Cast & Crew – Social Media

A list of social media accounts for the cast/crew of Houdini & Doyle. A majority of these accounts are either Twitter verified of verified from the official websites of the person listed. If I missed anyone please let me know.



Michael Weston (Harry Houdini) – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Stephen Mangan (Arthur Conan Doyle) –  Twitter

Rebecca Liddiard (Adelaide Stratton) – Twitter, Instagram

Emily Carey (Mary Doyle) Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Episode 3 – “In Manus Dei”

Amy Huberman (Mrs. Anne Batch) – Twitter, Instagram

Enuka Okuma (Jane Downey) – Twitter

Nathan S Jarrett (Elias Downey) – Twitter

Episode 4 – “Spring Heel’d Jack”

Blake Harrison (Lyman Biggs) – Twitter

Paddy C. Courtney (Mr. Gains) – Twitter

Sebastian Croft (Paper Boy) – Twitter

Episode 5 – “The Curse of Korzha”

Emily Hampshire (Korzha) – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Edward Akrout (Henri) – Twitter

Darren Kent (Fip) – Twitter

Episode 6 – “The Monsters of Nethermoor”

Gillian Saker (Rosie Berry) – Twitter

Reece Noi (Daniel Berry) – Twitter

Episode 7 – “Bedlam”

Joe Sims (Nathaniel) – Twitter

Episode 8 – “Strigoi”

Kevin Mains (Lachlan MacBride ) – Twitter

Episode 9 – “Necromanteion”

Elias Toufexis (Roland Carson) – Twitter

Episode 10 – “The Pall of LaPier”

Jacob Blair (Benjamin Graves) – Twitter


Joshua Brandon – Twitter

Carl Binder – Twitter


Ed Bazalgette – Twitter

Production Designer

Arwel Wyn Jones – Twitter

Music & Sound

Mikaila Simmons – Twitter

Official TV Accounts

Houdini & Doyle Official – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook


Maggie Murphy – Twitter

Shaftesbury (Production Company) – Twitter

Christina Jennings (Shaftesbury CEO) – Twitter

Smokebomb Entertainment – Twitter

Fan Groups

Houdini & Doyle Fan Group – Facebook

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