Episode 6 Detailed Recap

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Introduction: An Alien Encounter

Episode 6 starts with a couple laying on the ground at night, watching the stars. They lift their intertwined hands to the sky and the man (Danny) asks if she knows what he would like to do now. Rosie, his girlfriend, tells him he is drunk but tells him the things she loves most about being in the field is forgetting the rest of the world and their problems. Danny says that is what he loves about her, that she can do that. He apologizes for so many things saying they both deserve better lives. He wants to move out of Nethermoor before the baby comes and have a fresh start. Rosie says it is her home…their home. She kisses him. After a few kisses she looks up at the sky and sees a shooting star. She tells Daniel to make a wish and he says he is about to get his. She tells him to stop it and suddenly the shooting start becomes brighter. Danielle says it isn’t a shooting start. A large flash passes by them and crashes into the Earth. Danielle goes to investigate closer. When he does, he sees a blue light and aliens coming from the impact crater. He tells Rosie to run as the aliens swarm around him.

The next morning, a man and his dog Lexie are walking through the same field. Lexie starts to bark and finds the body of Daniel. The man says what the devil and comes over to investigate. He asks the man if he is alright and the man asks where is Rosie. He seems distraught, and starts shouting for her. Cue opening card.

On a train, Houdini and Doyle are sat across from each other. Doyle is reading a paper Houdini tells him he had a guy look into Penelope Graves. Doyle says of course he has. Houdini says don’t give him that and complains that Doyle is so intrigued by the Martian sighting he would commute 6 hours on a train to check it out. Doyle counters that Houdini would make the same journey to prove him wrong. Houdini says he doesn’t understand how Adelaide could be lying to them and Doyle doesn’t show any interest. Doyle says its not that he doesn’t care but instead respect for her privacy. Doyle continues reading his paper and Houdini flicks it multiple times from the other side. He finally flicks down Doyle’s paper and says that She married a successful businessman, and two years later he is dead. He says she changed her name and started working as a cop. Houdini calls it a scandal. He goes on to say he doesn’t know if it is financial, criminal or sexual. Doyle says no prizes to know which one Houdini was hoping for. He goes on to say Stratton will confide in them when they have learned her trust. Houdini questions if they should trust her if she doesn’t trust them. At that moment Stratton enters, saying they will be in Nethermoor shortly. After some silence she wonders if she had interrupted something but Doyle says they were discussing cricket. Houdini asks if she was looking for something and she says she seems to have misplaced the key to her satchel. Houdini says “penny” and Stratton gives him a worried look. He then goes on to say its for the lock. He picks the clasp and Stratton says she needs to learn that trick. Houdini says he would be happy to share and says there is no secrets between friends. They smile at each other.

In front of a police station in Nethermoor a man is questioning a police officer as to why they should be searching for her if “he” (someone inside the police station) knows where she is. The constable says he is searching because he is all the copper he has. He constable goes on to say goes on to say that he can’t cover 100 acres by himself. They get into an arguing match and Doyle interrupts saying “Constable Booth” to which Houdini says “I hope we’re interrupting.”  The angry man asks who he is and Houdini says “Harry Houdini, it’s a pleasure to meet ya” holding out his hand. The man just looks at his hand, not knowing who he is, and ignoring the handshake gesture. Houdini continues introducing Doyle and Stratton. The local constable introduces the angry man as Jim Gorton, an uncle of the missing woman. He makes a joke about having lady coppers in London and people nearby laugh. Stratton tells Jim it must be a difficult time for him but they will do everything they can. Gorton complains to Constable Booth that he has brought in outsiders, people who don’t care. Stratton says he does care and Jim says it isn’t her problem. Constable Booth tells him not to make trouble and Houdini offers to buy him a drink, giving him some money. Jim says he doesn’t need handouts from Houdini, calling him a Yank and throwing the money back. He continues to tell Booth that he needs to make up his mind which side he is on, the towns or the “black bastard, he’s hiding”.  When he leaves Booth says welcome to Nethermoor.

Inside the police station Booth is leading our trio. He says Merring said he was sending three experts but he didn’t know who. Houdini asks if everyone there is like Jim and Booth explains he is just upset about his niece and admits Daniel’s tale is far fetched. Stratton questions if it is enough to keep him locked up.  Booth says if he lets him out, he is a dead man. He leads the trio to his cell and brings Daniel to an interrogation room.

