Episode 5 Detailed Recap

*Note: Time-stamps are for USA iTunes Release / U.K. DVD Release respectively.

5.01 – The Curse of Korzha [0:00 / 0:00]

As Episode 5 opens, we see a group of people walking down the road, as if on a hunt, with a lady (later known as Korzha) leading them. Some are carrying flashlights, while others carry weapons. Sergeant Gudgett is seen in the crowd and someone asks him whose idea it was. He replies that it comes from the top constable. A lady in the group is walking with her husband and she is carrying a picture of a young girl. Korzhae stops for a moment, and her assistant passes her a knife and she raises it in the air. Gudgett says “bloody black magic” but the man corrects him and says it’s a sacrifice to the spirits. Korzha cuts her arm with the knife and blood drips on the ground. She points to a manhole/sewer cover and says “there”. As she speaks, we notice a French accent. The party descend down and start trudging through the sewers. Gudgett says that water floods these sewers every day and the girl, if there, is probably dead. After some time, Gudgett notices something dripping on his hat. He takes it off, and a liquid drips on his face as well. A clearer picture reveals that it is blood. THe mother screams and as a flashlight passes over the ceiling/wall we see it says “NO INNOCENCE” written in blood. The father tries hard to comfort the mother. Korzha says that she “feels” her nearby. As they walk down some stairs, we see a young girl with her face and hands bound.  The mother, father, and daughter hug while Gudgett gives the leading lady a look of disbelief. Cue title card!



At the Metropole hotel, Houdini’s mother enters the room and he tells her she looks stunning. They give each other a small kiss and she thanks him. She holds out some jewelry and asks Houdini which one he prefers. He says as long as she is wearing them, they are both beautiful. She tells him she has luncheon plans with a gentleman and Harry seems upset. She calls him on it and he says he wasn’t upset but more surprised. She says his father has been gone for a long time and she misses the company. Again Houdini says he isn’t upset, but its just out of the blue. He wants to know who the man is and where she met him. She hushes him and starts to leave. He gives in and says have a good time and make sure her date takes her to her favorite restaurant, the expensive one. When she leaves Houdini picks up the paper and we see the headline “Psychic Finds Missing Girl”.

At Doyle’s residence we see him in front of a typewriter. He has writers block and takes a look at his bookshelf which contains all the books he has published. Mary comes in saying she thought he had left to go to Scotland Yard on one of his adventures. Doyle says no adventures today just solid work and Mary asks him to read it to her. He hesitates, and she says he can still read to her, she is only 11. He coughs, clearing his throat, as if ready to read, then immediately asks her if she liked it. He shows her a blank sheet. Mary, disappointed, goes to the shelf and grabs “The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes”. She says “what about this?” He says that his book on the Boer War is ripping and suggests she try that. The telephone rings and he apologizes to Mary and says maybe another time. We flash to Houdini’s place and he asks Doyle over the phone if he had seen the paper. Doyle says no and Houdini says never mind and hangs up the phone

We see Houdini and Doyle entering the police station. As they do Houdini brings up the fact that Stratton is married and wonders when she will tell them that. Doyle says he doesn’t see how its their business and that Doyle told him that information and he should keep it to himself. Houdini is confused about the dinner they had if she was married. He says it must mean something to which Doyle responds she was probably hungry. Stratton notices them in the building and says she assumes they are here about Madam Korzha. She goes on to say she was shocked that Merring let her help, he seemed desperate. Doyle says perhaps they had a hand in convincing Merring that there is no shortage of paranormal help but Houdini interrupts and says there’s no shortage of con artists or “knuckle-dragging idiots who believe them.” Gudgett exit’s Merring’s office and sees them. He says bloody hell to which Houdini says they were just talking about him. He also notices Merring and asks if he is buying into it. Merring says it was refreshing to work with someone who wasn’t in it to glorify their own ego. Merring turns to Madam Korzha who is standing next to him and says he is grateful for her help. Korzha tells Merring it was an honor. She says it was a blessing to be able to reunite people with a child because she usually just finds their missing possessions. Houdini says it gives her a leg up at finding things when she is the one that hid them. Merring wonders if Houdini is accusing her. Stratton says that the idea that spirits found the girl seems dubious and Houdini says its nice to see a rational member of Scotland Yard. Suddenly Korzha takes Stratton’s hand and starts to read her palm. She says interesting and Stratton pulls away looking confused. Doyle asks Korzha to forgive his friends and that they are all grateful for her help. Korzha quotes Holmes’s saying “If my record were closed tonight I could still survey it with equanimity.” She says that Holmes was such a vivid character and she was sad when he died. She also tells Doyle you can only do the same thing for only so long. Doyle agrees, the whole time trying to light his pipe. Korzha wants to know if he is feeling the freedom to write new things, and Doyle lies saying “absolutely”. Suddenly a man bursts into the police station asking if they found the man that murdered his daughter and if they did, he wants 5 minutes with him. Merring tells him no but Korzha was able to find Julia Hargreaves, so she didn’t suffer the same fate as Emily. The man is sad that the murderer is still out there and says his little girl is all he had. Stratton tries to calm him but he pulls away.

