Episode 9 Detailed Recap

9.1 – A Ghostly Beginning

     Episode 9 begins at Falcroft Manor. This manor is based in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada. Inside we see bottles of women’ tonic and a woman sleeping. There are some ghostly sounds and the woman wakes, calling out for a person named Emmett. There is no reply so she exits her room, walking down the hallway still calling for Emmett, but no answer. As she passes though a door way a bust falls off the shelf behind her. As she turns to look, she sees a man with three swords through his chest, pinned to the wall. He is dead and she starts to scream.
The scene changes to an interrogation room with a police officer asking her questions. She has blood all over the front of her shirt and she is sitting there zoning out. Her name is Mrs. Reid and he verifies that her husband was already dead when she found him. She says “it” killed him and the officer wonders what she means by it. She says there is a poltergeist in the house. The police officer asks her to confirm that she means there is an evil spirit in the house and that it pinned her husband to the wall with swords. She confirms. He asks about her hearing anything that happened and she says she has been taking tonic to help her sleep so she never heard a sound. The police officer asks why the poltergeist didn’t kill her too. She says she doesn’t know but the police officer says he knows. He says there is no poltergeist, Mrs. Reid killed her husband and places her under arrest. Cue opening credits.

9.2 – Sailing to Canada

     On a cruise ship, Stratton is hanging on to the railing on the side of the ship and Doyle asks if she is seasick already. Stratton sarcastically says only six more days to go, and this is why she has never been to America. Doyle says that Buffalo is on their way to Falcroft manor and they should stop there first. Stratton says that Mr. Walbridge hasn’t responded to her telegrams and Doyle replies that once they arrive at this shop he will have to explain why Benjamin contacted him about buying firearms. He goes on to say she deserves answers about her husband’s murder. Stratton reassures Doyle she will get them but says their priority right now is Mrs. Reid. Houdini appears beside them and Stratton asks where he has been. A saddened Houdini says he has been in cargo hold. There is some silence and then Doyle tells him his mother would be proud that he is bringing her home. Stratton asks Houdini is he sure he doesn’t want them to come to the funeral and he says he will be fine. Houdini says Stratton and Doyle have a new case and with Houdini out of the picture, Stratton’s new job is to discredit every theory Doyle comes up with. Stratton says she will do her best. Doyle explains the case saying the Turner family (the original owners of the house) all died there tragically. Doyle explains that’s compelling evidence that Falcroft Manor is haunted. He says that Thomas Edison will be inspecting as well and he wouldn’t be involved if there wasn’t some form of haunting. Houdini says Edison is a liar and a cheat. Houdini sits down in one of the deck lounge chairs, reading his paper. Stratton says Edison is the greatest scientific mind but Houdini says Tesla would have that title if Edison wasn’t a liar and a cheat. Stratton finally catches on that Houdini is friends with Tesla. Doyle says that Edison didn’t need Tesla’s help to develop a device to communicate with the dead. Houdini says his shoes do the same thing and that there is just as much proof that Edison’s “Necrophone” does anything more. Doyle says Edison claims he has heard voices and Houdini says only in his head. Doyle replies that such a device would be revolutionary because one would be able to talk to loved ones they’ve lost. Houdini looks sad again and goes back to reading his paper. Stratton says the device could also save a woman from execution.

