Filming Location Help

The filming locations are becoming more difficult to find as I do not live in the U.K. I have to search for interviews, news articles and google maps to find them and have come to a stand still for the last few locations. If you recognize any of them please send me a message on twitter or via my contact page. I will give you credit in the listing of course. There are two sections to this page “Need Verification” & “Not Found”.

Need Verification

Episode 3 – Hotel Interior – The Palace Hotel Manchester 

I’m pretty sure the interior shots of The Rosewood Hotel in Episode 3 is actually the Palace Hotel in Manchester. Need better pictures or verification.



Episode 5 – Mitchell Pearce’s House

The location of Mitchell Pearce’s House may be Abbey Street in Chester.

Episode 7 -Arthur’s Old House

As above, this may be Abbey Street in Chester.


Not Found

Episode 3 – Large Field 


Episode 4 – Adelaide’s House





If you know of any filming locations not mentioned here, feel free to contact me.

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