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     My original interest in the show took place about a month before the premier. I was seeing it being plugged on Global (a television station here in Canada) and at the time really didn’t know much about it. I remember telling people that I was excited to watch it and to be honest they really didn’t see the big deal, thinking the premise probably wasn’t what it was hyped up to be. I looked up the series online and as far as I could tell it had already started airing in the U.K. and I couldn’t find much more information about it. After the first episode, I fell in love with it. I tried finding information on the show but there wasn’t much at the time. All I could find was a Wikia page but it was in Spanish. Although you can translate it into English it didn’t have much information on it at the time, so I took it upon myself to create one. I started out doing a scene by scene summary and the plan was to summarize the series/story-arc if there was any. Less than a week after my website went live I received an e-mail from an individual asking if I knew what episode that Houdini escaped a straitjacket. I e-mailed him back and said I didn’t know as only the first show aired. The next day I was thinking about the show and decided to keep track of some of the statistics (i.e. tricks and deaths). After watching the next episode I noticed that betting had also played a role in the series so I started to track that as well. Things started snowballing out of control and before you know it I was tracking much, much more than I set out to do. This site, while small, has become bigger than I had originally planned and has taken up most of my free time. That isn’t a complaint of course because I love doing it. One thing led to another and eventually I was corresponding with folks on Twitter and Instagram. So here we are now, a couple of episodes from the finale and I am enjoying every minute of it. I hope this show is picked up for a second series but only time will tell.


     While I have had a couple of people ask about me, I figured I would give you a summary for those that are curious. I live in a small city in Newfoundland, Canada and have a B.Sc. Psychology from Memorial University. Besides working I am also a part-time student obtaining my Bachelors in Computer Science. In my free time, I like to play guitar, watch movies, and read. My other interests include my dog (below), Superman and Doctor Who.

Samson - 160lbs of love

Samson – 160lbs of love

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