Daniel explains that they were small spindly things and you could almost see through the skin. They also had black eyes. Houdini says hell of a story and Doyle agrees. Doyle examines Daniel while Stratton questions him about the spaceship. Daniel says that he knows they don’t believe him but lots of people had seen it. Stratton says lots of people saw lights but nobody seen a spaceship. Doyle asks why does Daniel thing they took Rosie and let him behind. Daniel lifts his shirt showing bruises, cuts and wounds and says he would like to see Doyle fight them off. Stratton asks if there is anything else he could tell them to help corroborate his story. He says he tried but there are holes, and pieces missing. He begs her to help him. Help him find Rosie before the baby comes.

Doyle says that one thing is for certain, Daniel is lying.  Stratton and Houdini both look at Doyle confused. Houdini asks if he doesn’t believe him because he is black. Doyle says he doesn’t believe him because he is an alcoholic and Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome. He geos on to say it is an encephalopathy associated with alcoholism. Stratton reminds him he has been in his cell for two days with no access to alcohol. Doyle says it’s a chronic condition and Daniel has all the symptoms droopy eyelids, elevated pulse, ataxia, nystagmus, rocking back and forth and as Doyle explains, most significantly of all, Daniele prone to confabulations. Houdini says that all those symptoms, except the last are consistent of a man whose wife was attacked before his very eyes. Houdini starts to explain the cuts on his arm but Doyle interrupts and says Daniel probably attacked his wife and she fought back. Stratton questions if Doyle is thinking he killed is pregnant wife. She asks if he buried her body but Doyle says she could have just run away. Stratton wonders why he would make up a story that nobody would believe but Doyle says its possible he doesn’t remember anything at all. Houdini says he believes Daniel but Stratton asks if he believes in Martians. Houdini goes on to explain that there is plenty of science to back it up, giving examples such as canals on Mars and says where there is water, there is life. Doyle is upset and clearly doesn’t understand as an hour ago Houdini was mocking his “credulity”. Houdini says he wasn’t convinced then but now he has seen the witness and he convinced him. Doyle says Houdini is being contrary and says he can see that Doyle isn’t buying his story so Houdini is pretending he does. Doyle goes on to say that a woman is missing, and it is no joking matter. Houdini says he isn’t joking and that if they can find the creatures they can find Rosie. Stratton wonders how he plans to do it.

Back in the interrogation room, it looks as though Houdini is hypnotising Daniel. He asks Daniel what he says and Daniel says he sees the light glowing over the hill. Houdini asks what he hears, he replies his footfalls. He smells flowers (lords and ladies) but Stratton says that wasn’t in the report.  Houdini asks Daniel that when he came over the top of the hill what did he see? Daniel says something on burning but it wasn’t on fire, it was glowing like an ember.  Flashbacks start to show what he had seen. Daniel starts calling out for Rosie as we seen aliens attacking her. Houdini tells Daniel that he is perfectly safe but asks what is happening to Rosie. Daniel says she has fallen and the aliens are all over her. One of the aliens is grabbing him and there is a medallion around its neck. Houdini asks Daniel to draw it for him and Stratton hands him paper and a pencil. While Daniel is drawing the shape, Houdini says that people don’t lie under hypnosis but Doyle says not unless they’ve already formed a memory, an altered reality within their conscious mind. Stratton is surprised and says this alone was worth the trip. Houdini snaps his fingers and Daniel comes out of hypnosis asking if that’s it.