     At the Niagara District Courthouse & Jail, Mrs. Reid thanks Doyle and Stratton for helping her. Doyle says they haven’t done anything yet. Mrs. Reid continues saying it wasn’t the first time she experienced something strange. There was a time when she woke up and the room was ice cold. We flashback to the event taking place. Mrs. Reid continues to explain she wanted to get a blanket but couldn’t move, there was something was pinning her to the bed. She tried to scream but had no voice. Then it stopped. Doyle says he read something similar and Stratton gives him a look of disbelief. He verifies it was in a medical journal and it was a state between wakefulness and sleep, where people experience a type of paralysis. Mrs. Reid says there was an evil presence in the room to which Doyle replies that he understands she recently lost her son. Stratton expresses her condolences. Doyle wonders if there was anything unusual about the child’s death but Mrs. Reid says he died of influenza. Stratton says that a Constable McKellar confirmed that a few months ago, her husband had hit her in front of witnesses. Stratton says she could only imagine what goes on behind closed doors. Mrs. Reid expresses that Emmett had a temper and Stratton replies that he had no right to strike her. Reid says she was his wife and he could do what he wanted. Stratton says that she has met other woman like Reid, they were victimized by their husbands. She continues, saying that killing seems like the only way out. Reid looks at both of them and says she did not kill Emmett, but that it was a poltergeist.

At another building Stratton and Doyle are introduced to Roland Carson. Carlson thanks them for visiting. He says when Reid’s lawyer contacted him he was over his head. He explains that he is an amateur paranormal investigator, but understands Stratton and Doyle have actually investigated the paranormal. Doyle smiles and tells him they are happy to be of assistance. Carlson introduces Millie Pasternak from Toronto who is not a medium but feels the emotions of other people, including those who have passed. Carlson starts to introduce Edison but Doyle interrupts saying he needs no introduction. He says its an honor and he was the inspiration for a character in one of his stories “Mr. Hatherley in The Adventure of the Engineer’s Thumb.” Edison says he doesn’t have time for fiction. Doyle smiles and a man named Rustom Avari interrupts saying Mr. Edison is a very busy man and Avari is his assistant. Stratton asks Carlson what he can tell them about the Turner family, the home’s previous owners. Stratton says the police were not very forthcoming with details. Carlson begins to tell the story as we flash back to the episode. He says Mr. Turner went on a rampage. He is seen killing a woman. Carlson continues saying he went upstairs to where his two sons were sleeping. The Turners’ young daughter tried to barricade the door with a chair. Turner is seen breaking through the door. The young girl screams as Turner stands there with a knife. Carlson explains Turner then took his own life by jumping off the cliff at the edge of the property. Carlson says he thinks Turner’s spirit is what killed Mr. Reid. Millie seems to be communication with spirits and says she can feel their pain. Doyle says hopefully the Necrophone can give them more info and they are excited to see the device. Edison says he is sure they are, seeming stand offish. He pulls the blanket off a device in the middle of the room. Doyle happily asks how it works and Edison begins to say its quite complicated. However, his assistant gives him a look and Edison goes onto explain that is works with electromagnetic waves. When Marconi stumbled upon the radio, he reported hearing anomalous sounds and voices. Stratton asks if he believes they were spirits. Edison says that if he can find the right frequency they can open the door to the other side. Doyle says he thought he already made contact and Edison says he did but he was unable to replicate it. Edison goes on to say he is determined to put a Necrophone in every home. Millie wonders if giving a spirits an open portal. Edison says is she afraid they will abuse it but she says she is worried people will. Edison says it would also put her out of a job. Avari says all great inventions have been met with fear and gives an example like the steam engine. Saying people were afraid of traveling at such speeds, but now they can imagine life without it. Stratton says the train was a logical man’s capabilities but communicating with the dead is entirely different. She wonders what if opening the door to the afterlife was never part of God’s plan. Edison says that if God wasn’t in favour of scientific advancement, he never would have granted man the knowledge to change the world. Doyle says progress always comes at a price, and it is always worth it. Edison says he conquered darkness with the lightbulb and with the Necrophone he will conquer death. As he turns on the machine, he winds it and it start whirring. He says tonight he will make history.
