Episode 7 – “Bedlam”

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Info & Summary

Episode Title:Bedlam
Original Air Date:June 13, 2016 (Canada/USA) | April 21, 2016 (UK)
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Written by:David Titcher
Title Explanation:

Doyle battles his past while investigating demonic possession spread from an insane asylum with Houdini and Constable Adelaide.

Intro Length:1:23
Themes:Fear | Memories | Family | Medicine | Poison |
Short Summary:

Episode 7 takes us on an adventure to a mental institution. Individuals are becoming possessed and attacking others. The possessed individuals die and the mark of Abaddon is found on their neck. The origin of these possessions are from Bethlem Royal Hospital in which a patient named Nathaniel is controlling others in the hospital and causing them to do evil deeds once released. While investigating Doyle is poisoned by one of the doctors and taken on his own adventure in his mind palace. He uses his fictional character Sherlock to figure his way out of it. While Doyle is stuck in his dream like state, Houdini also figures out it was the doctor causing the events, using a poison on the patients. Stratton arrests the doctor and Doyle makes his way out of the dream like state. During the last scene of this episode, Stratton is threatened and told to drop the case regarding her dead husband.

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Character Appearances:

Houdini | Doyle | Stratton | Mary | Kingsley | Touie | Nathaniel | Sherlock Holmes | Dr. Randall | Dr. Pilsen

Ratings & Review


This was a fun episode filled with lots of action and adventure. We delve into Doyle’s mind palace which is a nod towards Sherlock Holmes. The characters were again great, even the supporting characters like “Sherlock”. It was a great to see a history of Doyle’s life, what his upbringing was like, and his troubles with his father. It was also nice to see how much Houdini actually cares for Doyle. Of course they are friends but Houdini really didn’t want anything bad to happen to him. Given a five star rating, this episode is tied with The Curse of Korzha, and in my opinion, the second best episode so far!

Viewer Statistics:

According to TVBTN Fox pulled a rating share of 0.4/1 for the 18-49 demographic, with an estimated 1.66 million viewers overall.


E07.A01Dr. RandallPoisoning patients at B.R.H.32:26


Ep#.Bet#Amount Wagered ($USD)Amount Wagered (£BP)FromToActivityWinnerTimestamp


E07.C0111:25A.M.Before our trio investigate Molly's dead body.Church Tower2:27
E07.C0210:00A.M.During Doyle's flashback.Grandfather clock15:38
E07.C031:55P.M.Houdini sits on Adelaide's desk.Wall17:12
E07.C046:17P.M.When Houdini is running down the road with the antidote.On side of building33:17
E07.C05---P.M.When Doyle is talking to his father.Fireplace35:21


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--- = unknown because of camera angle or covered.

Small changes not listed. For example, if a character adds a hat later in the episode but it's the same costume it will only be listed on a single row.


E07.D01Molly MorganPoisoned by Dr. Randall.1:14
E07.D02NathanielBreaks his own neck. This was in Doyle's dream.26:30

Food & Drink

E07.F01---Whisky/WhiskeyDoyleWhile looking over estate papers.2:14
E07.F02---Whisky/WhiskeyDoyleWhile looking over his father's medical file.16:42
E07.F03---Poison TeaDr. RandallWhen Houdini & Stratton confront him.32:10

Medical Conditions

E07.MC01Stress provoked ventricular fibrillation Doyle says that is what Molly died from.2:49
E07.MC02UticariaDoyle analyzing Molly's body.3:50
E07.MC03CatatoniaDoyle says Simon has it.8:51
E07.MC04DelusionsCharles Doyle's record16:19
E07.MC05HallucinationsCharles Doyle's record16:19
E07.MC06Disorganized behavior Charles Doyle's record16:19
E07.MC07Paranoid personalityCharles Doyle's record16:38
E07.MC08Parotid swellingSherlock says Doyle has it.21:23
E07.MC09RhinophymaSherlock says Doyle has it.21:23
E07.MC10Dry gangreneSherlock mentions the victims had it.23:38
E07.MC11ParaesthesiasSherlock mentions the victims had it.23:38
E07.MC12Mild brain injurySherlock says the guard may have one after hitting him over the head.25:32
E07.MC13ConvulsionsDoctor listing symptoms that Doyle is exhibiting.29:42
E07.MC14ShockDoctor listing symptoms that Doyle is exhibiting.29:42
E07.MC15EdemaDoctor listing symptoms that Doyle is exhibiting.29:42
E07.MC16Constricting peripheral blood vesselsSherlock, talking to Doyle.34:54