At “The White Hart”, a local pub, Houdini has the drawing on the table and unrolls a map over it. All the locals are staring at them and Houdini says someone had forgotten to tell the welcoming committee. Stratton is pointing to a location on the map and says that’s where Daniel was when he seen the strange object in the sky. She places her finger some ways away and says that is where Daniel was found. Doyle says the search party had searched everywhere between but found nothing. Houdini says finding nothing doesn’t mean there is nothing to be found. Doyle says apparently some sheep were stolen and asks Houdini if he thinks the Martians abducted them too. He goes on to ask him if he thinks they communicate telepathically or does Houdini think they speak “Martianese”. Stratton laughs while drinking her tea and starts to cough. The locals look at her in a stern way. She apologizes to Houdini and Doyle saying it isn’t tea. The waiter/bartender explains it’s “saloop” which is a popular drink around there and explains it’s not for a London pallet. Back at the table Doyle is looking at the bartender and goes a little wide-eyed but Houdini gets back to the story saying they aren’t necessarily Martians and that there are seven other planets in the universe. Stratton wonders what Houdini thinks they should call them. Houdini says aliens and says that’s the name you give to anyone that is different. Stratton says its hard to understand why Houdini believes any of this. Houdini takes a sip of the saloop and wonders why Stratton doesn’t. She explains that she thinks man (and woman) is the ultimate expression of God’s creation. Houdini agrees with the woman part but it doesn’t rule out life on other planets. Doyle says the other aliens Daniel saw was the ones he created in his intoxicated state. Houdini wonders why he is so adamant on giving him a drinking problem. The bartender interrupts and says Danielle Barry likes his drink and nobody knows better than him. The bartender also adds he has a nasty temper. Houdini says he is shiftless and lazy as well. The bartender continues talking but Stratton interrupts asking if saloop is made from the roots of orchids. The bartender says he made the last batch with the last cuckoopint he could find. He made the last batch a few days ago. Stratton says cuckoopint is also known as lords and ladies. She goes on explain that Daniel recalled the scent earlier in hypnosis and asks the bartender for directs on where he picked them.

In the valley and hills of Nethermoor Stratton says flowers should be somewhere near. Houdini says it is nice to see her out of uniform and she is dressed down. He goes on to say that the color suits her. She thanks him. He says he never believed a woman in mourning had to wear black. She says its been nearly two years and it was sudden, a heart attack. Houdini apologizes saying being a single woman and all, he also asks if Scotland Yard pays her expenses while she was up in Nethermoor. Stratton says Scotland Yard doesn’t pay for much and it’s lucky that she didn’t take the job for money. Houdini stops to tie his shoe while Stratton continues walking. As Doyle, who was following in the back, catches up, he asks if Houdini is trying to win her trust. Houdini says she had just told him her husband died for a heat attack but she was lying. Doyle asks how he could know that and Houdini says her breathing changed and she tensed slightly. He goes on to explain he used to be a pretty good cold reader. As they continue walking Doyle asks if he has ruled out heart attack. Houdini explains he has ruled out more than that. He goes onto say she’s not just going to substitute one mundane cause of death for another. Doyle questions whether it was natural causes but Houdini replies he has also ruled out financial, which leaves criminal and does a funny/excited noise (the last was sexual). Stratton calls out for them.

Stratton is kneeling down and as they approach stands up. She points out a plant on the ground and says lords and ladies. Houdini says that according to Daniel, the landing site was at the foot of the hill.

They approach the crash site and see a large impact crater in the ground. Houdini says that by looking at the shape and size of the crash area it looks like it could be an alien spaceship. Doyle, brushing away at the ground, says that his alien spaceship is actually a meteorite. Stratton asks if a meteorite could cause the hole in the ground and questions the lights. Doyle says it would have been bigger in the atmosphere burning like a torch. He goes on to explain to Houdini that while being spectacular it is all perfectly natural. Stratton finds something on the ground and brings it to them. It turns out to be the same medallion that Daniel had drawn earlier.

Back at the jail, Daniel confirms that it was the necklace he had seen. He asks if they have found Rosie and Stratton says they are still looking. He asks if they believe him now. Doyle says that the medallion is made of lead and hardly evidence of “other-worldly” origins. Stratton says that if there is water in the universe isn’t it possible that there was also lead too. There is some silence and Stratton says she is only being logical. Daniel runs towards the door and tells Booth, who is guarding the door, that he needs to let him go. Booth tells him he can’t. There is a small struggle until the police officer pushes Daniel off.

