Last updated: March 29, 2017

A Study In Friendship by LadyShelley – A series of stories filling in or adding scenes to each episode of the program.

Houdini and Doyle Episode 201: Awakened by SharonMckellie – This picks up where Season 1 left off. After a week of dealing with their own issues, Adelaide tries to once again pair up Dr. Doyle and Harry Houdini to help her on a mysterious case

Mein Hertz by SpoonyLupin  – As Houdini and Adelaide await word on Doyle’s condition, the master illusionist tries his best to keep up appearances. After all, it wouldn’t do for the world’s greatest performer to break down, but he’s lost so much in a short amount of time. What happens when it grows to be too much? [A missing moment from The Pall of LaPier.]

Atlantis by SpoonyLupin – After Harry’s final vision of his mother, he runs to Doyle for help. That, however, only complicates matters when things between them take a sudden romantic turn. Not only is Harry left questioning his mental state, but now he and Doyle have to figure out their feelings for each other.

The Untold Cases of Penny Holmes-Houdini by TheTwilightArtist – My name is Penny Scott Holmes-Houdini, my brother is the world famous detective Sherlock Holmes. And my husband is The Great Harry Houdini. The year is 1901, recently Me, Harry, Dr. Doyle, and Constables Stratton have been solving strange cases in London for New Scotland Yard or NSY as we call it. From Killer Ghosts to Alien Invasions and a Man-Bat, I believe my time in London will be as exiting as ever!

A Transatlantic Crossing by GraysonCole – a take on the aftermath of The Pall of LaPier.

Pavo ad Mortem by LadyShelley – Harry, Arthur, and Adelaide are called in to investigate a murder at a supposedly haunted theater. Their investigation is further hampered by a medium who claims she can help with the case by communicating with the victim.

Spirit Obscura by LadyShelley – Harry and Doyle revisit their first case together as they try to solve the murder of a spirit photographer at an abandoned estate.

*NEW*  Enter Rumour by LadyShelley – Harry is accused of murder and while Adelaide and Doyle try to figure out what really happened, Houdini has another problem, he’s the next target.

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