Episode 6 – “The Monsters of Nethermoor”

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Info & Summary

Episode #06
Episode Title:The Monsters of Nethermoor
Original Air Date:June 6, 2016 (Canada/USA) | April 14, 2016 (UK)
IMDb Link: Click here
Written by:Nazrin Choudhury
Text Preview:

Houdini and Doyle, with Constable Adelaide, investigate an apparent alien abduction at a remote mining town, fighting against local prejudices.

Title Explanation:

The monsters refer to the cave people (or the towns people if you want to look at it that way!) and Nethermoor refers to the place where our trio had visited to do their investigation.

Intro Length:2:57
Themes:Sadness | History | Trust | Friendship | Humans | Society | Race | Outcast | Monsters
Short Summary:

Episode 6 starts with a couple named Daniel and Rosie laying in a field. Daniel is dark skinned and Rosie is white. He apologies to her and asks her to leave Nethermoor before the baby comes. We wonder if it is because they are an interracial couple or something else. They see a glowing light in the sky and it crashes into the ground. Daniel is found the next day with Rosie missing. Rosie’s uncle Jim is quick to place Daniel for Rosie’s disappearance and frequently refers to him as darkie. In fact everyone in the town things Daniel is behind it except for the local policeman and our trio. As Houdini, Doyle, and Stratton investigate they find an underground society of miners, that have been driven from the town long ago. They have been living there for a century and have survived by stealing food and clothing. In the end it turns out that Rosie has stumbled and fell, hitting her head. The society of underground people knew she was pregnant and took care of her, also helping her deliver her baby. In the end everyone is happy. The background story-arc is also touched upon as well. We find out that Stratton though her husband was killed which is why she joined the police force. We also find out that Pennington has been found dead in the Thames River and Stratton thinks her life is in danger.

Detailed Recap:Episode 6 starts with a couple laying on the ground at night, watching the stars. They lift their intertwined hands to the sky and the man (Danny) asks if she knows what he would like to do now. Rosie, his girlfriend, tells him he is drunk but tells him the things she loves most about being in the field is forgetting the rest of the world and their problems. Danny says that is what he loves about her, that she can do that. He apologizes...Read more.
Character Appearances:Harry Houdini | Arthur Conan Doyle> | Adelaide Stratton | Constable Booth | Jim Gorton | Rosie Berry | Daniel Berry

Ratings & Review


This was another very well done episode. It goes without saying that there really hasn’t been a “bad” episode yet. We are delving deep into the story-arc and only getting pieces of information at a time but that’s what makes it good right? This episode felt different but in a good way. Our trio being placed into the middle of nowhere has time to reflect on themselves and get to know one another better. We see parts of Houdini’s insecure side, and learn more about Stratton. Doyle played a role in this episode but I didn’t find him to be out in front. I feel this was more Stratton and Houdini’s episode. The setting was also great. The vast fields and hills gave each shot a very nice vibe. Again, this was a very well done episode.

Viewer Statistics:

According to TVBTN Fox pulled a rating share of 0.6/2 for the 18-49 demographic, with an estimated 2.5 million viewers overall. [USA]


E06.A01Daniel BerryFor the disappearance of Rosie Berry. Later released.6:52


Ep#.Bet#Amount Wagered ($USD)Amount Wagered (£BP)FromToActivityWinnerTimestamp


E06.C012:35P.M.In Booth's office. The angle is hard to read. Although if the train left at 8:00ish and it takes 6 hours to get there (Houdini), it wouldn't be far fetched. Wall6:44


Coming soon...
--- = unknown because of camera angle or covered.

Small changes not listed. For example, if a character adds a hat later in the episode but it's the same costume it will only be listed on a single row.


E06.D01Nigel PenningtonBody found in Thames River.42:59

Food & Drink

E06.F01---SaloopStrattonWhile sitting in "The White Hart" with Houdini and Doyle.11:18
E06.F02---SaloopHoudiniWhile sitting in "The White Hart" with Stratton and Doyle.11:46
E06.F03---UnknownHoudiniMad Martha's house.17:09
E06.F05Knedle---HoudiniMad Martha's house.18:01
E06.F04---UnknownStrattonWhen trio meet back at "The White Hart". 19:44
E06.F06---MilkHoudiniWhen trio meet back at "The White Hart".19:53
E06.F07---TeaStrattonThe morning after the fight, sitting around the table.26:44
E06.F08---TeaHoudiniThe morning after the fight, sitting around the table.28:37
E06.F09---Whisky/WhiskeyDoyleAfter Houdini's takes him inside.30:13
E06.F10Knedle---HoudiniOn train, headed back to London.41:55