Outside the jail cell Doyle says that the innkeeper had said that Daniel had a temper. Houdini justifies it by saying he is locked up and his wife is missing. Booth says the innkeeper is right and that Daniel has had one or two run-ins with the law. Houdini says everyone in the town probably has. Houdini says that Doyle thinks the man is guilty because of the color of his skin, and Doyle tells Houdini that Houdini thinks he is innocent for the same reason. Doyle tells Houdini that when a woman goes missing, it’s reasonable to consider the husband. Booth interrupts and says there is a bigger issue, it seems they were searching in the wrong place. He goes on to say its getting too late for a search party and Stratton agrees. Stratton looks at Doyle and says if he is right, then there would be a body and they need daylight to find it because they don’t want to miss any clues. She turns to Houdini and says if he is right then she might as well be 7 million miles from there. Doyle turns to Houdini and sees him looking through papers. Houdini says Martha Stiles. He goes on to say she described seeing something on the morning after Rosie’s disappearance, a strange creature. Booth says she is a lady that lives on the edge of town and there is a reason they call her Mad Martha.

Inside Martha’s house the serves them drinks and baked goods. Doyle begins to question her but she interrupts and looking to Houdini asks him where is he from. He takes a drink and says US of A. Doyle continues saying they believe she had a sighting the morning after but gets interrupted by Marth again. She says they want to ask about the kobolds but gets distracted again. She says Houdini’s skin is a different coloring and asks where his family were from. Houdini says he was born in Budapest, but moved to America when he was four. Stratton interrupts, asking if she had said ‘kobolds’. She clarifies herself saying it means goblins and sprites. She goes back to Houdini asking him what kind of name it is. He says it was a stage name and he was born Erich Weiss. Martha says he is a Jew which makes Houdini uncomfortable but then goes to say he must try her knedle. Doyle asks what it is but nobody answers him. Houdini tries it and says it was perfect. Martha goes on to say her family are Slavs, and her name is actually Marta, not Martha. She says the English has a way of diluting your culture. Houdini chuckles. Doyle asks Martha to describe the ‘kobolds’. She looks at him but ignores him.  Martha tells Houdini that his family escaped the pogrom too and says her family came from Russia. She was four just like Houdini. Houdini tells her Nethermoor is a hell of a place to come. Martha explains it used to be a rich mining town and a magnet for people from all over Europe looking for jobs and a fresh start. Doyle asks Martha about the kobolds again, asking if they are tall, short or furry and Stratton seems to be getting impatient as well. Martha explains they faced a pogrom there too. She says when the mines closed, the villagers drove everyone out. Then there was a lot of violence, people were killed by stoning. She says it was like Russia again. Martha tells Houdini she is sure that that he’s not a stranger to prejudice and Houdini holds her hand knowingly. He asks her what do the kobolds look like. She says that they are gentle little creatures with the fairest skin and pendants around their necks. While Doyle and Stratton look on attentively, she gets up from the table and walks across the room. She says they steal things like clothes from the line or food from the pantry but always leave a gift in return. She comes back with a box, opens it and puts on her glasses. She says he mother used to say it was good luck to see one. She pulls out a list of all the times she had seen them.

Back at The White Hart Inn, Houdini says just because she had seen them more than once, it doesn’t mean she is crazy and that they could have been there before. Stratton asks if he believes in goblins now. Houdini says that he is just suggesting that perhaps goblins are her way of interpreting visitors from outer space. Doyle asks why they would keep coming back to Nethermoor and Houdini says the area is rich in lead maybe they mine it. Houdini says according to the bible aliens have been coming to Earth for thousands of years. Doyle says that would be The Book of Venusians. Houdini says Ezekiel. Stratton corrects him saying those were angels. Houdini says she calls them angels, Martha calls them kobolds and H.G. Wells called them Martians. He asks what if they are all the same thing. The innkeeper approaches them, putting two keys on the table. Doyle says they needed three rooms but the innkeeper says he only has two. Houdini looks at Stratton and says it looks like they have to share. Stratton takes a key and says no. Jim approaches the table and asks why they are protecting the darkie. He says its bad enough that Booth is pandering to him, but now three of them come to town and do the same. Houdini stands up and says he should leave. Jim laughs and asks if he is telling him to leave. A crowd tells Jimmy to give it to him. Houdini asks if he wants to hit him and takes off his vest. Stratton says Harry, trying to stop him. Houdini tells him to hit him as hard as he can, right in the gut. Doyle says Houdini, trying to stop him. As Jim gets ready, Houdini tells him to remember that he gets the next punch. Jim says if there is one. Jimmy winds up and hits Houdini in the face. Doyle asks if he is alright but Houdini gets up and sniffs. He says my turn. There is a scuff as Jimmy tries to hit Houdini out of turn. They got back and forth and finally Houdini drops Jimmy to the ground, mounting him and punching him repeatedly. Doyle pulls Houdini off while Jimmy is left knocked out and in a bloody mess. Nobody else says anything or looks and them and they leave for their rooms.

