Story Arc

A story arc is a continuing story line over multiple episodes of a show, books or others media. In Houdini & Doyle the story arc has to do with Adelaide Stratton’s past life. Here are some important notes that I have gathered through the airings.

Episode 1

  • We are introduced to Adelaide Stratton, a Constable at Scotland Yard. She is forced to work in the basement of the police headquarters and only “summoned upstairs to make tea.” She says she had worked hard all her life, sometimes even putting in 20 hour days.

Episode 2

  • During dinner she says to Houdini “how do you know I don’t have any skeletons in my closet?”

Episode 4

  • We find out Stratton is married and has meetings with a person named Nigel Pennington, her husbands friend.

Episode 5

  • We learn that Adelaide Stratton is not her real name. She used to be Penelope Graves.

Episode 6

  • While Houdini & Doyle talk between themeslves, Houdini tells Doyle that Stratton’s husband was named Benjamin Graves. Houdini hands him an envelope full of pictures and clippings of Benjamin, Nigel Pennington and George Ives.
  • Houdini digs up a coroners report and it states that Stratton’s husband killed himself. Stratton, however, isn’t so sure. She believes he was murdered.
  • Nigel Pennington’s body is found in The River Thames.
  • Not sure if it is important, but her husband had a cousin named George Ives.

Episode 7

  • It is revealed that Stratton’s husband had a ring bearing the crest of a Polish anarchist group. She believes Benjamin was trying to stop them. She says Benjamin was killed and left in a study for her to find.
  • Stratton receives a threat on her desk to drop the investigation. It is a news article of Nigel Pennington being found dead with “Drop this or die” written over it.

Episode 8

  • Stratton finds records of assassinations by the Polish anarchist group. During all 7 assassinations, her husband Benjamin was within 50 miles of the event.  Stratton is sure Benjamin was trying to expose the group and thinks he was a possible government agent.
  • Stratton finds a telegram sent from Benjamin to a Mr. Walbridge in Buffalo, New York. In the telegram he is inquiring about firearms sold at Mr Walbridge’s hardware store.

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