Lack of DVD Release (Updated)

Update: September 9, 2016

I see questions every week asking about Houdini & Doyle DVDs for North America. Some have been reaching out on twitter, and others have been e-mailing. So far I have contacted four companies associated with Houdini & Doyle. The companies being FOX, Global, Shaftesbury & Sony International. Out of the four companies, only 2 have responded so far. Their responses are below.

Global Response[Global’s response]

FOX Reponse


[FOX’s response]

As you can see Global has no rights to the distribution. I think FOX is in the same situation as the response seemed like more of an automated/copy and paste type of reply. In the response they say there is no update on future episodes, yet FOX has already confirmed there will not be a season 2.

This page will be updated when I hear back from Shaftesbury & Sony International.


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