Houdini is seen doing push ups and Doyle is seen in the same room, in the bed. Doyle says bouquet of parsley, September ’71, rabbit, February ’88 and bracelet, April ’96. He says he is reading a life of gifts to Martha from the kobolds but sarcastically says they were all faithfully recorded by Mad Martha. He pretends to get excited seeing a message from them but it turns out to be recipe for knedle in Latvian or something. Doyle suggests that’s why they are occupying Earth, for plum dumplings. Doyle is getting frustrated that Houdini is ignoring him and says only a brainless bigot can get a rise out of him. Houdini says he is just doing his exercises and suggests Doyle do some at some point in your life. Doyle says he won Man of the Match at Lords last Saturday. Finally, he says it’s pretty clear what’s going on. He says it must have been tough for Houdini and his family, having to deal with other people’s blind spots and prejudices. Houdini says what people call him is their problem not his. He says the only person that could put you in a gutter is you. Doyle says he understands how he feels. Houdini says he doesn’t. Doyle says he has experienced bigotry. He says when he was 12, they had a black maid named Ina. One summer, his cousin came for a fortnight and he had an amazing pocket watch. He goes on to say the watch was handed down from his great-grandfather. Doyle says he stole it and his father assumed it was Ina. Doyle says he let get fired over it and he will never forget the look she gave him when she left. Not anger, just disappointment. There is some silence before Houdini asks if that’s it and clarifies Doyle’s experience with bigotry was that he was a bigot. Doyle says he learned a valuable lesson about bigotry and Houdini says he learned it was bad. As Houdini is putting on his pajamas, Doyle says don’t tell him its silk. Houdini makes fun of Doyle’s flannel nightshirt and asks if he has a hat to match. Houdini passes him a package and a photograph. He says to look at it. Doyle says its Benjamin Graves, Adelaide’s husband and asks if he stole this from her? Houdini says he understands the photos of her husband, but why all the pictures of Nigel Pennington. Doyle says he was a friend of her husband’s. Houdini asks Doyle if he remembers the telegram they found at Adelaide’s house from Pennington. The telegram said ‘You were wrong about me? He goes on to says he thinks they were having an affair and Pennington killed her husband to get him out of the way. In the next photo Doyle recognizes a person named George Ives. Houdini asks who is George Ives. Doyle says he is a founding member of the Order of Chaeronea. The Order of Chaerone is a society for gentlemen with a certain preference. He says that Ives invited Oscar Wilde to join. Houdini suggests it wasn’t Adelaide who was having the affair with Pennington but maybe Pennington killed him over a lover’s quarrel. Doyle suggests, Graves was threatening to expose him. Houdini says either way it would be a scandal, a sexual one. Houdini says that’s why she changed her name and Doyle says it must have been devastating for her. Houdini starts to get into bed but stares off and says “the thought of two men sleeping together” As Houdini lays next to Doyle he gets comfy and says “Shove over, Man of the Match.” Doyle starts to light his pipe but Houdini stops him, asking him to take it outside.

In her room, Stratton opens her bag and starts searching for the package. She realizes it is missing but then suddenly hears a knock on her door. It is Doyle and he says he saw her light on and asks if she is alright. She says she couldn’t sleep and asks how Houdini is. Doyle says he thinks this case is becoming personal for Houdini and she says she is sure its true but he has been acting off since the train journey and wonders why. She goes on to say that if there was something Doyle wanted to know he would just ask her. Doyle says absolutely and then says goodnight.

Doyle is outside, smoking his pipe at night. There is a rustling in the bushes, and he goes to investigate. Suddenly he hears something behind him and an alien looking creatures comes at him. The last thing he sees is the medallion and then a close up of the creatures face.