In Merring’s office, Doyle wants to know if the man that left is Mitchell Pearce. Merring says it’s a tragic story. He was a widower, and used to take an extra shift on the docks until one night his daughter was kidnapped. Merring says that found her in a water tank in Shoreditch. He says now almost a year to the day another girl was kidnapped and the kidnapper attempted to drown her. Stratton wants to know if the perpetrator left the “No Innocence” last year as well but Merring declines. He says it seems to be an escalation but the modus operandi is the same and tells them for now, consider the crime linked. He looks to Korzha for help and she says with the help of the spirits she will do what she can. Houdini questions why the psychic is on the case and Merring tells him there is a lunatic out there so they need all the help they can get. He also tells Houdini he is on the case.

On the subway, Stratton questions if Korzha is the kidnapper, that means she skilled Emily Pearce. This is because Merring thinks it’s the same perpetrator. Houdini tells her Merring is wrong, and that the girl was never going to die because if the little girl died, Korzha wouldn’t get paid. Stratton wants to know what the “No Innocence” message means, and if it’s a message for the parents. Doyle says perhaps they may have had enemies. Houdini gets up and says its their stop. Doyle says it isn’t but Harry says he is investigating a second matter and he needs their help.

Houdini enters an Italian restaurant called “Lizabetta’s”. They look through the windows and they see Houdini’s mother eating lunch with the mystery man. Stratton asks if she brought them here to spy on his mother. Houdini asks what they think is going on in there and Doyle says his instincts tell him she is having lunch.  Houdini stresses “with a man” and Doyle says clearly his detective skills are no match for his. Houdini says he could be a gold digger but Stratton says it doesn’t look like he needs the money as he is wearing a very expensive suite. Houdini is imagining him going from woman to woman and questions if he is trying to shake her down. Stratton asks what if he is a nice man. Houdini tells Stratton to go talk to them, find out what he wants and reminds her she is a cop and can ask them whatever they want. Stratton asks if he is mad, but Houdini says he needs to know if his mother is okay. Doyle tells her she is fine and sarcastically says that they are making good use of their time. Houdini says he is worried, Doyle calls him selfish and Houdini questions if loving his mother is selfish. Stratton says monopolizing her love is and asks what if she wants to get married. Houdini says she was already married when she was younger, around Strattons age. Seizing the opportunity, Houdini asks if Stratton ever thought about getting married. Stratton says she makes it a rule not to discuss her personal life with anyone hiding from their mother. She walks away leaving them and Doyle tells Houdini “well done.”