Medical Conditions

E06.MC01Wernicke-Korsakoff syndromeDoyle mentions Daniel has it.8:00
E06.MC02Droopy EyelidsDoyle explains Daniel is exhibiting the symptom. 8:12
E06.MC03Elevated PulseDoyle explains Daniel is exhibiting the symptom. 8:13
E06.MC04AtaxiaDoyle explains Daniel is exhibiting the symptom. 8:14
E06.MC05NystagmusDoyle explains Daniel is exhibiting the symptom. 8:16
E06.MC06Heart AttackStratton tells Houdini that's how her husband died.12:55


E06.N01News clipping of Benjamin GravesNews clipping of Benjamin Graves24:06
E06.N02News clipping of Nigel PenningtonNews clipping of Nigel Pennington24:16
E06.N03News clipping of George IvesNews clipping of George Ives24:26
E06.N04Body Found in ThamesBody Found in Thames43:00

Houdini's Tricks

E06.T01Picking Stratton's luggage lock with a penny Coins4:31
E06.T02Stealing Stratton's package out of her luggage.Sleight of Hand4:31
E06.T03Hypnosis of DanielOther9:26
E06.T04Cold reading StrattonOther13:30
E06.T05Putting Stratton's package back into her luggage.Sleight of Hand42:01

Sherlock References

Ep#.Ref.#DescriptionNotes"Sherlock" Name DropTimestamp
E06.SR01The train to Nethermoor looks like an 1892 illustration depicting Holmes & Watson. Not confirmed if this was done on purpose.Screenshot 03:07

Pipe Smoking Attempts

E06.SA01DoyleWhen the trio are sitting around "The White Hart" table, the inn keeper interrupts by throwing the keys on their table. 20:10
E06.SA02DoyleWith Houdini, in bed, tries to light pipe but Houdini interrupts.25:18
E06.SA03DoyleAfter above, he heads outside but is distracted by a rustling in the bushes.25:59
E06.SA04DoyleHe tries again, but is distracted by another rustling in the bushes.26:05


Episode.Song#DescriptionBandSong TitleTimestamp
E06.ST01When Rosie and Daniel are in the field.Owel Razors0:00

Support For The Supernatural






During episode 5, Josh Brandon live tweeted that FOX wouldn't let Doyle light his pipe. They had fun with the scene and set it up for Korzha to interrupt him every time he had tried to light it. During this episode, Doyle tried to light his pipe but Houdini asks him not to. Josh tweeted that at this point it had become a running gag.


Josh also tweeted that Michael Weston would go to the gym at 4:30 A.M. every morning to do Houdini's physique justice.


Houdini's stomach punch scene in the bar was a nod towards the real life trick that Houdini would perform.


First episode in which none of the supporting actors are featured (i.e. Mary, Kingsley, Touie, Houdini's Mother, Florrie)


No. 661 - Numbers on the train


Houdini, Doyle & Stratton sit in first class.


Nethermoor is about 6 hours away from London (by train)


106.X - Booths collar numbers


By my own calculations the crater is about 10.52m in diameter.


The term "kobolds" is said 7 times through the episode.


Houdini lands 9 punches on Jim before Doyle hauls him off.


In the bedroom, we are present for 53 push-ups.


Rosie's search party includes Stratton, Booth, Daniel, Jim and 9 others.


The potion that knocked Doyle out was a mix of nightshade, henbane, and English mandrake,


First episode in which Doyle mentions is crazy, alcoholic father.



E06.V01Daniel Berry knocked unconscious. Gas2:04
E06.V02Jim Gorton punches Houdini in the face.Hands21:03
E06.V03Houdini punches Gorton in the stomach.Hands21:22
E06.V04Houdini punches Gorton in the stomach.Hands21:22
E06.V05Houdini punches Gorton in the face.Hands21:23
E06.V06Houdini punches Gorton in the face.Hands21:24
E06.V07On ground, Houdini punches Gorton in the face.Hands21:26
E06.V08On ground, Houdini punches Gorton in the face.Hands21:27
E06.V09On ground, Houdini punches Gorton in the face.Hands21:28
E06.V10On ground, Houdini punches Gorton in the face.Hands21:29
E06.V11On ground, Houdini punches Gorton in the face.Hands21:30
E06.V12Doyle knocked unconscious.Gas26:22

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