In New York a rabbi is conducting the funeral of Mrs. Weiss. Houdini looks at all the people at the funeral, taking it all inn. A man takes a shovel and starts throwing dirt on the coffin. He hands the shovel off to Houdini but Houdini declines and walks away. A man chases after him and tells him to stop. Houdini complains about the Rabbi rattling on about God when his mother wasn’t even religious. The man, Houdini’s brother, says they kept kosher went to temple every week. Houdini says it is because their Dad insisted on it. He says it isn’t about their mother, its about the brother, and all the other people she hasn’t seen in years. Houdini’s brother asks whose fault it and says their mother would have followed Houdini anywhere. Houdini says she wouldn’t have wanted them sobbing over her grave, wallowing in self-pity. His brother says he is trying to honor her memory but Houdini says throw a party, their mother believed that life was meant to be lived.
At Falcroft manor, Avari preparing cups of coffee and Stratton walks in, asking if she can help. He declines but wonders if he could get her a coffee. Stratton declines and says she is more of a tea drinker. He says he does too and offers her a cookie, and as he puts it they are Mr. Edison’s favourite. Stratton says he is an interesting man and Avari tells her he lacks social graces but he is a genius. He says Edison works 18 hours a day and respects that because the last scientist he worked for took shortcuts and exaggerated findings. He works on something until he gets it right. Stratton asks about the necrophone and if the bridge to the afterlife is made of bulbs and wires. Avari says he doesn’t know but questions what if it is. He says imagine the box being able to let you communicate with anyone that has ever lived such as Guru Nanak, Jesus, or Moses. He looks down sadly and Stratton says that’s not who he really wants to talk to. He says Karishma, his wife, suddenly passed four years ago. He says there was so much left unsaid. Stratton says she knows because she lost her husband Benjamin, also suddenly. They agree they may be there for the same reason. Avari says he met someone knew and would like Karishma’s blessing. He knows she will give it to him but he needs to hear it from her. He asks if Stratton has met anyone new. Stratton look a bit uncomfortable and says she doesn’t think so but her husband was murdered and she doesn’t know how or why. Avari says she is seeking answers from him and tells her when she gets them she will move on. Avari says that’s the miracle of the invention. Stratton says if they know their loved ones are waiting on the other side, watching them or talking to them, how will they be able to move on? In another room Edison shouts they he has found it.
Doyle wonders if he is talking about the right frequency and he says he is almost certain he just has to see if anyone makes contact. In another room Millie is walking about, almost sensing something. She sees two candles on the table blow out. Realizing something or someone is there she asks for them to show themselves. She turns to look in a mirror and sees a man standing behind her, bloody and carrying a knife. She screams. The crew gathered around her, rushes into the next room. A bible is opened on the table and pages are bring turned quickly by a breeze. Figures move on the shelves, fall off, and break. The bible pages stop turning and all goes quiet.
Stratton hands Millie, who is now sitting, a drink. Millie says that Mr. Turner is there and his presence was overwhelming. He has so much rage. Doyle takes a look at the bible on the table and says “Unto the woman,’ he said,’ I will greatly multiply thy sorrow.” Stratton realizes its from the Book of Genesis and Doyle suggests that perhaps Mrs. Turner was there as well. Doyle says she was killed in the very same room and Stratton wonders whether he is suggesting that her spirit turned the pages of the Bible to that passage. Carson says something paranormal did and they all witnessed it. Stratton notices a window that was opened and suggests it was a breeze. Doyle says that it was not enough to knock over and smash the figurines. Edison suggests that see what the necrophone recorded.