E07.N01Bombing in Theatre Kills 20Bombing in Theatre Kills 2011:14
E07.N02Anarchist Group Kills Finance MinisterAnarchist Group Kills Finance Minister11:16
E07.N03Canteen Board Sensation. £2,000,000 Overdraft From Their Bankers. Crisis Reached.Canteen Board Sensation. £2,000,000 Overdraft From Their Bankers. Crisis Reached.15:50
E07.N04Body Found in Thames + ThreatBody Found in Thames + Threat43:04

Charles Doyle's Note

“Dr. Pilsen is ruthless and unyielding, devoid of any redeemable human qualities. He has subjected me to one unspeakable torture after another, each one more terrible than the last. He has forced me to worship Abaddon and enabled this monster to reveal its hideous visage to me.”

Sherlock References

Ep#.Ref.#DescriptionNotes"Sherlock" Name DropTimestamp
E07.SR01One of the mental patients introduces himself as "Holes, Sherlock Holmes".*One reference for him as throughout the whole show he is deducing and calculating ways out of situations.15:55
E07.SR02As he is being dragged away, "Sherlock" says "for prosperity his name was Wilson." Alluding to Watson.06:29
E07.SR03Doyle says "keeping Holmes dead is proving more difficult than I thought".19:10
E07.SR04"Sherlock" wonders why Doyle killed his fictional counterpart. 021:55
E07.SR05Doyle says "Holmes was a lightweight and stood in the way of something more profound."122:00
E07.SR06"Sherlock" says "...you threw Sherlock over the falls."122:10
E07.SR07Doyle says "Sherlock was one of my successful characters in the history of fiction."122:56
E07.SR08Doyle sarcastically says "Professor Moriarty" could be the murderer. 023:27
E07.SR09"Sherlock" brings up the fear inducing poison in "A Study of Scarlet"023:44
E07.SR10Doyle stops "Sherlock" and wonders how he could have known about ergot since it was in an earlier copy of "A Study in Scarlet".028:31
E07.SR11"Sherlock" quotes his character "when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains..."029:06
E07.SR12Charles and Arthur argue over Sherlock without mentioning him by name. Charles Doyle scoffs at "Sherlock Holmes".136:10

Smoking Attempts



Ep#.Song#DescriptionBandSong TitleTimestamp
E07.ST01Doyle is looking over his father's papers.Nicole Dollanganger"Executioner"1:28
E07.ST02Doyle talking to Touie in his dream.Julianna BarwickOffing33:25

Support For The Supernatural

E07.S01Houdini knowing that it was ergot poisoning. Possible telepathic communication from Doyle.29:54
E07.S02Doyle finding the bottle of booze and story inside the piano at the end.41:57



Houdini's Tricks

E07.T01Dropping ergot poison into Dr. Randall's tea.Sleight of Hand32:23



During a live tweet, Michael Weston confirmed the guy in the wheelchair took a real hit.


During a live tweet, Michael Weston said during the scene where he is running through London, his shoes had zero grip.


According to Josh Brandon, Houdini's father did in fact die 3 months before Doyle killed off Sherlock Holmes.



E07.V01Molly bites the ear of the priest.Mouth0:49
E07.V02Molly pushes priest to the floor.Hands0:55
E07.V03Molly bites the nose of the priest.Mouth0:59
E07.V04Simon headbutts unknown man when priest is conducting an exorcism. Head8:42
E07.V05Simon headbutts unknown man when priest is conducting an exorcism. Head8:43
E07.V06B.R.H. hits Charles Doyle in the shoulder.Club16:53
E07.V07Doyle grabs Dr. Pilsen and throws him back on his desk.Hands19:51
E07.V08Sherlock hits guard over the head/neck to knock him out.Hands25:17
E07.V09Nathaniel breaks his own neck.None26:30
E07.V10Sherlock knocks Dr. Pilsen unconscious. Hands28:20
E07.V11Houdini rams guy in wheelchair.Body35:43

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