Houdini wakes up and turns looking for Doyle. Doyle isn’t in the bed so Houdini gets up and gets dressed. As he exits the room he sees Stratton and asks where Doyle is. She asks wasn’t Doyle his bed fellow last night and says he wasn’t there when he woke up. Stratton says he is probably gone for a walk and asks Houdini how his eye is. Houdini says its fine and apologizes for the night before. Stratton says she understands and Houdini says he believes it. Houdini goes on to tell a story of when he was young. The first time he was put in handcuffs he was 9 years old. Houdini’s mother sent him for vegetables with his father. When they arrived at the store, the storekeeper refused to serve him because he didn’t serve their kind. His father just walked away. Houdini stuck up for him and told the owner that their money was as good as anybody’s and if the storekeeper didn’t serve them he would just take it. Stratton asks did he, and he says he tried. He says the owner called the cops, but his father pleaded with the police to let him go. They let him go and when he got home, his mother said ‘Ehrie, don’t ever let anyone put you in chains’. Houdini says since then, he never has, except of my own choosing. He says that night he went back and threw a brick through the window and took all the vegetables he could carry. Houdini and Stratton look at each other and seem to have a small moment. Houdini says he should go and find Doyle and tells Stratton they should start their search for Rosie.

Outside Houdini stretches, looks up and then notices a match on the ground. A little further down the path he finds a matchbox and finally a pipe. He starts searching around the bath between trees and into the woods, shouting for Doyle. He finally finds him collapsed on the ground, and shakes him to wake him up. He helps him to his feet and Doyle says he saw one with white skin and dark eyes. Houdini says they need to get him warmed up and dressed. Stratton quests if he had seen the same creatures that Daniel had seen and Houdini jokingly says he may have Rimsky-Korsakoff syndrome. Doyle says they must have used some sort of substance because he had a bad taste in his mouth. Houdini questions if they think they drugged him. Doyle says either that or he donated his clothes to the Salvation Army in the middle of the night. Houdini celebrates that his sarcasm is back and Stratton says if the aliens are still there they have a chance of finding Rosie. Doyle says the curious thing is that they left Doyle where he was but moved Daniel. Stratton says the first location must be key. Houdini says they moved Daniel because they don’t want their hiding place to be discovered. Stratton says he’ll check on Booth to see if the search party is ready. Houdini leaves telling Houdini they should get a head start.

In the hills and fields Doyle sees bats in the sky. He says they may lead them to a hiding place saying where there is bats there is caves. Houdini enters the cave and turns on his flashlight. Doyle is impressed saying wow. Houdini says he got it in the States and they call it a flashlight. They look around in the cave, crouching over and making their way through. Doyle says he has been an idiot, Houdini says deafening silence and Doyle explains that his prejudice blinded him. He explains that when Daniel gave his account of monsters, all he could think of was his father and his own drunk, nonsensical ramblings. Houdini says

‘Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.’  Doyle says Houdini is quoting him and Houdini asks surprised. They step on something and as Houdini shines the flashlight to the ground they see bones. They both agree that someone has already been there. Further in the cave Doyle says Houdini leapt to Daniel’s side because of his own prejudices, in favour of the underdog. Houdini asks is it important that he is just as wrong as Doyle but Doyle says its important that he is just as honest as him. Houdini says he enjoyed being the believer, accepting everything unquestioningly is like a vacation. Doyle says he enjoyed playing the cynic, opposing everything and “stooping to ad hominem arguments.” They hear more bats and ask Houdini shines the light around we see many pale figures jumping off the ledges towards them.

Back in town, we see Jim and a gang with their weapons. They are walking through town and Booth asks what he is doing. He says they heard one of their lot seen the monster that took Rosie. Stratton says they need a search party and not an angry mob. As she does, we see Daniel exiting the police station. Jim gets upset and asks what he is doing out. Stratton explains he has been telling the truth, and asks if they are going to look for Jim’s nice of if she will have to lock Jim up first.

Back in the cave Houdini and Doyle are tied up and left in darkness. They struggle to get out. As Houdini falls towards Doyle he says not to throw him off his game but they are in a pickle. He asks Houdini to work faster. Houdini explains that his escapes take preparation and wonders what kind of aliens use ropes. Houdini says the same kind that use oil lamps. As they struggle Doyle knocks over an oil lamp, breaking it and being able to cut the ropes with the broken glass. As Doyle gets free he asks did Houdini mean a broken oil lamp by extensive preparation. Houdini asks if there are any other jokes he would like to make before Doyle cuts him free.