Back in the necrophone room, Edison is replaying the events with the party gathered around. We hear Millie screaming and Carson says right before she screamed he heard a voice. Doyle asks him to play it again. Carson stops him again saying there and Stratton says she only heard a noise not a voice. Edison says he can amplify it and as he plays it back, we hear a man say “Resurrect me. Bring back Holmes.” At this point Doyle realizes he is being pranked and called for Houdini. Houdini says in the flesh and Doyle wonders what he is doing there. Houdini says he wanted to join their sleepover, and tells Stratton it was a good call on the breeze. He goes on to announce that beautiful doesn’t have to mean dumb. He says the counterargument pointing at Millie and quickly turns his attention to Edison. He calls him Tom and says Tesla says he owes him 50 grand. Houdini says not to tell him Edison spent it all on this piece of junk pointing to the necrophone. Edison says Tesla is a sad man prone to wild misconceptions and goes on to explain that the necrophone “utilises the most sophisticated technology ever developed.” Houdini says it’s a glorified Ouija board and not to pretend it has any basis in science. Edison makes a comment about Houdini performing card tricks for a living. Houdini says not as impressive as the lightbulb and holds one up, making it shine. Avari wonders how he did that but Doyle interrupts saying that the poltergeist activity was Houdini’s work. Houdini says he had a little help from Mother Nature saying it was a blustery night and he angled the chimney cap to create a wind tunnel. Millie says she saw Mr. Turner in the mirror but Houdini says it is because of the power of suggestion. When you tell someone they’re in a haunted house, they’re going to see spooks. Edison is somewhat angry and wonders if Houdini went through all the trouble for a prank. Houdini says not but to prove people can be fooled. Houdini says all the rage Millie felt was not Mr. Turner but Mr. Draught. Houdini turns sarcastic and says that he is sure Millie was right every other time that she blindly sensed something in an empty room. Millie says perhaps it wasn’t Mr. Turner but there is someone in this room filled with rage. There is some silence and Houdini says as there should be because everyone in the room has been duped. He goes on to say there are no such things as poltergeists, but Edison interrupts, saying he is sure Houdini will find his “piece of junk” will prove differently.
As our trio enter Houdini’s bedroom, breaking off from the group, Doyle says they are surprised to see Houdini thinking that he might want to spend some time with his family. Houdini laughs and says there’s a reason he moved to Europe. Stratton says he just laid to rest the most important person in his life and that he needs time to grieve. He says he has been grieving ever since he found her and its time to start living again. Houdini says he hates to be the bearer of bad news but he found something on the train. He hands Adelaide a newspaper and it is an article saying Walbridge’s is going out of business. Houdini says the paper is from last week and they’re already closed. Houdini goes on to say he tracked down the real estate agent and got a forwarding address. Doyle tells her she will be able to send a telegram and set up a meeting. She thanks Houdini and starts to leave. Houdini stops her and asks if she is sure she wants separate rooms, especially with a killer ghost on the loose. Stratton makes a comment about him now believing in poltergeists and Houdini says he will for the next eight hours. Strattons turns and leaves without saying anything and Houdini yells that spooks prey on lone victims. Doyle says his persistence is astounding and Houdini thanks him. Doyle says it wasn’t a compliment. Houdini asks if he has ever seen the Grand Canyon and that proves that persistence can change the world. Doyle says in a billion years he will be able to erode Miss Stratton’s defenses. Doyle leaves.
During the night we see Stratton sleeping. There is some static and noise and she hears someone say Penny over and over again. She gets out of bed, puts on her robe and goes to the necrophone. It says Penny again and she asks if its Benjamin. He says he is there and begs her not to cry. Stratton says she knows he didn’t commit suicide and asks who murdered him. She says she needs to know and calls for him again. The voice comes back saying she isn’t meant to know. Stratton says she needs to know however painful the truth. She calls for him again but no reply comes. She begs Benjamin to come back. Stratton wakes and realizes it was all a dream. She opens a book beside her and takes out a picture. We assume it is of Benjamin but suddenly one of the chairs slides across the floor. Stratton seems scared at first but then we see her marching out of her room, very angry.
She knocks on Houdini’s door, and he answers. He smiles and asks her what took her so long. Stratton says he must think he is clever, scaring her so that she will sleep in her room. Houdini says it is clever and wishes he had thought of it. Doyle opens up his bedroom door and Houdini says look, a man in a night shirt. Doyle wonders what is doing on. What’s going on?
