Episode 8 – “Strigoi”

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Info & Summary

Episode #08
Episode Title:Strigoi
Original Air Date:June 20, 2016 (Canada/USA) | April 28, 2016 (UK)
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Written by:Carl Binder [Twitter]
Text Preview:

When the housemaid of Doyle’s old friend Bram Stoker is murdered with a stake through the heart, suspicions arise that Stoker may either be the killer…or a vampire.

Title Explanation:

Strigoi, as Houdini's mother puts it, are the undead. They are said to change shape into wolves, or bats, even mists. At first Stoker is thought to be a Strigoi. The Strigoi are part of a cult of opposing forces, the other being the vampire hunters or vanators.

Intro Length:2:48
Themes:Revenge | Horror | Sickness | Secrets | Friendship
Short Summary:

     Episode 8 brings us on an adventure involving vampires. During the intro scene, Doyle is seen escorting Bram Stoker (Yes, THAT Bram Stoker) home one night. They find Stoker’s maid dead on the floor with a stake through her heart. As our trio investigate Stoker seems like the likely suspect at first. However, Doyle finds out there is a sort of “cult war” happening between those who think they are vampires and those who think they are vampire hunters. One of the vampire hunters, Professor Havensling, has a task of killing Bram Stoker. He believes Stoker awakened the fascination with the strigoi, the undead. With Bram's book, Dracula, being released, it will awaken a much bigger following of vampires. In the end our trio stop Havensling and he is killed but not without some close moments for both Houdini (being buried alive) and Doyle (held with a knife to his throat). Throughout the episode, Stratton starts to become more suspicious of her late husband having committed assassinations around the globe. During the final scenes we see Stratton’s house ransacked and all of her husband’s things missing. Stratton tells Houdini that her husband was in talks with a man from Buffalo, NY, about acquiring firearms. Houdini says he will take her to New York. During the last scene, sadly, Houdini’s mother passes away.

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Character Appearances:

Houdini | Doyle | Stratton | Gudgett | Merring | Cecilia Weiss | Bram Stoker | Professor Havensling | Lachlan McBride

Ratings & Review


     Another awesome episode. At this point Houdini & Doyle are churning out amazing episodes and I don't see it slowing down anytime soon. It was nice to see an Edwardian/Victorian London at night with "vampires" roaming the streets per se. The setting for this episode couldn't have been better. Stratton's part in this episode was also well executed. We are starting to see how close she is in solving the case of her husbands murder and this episode just left us craving more. The guest star of Stoker's character was also nice to see. I'm not familiar with the history of the two but I felt like Stoker played his part very well, being a suspect up until his secret was revealed. There was one specific emotional moment and that was when Houdini's mother died. I am expecting with the series winding down that we may have a few more emotional moments but can't say what.

Viewer Statistics:

According to TVBTN Fox pulled a rating share of 0.4/2 for the 18-49 demographic, with an estimated 1.79 million viewers.


E08.A01Bram StokerSuspicion of the murders, but later released.26:11


Ep#.Bet#Amount Wagered ($USD)Amount Wagered (£BP)FromToActivityWinnerTimestamp


E08.C019:20A.M.When the trio meet Stoker for the first time.Behind Stratton & Houdini3:18
E08.C0211:05A.M.The trio are talking outside of Bram's office.Grandfather Clock5:36
E08.C036:45P.M.Houdini & Stratton talking in Bram's office.Behind Stratton & Houdini12:39
E08.C048:25P.M.Before the scene at Stratton's house. * Clock is far away so it's hard to judge the time.Big Ben / Clock Tower21:44
E08.C058:50P.M.Stratton's house, right after Houdini takes the book.Mantle22:50
E08.C066:30P.M.Merring's OfficeMantle28:39
E08.C072:33A.M.Stoker's HouseGrandfather clock38:36


Coming soon...
--- = unknown because of camera angle or covered.

Small changes not listed. For example, if a character adds a hat later in the episode but it's the same costume it will only be listed on a single row.


E08.D01Glynis ConwayStake through her heart. Murdered by Lauchlan McBride.2:41
E08.D02Lauchlan McBrideKilled and drained of his blood. Murdered by Professor Havensling.24:26
E08.D03Vampire in Cemetery Head cut off.31:20
E08.D04Professor HavenslingThrown into a fire by Bram Stoker.37:05
E08.D05Houdini's motherDied in her sleep.42:45

Food & Drink

E08.F01---ScotchBram StokerWhen visiting Doyle.1:42
E08.F02---Blood from butcher shop Bram StokerBlood from butcher shop. *Cup is to his mouth and blood coming out of it so I counted this one.26:11

Medical Conditions

E08.MC01 Tertiary SyphilisDoyle explains Stoker is in the final stages.27:54
E08.MC02AnaemiaDoyle explains it's one of the symptoms of syphilis.27:58


E08.N01Body Found in Thames + ThreatBody Found in Thames + Threat8:37
E08.N02[]...As Anarchist Battle Police on London Streets[]...As Anarchist Battle Police on London Streets22:35
E08.N03Bombing in Haymarket Kills ElevenBombing in Haymarket Kills Eleven22:36
E08.N04Alexander II Killed in Bomb BlastAlexander II Killed in Bomb Blast22:37
E08.N05Milan Italy, 1894. Anarchist Group Kills Finance MinisterMilan Italy, 1894. Anarchist Group Kills Finance Minister22:39
E08.N06Bombing in Theatre Kills 20Bombing in Theatre Kills 2022:39

Sherlock References

Ep#.Ref#DescriptionNotes"Sherlock" Name DropTimestamp

Smoking Attempts



Ep#.Song#DescriptionBandSong TitleTimestamp
S08.ST01Bram fixing makeup.Public MemoryPublic Memory14:41

Support For The Supernatural

E08.S01The odd trio in the cemetery disappearing into thing air.14:36
E08.S02[Possible Bram being a vampire. ] Doyle seeing no sign of Bram, thinking he fell into the fire. Bram says he fell to the side however there was no evidence of a body left in the crematorium. This is also because the trio at the cemetery said Bram was "one of them". 37:05
E08.S03Various flames throughout the episode being blown out by a breeze.15:17
E08.S04[Possible Bram being a vampire. ] Bram leaving hotel without anyone seeing him.15:32

Houdini's Tricks




The name of the first butcher shop is A. Jones & Co. Ltd. Butchers. Perhaps a nod to Arwel Wyn Jones (@arwelwjones) the production designer.


Bram (Paul Ritter) and Doyle (Stephen Mangan) are actually friends in real life. [Source]



E08.V01Stratton hits the man running away from Arthur. Blackjack / Club18:39
E08.V02Houdini hit in the back of the head.Shovel31:20
E08.V03Doyle grabbed and held with knife around his neck.Knife35:49
E08.V04Doyle hits Havensglin when he is distracted.Hands36:24
E08.V05Havensglin pushes Doyle against a post.Hands36:28
E08.V06Doyle hits Havensglin's hand against the post, causing him to drop the knife.Hands36:30
E08.V07Stoker joins the stuggle, Doyle gets pushed, and hits head on pipe.Hands36:37
E08.V08Havensglin pushes Stoker against the pole before they struggle to the fire.Hands36:54

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