They two walk through the dark cave again with lamps flickering away in different parts of the cave. Houdini says he thinks he found Doyle trousers but Doyle says he has found nightshade, henbane, and English mandrake. He says they must have used it to knock him out and it explains the symptoms that both Doyle and Daniel experience. He finds writing and saying it is Cyrillic script, it must be a date. Houdini reads it and says “52….1849.” Doyle says that’s when the mines closed and the villagers drove the migrants out. Houdini says they aren’t dealing with aliens, but humans. Doyle says they have been living in the cave for half a century. They continue looking around and reading the cave markers. Doyle says looks like there are two families who came to live there and never left. He says it defies belief. Houdini says that their ancestors were cave dwellers. It’s how they protected themselves from the dangers outside. He says it is better than being stoned to death. He goes on to say when the meteorite crashed, they must have come up to investigate. That’s when they came across Daniel and Rosie. Suddenly Doyle sees something and warns Houdini. They are surrounded by the pale creatures. One of them beings to speak saying they apologize for the bonds. They were preparing to escape when they came across Houdini and Doyle. He says they needed to delay and still do.

Outside the angry mob is approaching the cave.

Inside the cave Doyle asks the creature what they did with Rosie. He says they helped her. She fell and hit her head. She was with child and they couldn’t leave her so they took her back to the cave. Houdini questions if she is still there. The creature says she is resting but doing fine. He says his grandfather was a doctor and taught him much. Doyle says they used a compound to knock him out. The creature says they do what they have to survive. They also have to steal food and clothes but never intended to harm anyone. Doyle says they must have known when you took Rosie they would be discovered and people would look for her. The creature says they were waiting until she was well enough but now they must leave immediately. Houdini says they need to come to the surface but the creature says they were born down there and only go out at night when it is safe. He says they wouldn’t survive above in Houdini’s world but Houdini says it is their world too. Doyle says they have rickets and lead poisoning and they aren’t safe down there. The creature says they are not safe up there because people will kill them. The creature says he remembers the story his father told him. The people above are cruel, murderous and that their families were tired of running. Houdini says they are still running because hiding is no different. He goes on to say they have to fight for their place in this world and wants to help.

They are seen leaving the cave and Doyle says their eyes will take a while to adjust. As he does, the mob sees them and one of them shouts they’re the monsters that took Rosie. Doyle says their not monsters but Jimmy says hey look like monsters to him. Suddenly and before things could get worst, a baby starts to cry. Rosie leaves the cave with the baby and Daniel runs towards her. He says he though he had lost her and Rosie explains that the creatures saved her life and Milov helped hey deliver. Daneil thanks them and says he won’t let the mob help them and Houdini says neither will he. Rosie tells Jimmy that they are just like her and him. Just like his nephew. Jim is taken back but then starts to smile.

Back in town, our trio is leaving The White Hart. Houdini asks Doyle if he has been talking to his buddy in the home office. He says he has been told Milov and his family are being well looked after in the hospital. Booth interrupts saying a telegram came for Houdini at the station. He says he has also checked in with Martha and she gave booth something for Houdini. Booth says safe home and leaves them. Doyle asks if its knedle and Houdini pulls away saying just enough for him.

On the train Stratton says Houdini stole something from her and as she opens her satchel the package is back. She says she hopes Houdini found what he was looking for. Houdini says not quite and wants to know why she changed her name. Doyle looks up from his paper. Stratton says she thought ‘Adelaide’ had a nice ring to it. Houdini says he thinks her husband was having an affair with Nigel Pennington because they saw him in a photo with George Ives. Stratton explains that George Ives was her husband’s cousin. Houdini wants to know why her husband killed himself. Doyle tells Houdini to stop and he tells Doyle to cover his ears if he doesn’t want to hear. Houdini continues saying he had someone dig up the coroner’s report and it was ruled a suicide. Stratton says Houdini doesn’t know anything about her husband and he would never take his own life. She believes he was murdered. Doyle interrupts, showing them a newspaper and says Nigel Pennington is dead. He asks Adelaide what is going on? She replies she doesn’t know but she thinks her life is in danger.

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