Back in Stratton’s room she says it’s the room where the Turners’ daughter was murdered. Carson said, that the daughter had said, she tried to escape her father’s attack by blocking the door with a chair. Doyle says thinks her spirits are trying to protect Stratton from the same fate but Houdini adds she could have dreamt it. Stratton says she was having quite a different dream and it woke her up. Houdini wonders if he was in it. He gives her the old eyebrow raise. Suddenly the chain moves again and all look at each other in shock. Houdini says someone must have rigged it to mess with her. Doyle says there are no wires, so Houdini suggests the floor must be slanted. He takes out a marble and puts it on the ground but it doesn’t move. Suddenly they hear the necrophone running in the next room.
When they go into the room they see Edison fiddling with the machine. Doyle asks what he is doing and Edison tells him he set it to record a few hours ago and thinks it had picked something up. He replays the recording and a voice says Falcroft Point. Stratton repeat Falcroft Point and says they all heard it. Doyle says the cliff, where Mr. Turner took his own life.
The four of them race out of the house to the location and noticing footprints on the ground Doyle says someone has been there. The footprints lead off the cliff and when they look over, they see Mr. Avari dead on the beach below.
The next morning the Stratton, Houdini, Doyle and police officers are overlooking the body on the beach. The police officer asks if Avari showed signs of depression. Stratton wonders if he is suggesting suicide. Edison says he knew the man for five years and refuses to believe he took his own life. Doyle is seen whipping residue off the bottom of Avari’s shoe. Stratton tells the policeman that Avari had just met someone and was talking about the future. The policeman says it must have been a tragic accident. Houdini suggests it could be murder but the policeman says there was only one set of footprints at the edge of the cliff and it was the victim’s. Carson says poltergeists don’t leave footprints. Doyle notices bruises on Avari’s wrist which suggests a struggle, and the policeman says it could also mean a fall. Doyle says Avari fell on his back, there are scratches on his chest but no marks on the shirt. Carson expands on that saying they are unexplained injuries, classic signs of a poltergeist attack. He goes on to say there have been cases reported in Russia, Japan and that Avari’s injuries could have occurred earlier in the night. The policeman says the coroner will make that determination. Carson says Mr. Turner did it. He must have lured Avari to the cliff, they struggled, he pushed him over. Millie says it is similar to Turner’s own death 10 years ago. Houdini asks if it is eerily or conveniently. Millie says first Read, then Avari and asks who is next. Edison says it was his necrophone that led them to the body. The police officer doesn’t know what it is, and Houdini says its like the telephone, except without any paying customers. The police officer asks if the necrophone told them about what happened to the deceased? Edison says no and the officer interrupts and saying that’s call he needs to know about his necrophone. Edison looks angry.
On top of the cliff Houdini takes careful steps and looks over the edge. Behind him Doyle’s says that Adelaide is talking to the others and says until they find out who or what killed Avari they should avoid being alone. Houdini tells him good idea. Doyle says if Edison can contact Avari’s spirit, perhaps it could officer information about testimony that a poltergeist murdered him. Houdini scoffs and says the necrophone doesn’t work. He goes on to say he heard a voice but it doesn’t mean it came from the other side. Doyle wonders if Houdini is suggesting someone tampered with the device and Houdini says it would be the same person that killed Avari, a human being. Doyle says that if someone pushed him there would be two sets of footprints. At that point Doyle takes out the tissue from his pocket. It is the same tissue that he had whipped Avari’s shoe with and he says the mud on Avari’s shoes had a reddish hue, but the soil above doesn’t. He wonders what it came from. At that point Houdin is distracted by a woman in a coroners wagon. She looks at him from a distance. He shouts out to her but the wagon keeps moving. Doyle asks him what’s wrong and he says he thinks the woman is following him. Doyle asks if he has seen her before and Houdini tells him at his mother’s funeral. Doyle looks at him confused saying and now she is here in Canada working with the coroner. Houdini swears it was her. Doyle says it may take a while to get over his mother’s passing and Houdini thanks him for the homily and says he is fine. Doyle says he is running. He couldn’t wait to get out of New York and jumped into the case. Houdini says Doyle needed him but Doyle suggests if he doesn’t grieve Houdini won’t think is mother’s death was real. Houdini looks offended and says he knows she is dead. Doyle says knowing it and accepting it are two separate things. Doyle looks as if he had an idea and finally clues in, telling Houdini he came her for the necrophone because he wants to contact his mother. Houdini laughs it off and says its ridiculous. Doyle says he saw Houdini’s face the first time he seen the machine, he was fascinated. Houdini tells him he has him confused with himself. Doyle admits he has a vested interest but Houdini says he doesn’t because Touie is not dead. Doyle says he has to prepare for the inevitable and that the necrophone will keep Touie in their family forever. Doyle says, his children will never know the pain of losing their mother. Houdini interrupts saying as long as she’s alive, there’s hope. He goes on to tell Doyle to stop planning for her death and if he claims he loves her as much as he says then fight for her. Houdini leaves.
