scenes. They will be completed one episode at a a time and post when each episode is finished. I hope you guys enjoy them.



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