Inside the manor, Houdini is questions Edison. Houdini thinks Edison has tempered with his own invention because nobody knows the machine better than Edison. Edison says no matter what Houdini thinks of him; he is a scientist at heart. The last thing he would do is falsify data. Houdini wonders if the second last thing he would do is murder. Edison says Avari was a good man and a hard worker so why would he kill him. Houdini says because Avari knew the necrophone was a fraud he couldn’t let that get out. Houdini says if Edison could market a device to communicate to the dead, it would be bigger than the lightbulb. Edison says he didn’t do it for money. He says he is trying to give people a chance to reconnect with those who have passed and to find some closure. To be able to say “I love you.” Houdini says it would be to a machine. At this point Edison looks very upset and says when he was 24, his mother died. She believed in him when no one else would but died before she was his success. Now, he wants her to know that her faith in him was not misplaced. The necrophone stats making a strange noise and a woman’s voice says “Ehrie”. Houdini accuses Edison of pranking him and wants to know how Edison knew about his mother. Edison looks shocked and wants to know what the woman said. Houdini looks at the machine very taken back.
It is nighttime now and Houdini is still staring at the necrophone. He makes his way to his room and takes a drink of alcohol. A knock comes on the door and it is Stratton. When he opens the door she notices he is drinking and he asks her to join him. She declines and wonders if Houdini is alright. She says Edison told her that Houdini heard his mothers voice. Houdini says the power of suggestion was screaming in my head. He takes another drink and Stratton says it won’t help. He wonders if Stratton went on a bash after her husband died. She says she did a lot of things. Houdini says like changing her name and becoming a cop. Stratton says she did that to find answers and Houdini asks if she heard back from Walbridge. She looks down at the ground as if she did something wrong. Houdini accuses her of not sending the telegram, and that she stopped looks for answers because she is afraid. He says she is afraid of finding out Benjamin was an assassin and that he was involved with the anarchists. Houdini says whatever the truth is, Stratton will deal with it because she is one of the strongest people he knows. She steps closer to him. Stratton says Houdini is too but it’s all right not to be sometimes. Houdini says she wanted to go to Coney Island and eat salt water taffy. Stratton takes his hand and apologizes. Houdini pulls her closer and they kiss briefly. Houdini apologizes and both look confused. At that time Doyle enters, and knowing he interrupted something says he is glad they are both there. He says he has something to show them. Houdini and Stratton look uncomfortable but Houdini puts down his glass and they join Doyle in the cellar.

In the cellar Doyle says he was looking for the source of the red mud on Avari’s shoes. He recalled the tour of the house and that the cellar had a dirt floor. Stratton says it smells damp in there and Doyle tells her the pipe rusted through and it is leaking. Stratton and Doyle hold lanterns while Houdini starts touching the ground. He says it is red-coloured mud and asks Doyle if he thinks Avari was down there before he was killed. Doyle says perhaps he heard something and came to investigate. Houdini looks at Stratton and Doyle gets up to look around. When they are alone Houdini whispers, telling her he is sorry. She says Houdini is hurting and she understands. Houdini thanks her and says it wont happen again. Stratton looks taken back and says good. Doyle calls for them on the other side of the cellar. He points on the ground showing them an area next to a wall. Stratton asks if it is more rust but Doyle says there is no pipes and that it is a drop of blood. Houdini fells the wall and says there is something behind there. Houdini opens the wall and reveals a storage type area. There is a puddle of blood on the ground and Houdini says it is more than one drop and that Avari was murdered there. Doyle says in all likelihood yes and that he was never on the cliff. The killer planted his footprints there while Stratton says then the killer staged the body to blame it on a spirit. Doyle says Houdini was right and that Avari was killed by a human being. Houdini says whoever did it rigged the necrophone to leave them to the body. Houdini shines his flashlight around reveals two cylinders in a box. Stratton asks him what it is and Houdini says it is and electromagnet. He goes onto say that’s how the chair in Addie’s bedroom moved on its own. The chair legs had metal fittings and someone held the electromagnet under the floor. Doyle says Avari probably discovered that and its probably why he was killed. Stratton notices something else on the ground. It is a small grave that reads Maxwell. Doyle says it was the Reid’s baby. We flash back to the jailhouse in the beginning with Mrs. Reid saying the baby died of influenza and he was only a month old. Stratton asks why the Reids would bury their son in a secret room in the basement.
We seen the small grave dug up and Doyle is performing an autopsy on the baby. Houdini finds it hard to watch. Doyle says the contusions on the back of the skull show the baby was murdered. Stratton says Mrs. Reid said the baby died of influenza. Houdini says Mrs. Reid also said a poltergeist killed her husband and goes on to say maybe she killed both of them. Doyle says they know she wasn’t responsible for Avari’s death and perhaps someone is helping her. Houdini says someone who’s willing to kill to propagate her haunted-house theory. Houdini bets she is having an affair with the guy. Doyle suggests it’s the guys baby because why else would he put fresh flowers on this grave?
Back in the jailhouse Mrs. Reid is explaining what happened. She says Emmett found a love letter. She had never seen him so angry. She says he hit her over and over again and then turned his rage on the baby. Doyle wonders why she didn’t you go to the police? Mrs. Reid says that Emmett threatened to kill her too. Stratton wonders if she killed your husband because of what he did to her son. Mrs. Reid says a poltergeist killed Emmett. Houdini interrupts saying they know the haunting was faked. They say they found evidence, in the same room her son was buried. Mrs. Reid says it’s not possible. The trio look at her with a mix of pity and disbelief. Stratton suggests that Reid’s lover is orchestrating the haunting. Stratton asks her if he was the one who killed her husband? She starts to cry. Houdini says she can’t protect him any more and to give him up. Reid is still crying and Doyle suggests the dearly departed Mr. Reid will.
Back at Falcroft manor, Stratton, Doyle, Houdini, Millie, Carson and Edison are standing around the necrophone. They hear a voice and Caron wonders if it is Avari. Doyle says he isn’t sure but it does sound like a male voice. Eidon says he will try to amplify it. We hear a man saying “you killed me” over and over again. Edison says it is not Avari and Millie suggests it must be Mr. Reid. The voice says “You killed me, Carson” repeatedly now. Carson looks very uncomfortable and accuses the rest of making it say that. He says Edison is trying to set him up but Edison says he did not such thing. Carson looks scared and says its not possible. Houdini asks Carson if he was involved with Mrs. Reid, Doyle wonders is that why Carson killed him. A mirror breaks on the wall and Stratton says look out. The voice says “confess” repeatedly and Doyle tells Carson it’s the only way to make him stop. A knife is seen flying across the room and it lands just inches from Carson’s head. Carson finally breaks and says, he killed Reid. Doyle says Carson murdered Reid so that Carson would be with his wife. Carson said he didn’t plan it. Reid found out he was in love with Clara and came at him with a knife. Houdini says and then Carson tried to pin it on a ghost. Carson says there were already rumours that the place was haunted and Clara believed it. He says Clara called him to investigate some strange things that were happening. He thought that if he could convince people that this place was haunted, she would be set free and they would be together. Stratton says once she contacts the police, he will be formally charged with the murders of Emmett Reid and Rustom Avari. She places him in handcuffs and leads him out of the room. Doyle calls Houdini to the side and tells him the knife was a bit much. Houdini says maybe he is right but it worked so scratch that. As they leave we hear the necrophone working again. We hear Houdini’s mother saying “Ehrie” but then there is a variety of voices. The necrophone starts to work harder, sending the need spiking. Millie says that all the lost souls are coming through and falls to the ground. He hear many voices screaming on the other end and Edison says he has opened the gates of hell. Edison pushes the machine off the stand and breaks it. Houdini looks very sad and looks as though he was going to stop him but it was too late. The necrophone lay broken on the ground and all look shocked except Houdini that looks sad.
Houdini is seen in his room making another drink. Doyle knocks on his door and enters. He that’s what happened downstairs was something and apologizes for Houdini not being able to contact his mother. Houdini says it was a nice fantasy, being able to talk to the dead. Doyle says the necrophone worked and they heard voices. Houdini says it was manufactured by Edison and Doyle wonders why Edison would destroy his own machine. Houdini says he knew it didn’t work so he came up with an elaborate show to cover up his failure. Doyle says Houdini doesn’t mean that. They have a moment of silence and Houdini tells him not to quit on his wife. Doyle says there is nothing more medicine can do for her but Houdini says he hasn’t tried the doctors in New York who are the best in the world. Houdini tells Doyle he has to do. Doyle says he can’t because he wakes up every morning in hope and go to bed every night broken. Doyle says he has to face reality. Houdini says he can’t give up on hope because he isn’t capable of it. Houdini says Doyle knows she is alive and maybe that’s a nightmare but its his reality too. Doyle wonders what Houdini’s reality is.
We see Houdini sitting alone in silence and Stratton reading a telegram.
It’s nighttime now and we see Stratton waiting next to a place called Roblin’s Mill. A wagon passes and she sees a man walking in the shadows. She pulls out her weapon as the man approaches. She looks shocked and says Benjamin you are alive! He says it must be an awful shock. Stratton says she saw him hanging, and a coroner’s report. He says it was a rope trick and he has a friend in the coroner’s office. She slaps him and he says he deserves far worse than that. Stratton wonders why he would do it. Benjamin explains his cousin was in the Home Office. The cousin came to him desperate and they were investigating an anarchist group. He became a foreign securities broker and he could travel anywhere. He confirms he was an undercover agent until they found him out so he had to disappear. Stratton wonders why he didn’t tell her and he says he needed deniability. She says she could have gone into hiding but he says that wouldn’t have been any kind of life. Benjamin tells her they are dangerous people. They sent her the note and ransacked her apartment and confirms he knows all about it. Stratton says they took all his things except for a copy of Tom Sawyer because she lent it to Houdini. He says he knows they have become good friends. She says he has no right to comment. He says he tried hard not to fall in love with her. She asks what now. He says once he is done, he will come home. Benjamin goes on to say she has to stop pursuing this. They killed Nigel Pennington and wont hesitate to kill her too. He says he loves her and they kiss. He says he has to go and leaves her.
Back in New York, Houdini is visiting his mother’s grave. He lays a picture next to a lantern and begins to pray in Hebrew. Finally, he says Amen and begins to cry. The wind howls and he notices a woman watching him in the distance. He wipes his eyes but when he takes his hand away but she is gone. He stands there looking confused.

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