At the hospital, a doctor tells the trio that Julia is fine but suffering from shock. It might even be a while before she wakes up. Doyle says poor thing and wonders if she has hypovolaemia from the blood loss. The doctor says its strange because he can’t find a single cut. Stratton says she “No Innocence” was written in blood but the doctor says it wasn’t Julia’s. They walk over to Julia’s bed and introduce themselves to her parents who are sitting next to her. She says they are glad she is safe and own Korzha everything. Houdini whispers to Doyle that they will be getting an invoice for that. Doyle wonders if they have had any experience with psychics before. Both say no and they said the police say the psychic came to them. Stratton asks if there is any reason that the kidnapper may have targeted Julia or if anyone wanted to hurt their family. Both look at each other and the father says no, I can’t think of anyone but there is an awkward silence and we are not sure if to believe him. Houdini wants to know if it is possible she went willingly, such as someone who had known her or even a woman perhaps. Doyle says she may have been convinced with candy or toys and the father says it might explain the doll. Stratton picks up the doll and questions if it is hers. The father says he hasn’t seen it before. The phone rings and the doctor answers the phone. He relays a message to our trio saying that Madam Korzha needs to see them immediately.

When we meet up with our trio again, they are with Korzha and she is walking them down the street. She says that “he” was here on this very path. Doyle asks how she knows and she says she can feel the echoes. Doyle questions when she started to discover the abilities and she says when she was a young girl she felt something beckon her. She explains first she did not want to believe it but when she opened herself up, spirits began to speak and show her things. She says it is a gift, and a curse at the same time. She takes a knife and cuts her forearm/wrist and blood drips on the ground. She says this way pointing them into the right direction. They enter a building/dwelling and disassembled toy dolls can be seen.  Sometimes just parts like eyes or arms, other times just the face. Harry picks up a half assembled doll to inspect it. Doyle picks up a mask and some rope. He questions if it may be a disguise and states it might be kidnapper’s tools. He smells a pair gloves and notices it smells like sewage. Stratton picks up a doll and says its identical to the one Julia had. They all look at Korzha, wondering how she lead them there.

Doll Factory

Doll Factory

Back at the police station, Stratton says it is remarkable. Houdini asks what and says the kidnapper deduced where the kidnapper was. Stratton says if she is the kidnapper why lead them to a place that could prove her guilt. Houdini says if she was truly psychic why didn’t she lead them to the kidnapper. Doyle explains that nobody said she had all the answers and that the human mind can perceive a number of things. He asks what if psychics are further on that spectrum like a dog perceiving high frequency sounds. Doyle jokingly asks Houdini if he believes in dogs. Houdini says it was Korzha. He goes on to say they know its not Julia’s blood and asks who do they know that likes to spill their own blood for a dramatic effect? He says there’s no psychopath roaming the streets, just a very talented con artist. Merring interrupts them, saying that another girl has been taken.

Back at the hospital the doctor tells our trio that the girl woke less than an hour ago. Doyle asks if she is alight and Stratton adds anything Julia can tell them would be helpful because another 8-year-old has been abducted and they believe its by the same person.  The doctor says she appears fine but tells them she won’t talk to any males. Stratton is seen interviewing Julia, and she asks if she can remember anything about who took her away. Julia tells Stratton that she couldn’t see his face and that he was wearing a funny mask. He gave her a doll to play with and put something over her eyes. Stratton asks if there was a woman there but Julia tells her no he had a beard. Stratton says she thought he was wearing a mask and Julia tells her he must have taken it off. She says he scratched him and he had a beard. Doyle looks at the father with sympathy but almost at the same time noticing he has a beard as well.

At the police station Stratton tells Merring the kidnapper has a beard, Houdini says small world. He says Korzha’s assistant, Henri, also has a beard. Doyle says so does Mr. Hargreaves. He goes on to say if she went willingly it might have been with someone she had known. Merring asks if Hargreaves has a connection to the latest victim Helena Wood. Doyle doesn’t know. Houdini says to forget the latest victim because why would a father want to kill his own child. Stratton says if it’s a madman rationality may not apply. Merring says you never know what might make someone snap. Sometime silence occurs and then he asks if the father has an alibi. Stratton says he and his wife were attending a play at Wyndham’s and she’ll look into it.  Merring says he’ll look into in personally and to guard the child because he doesn’t want her left alone with her father. Houdini ask if Korzha is free to walk around and Merring says he will put her under surveillance. As he leaves Houdini tells him they can see to it personally.

Next we see Korzha at a gathering. She seems to be acting the medium and talking to dead spirits. Houdini, Stratton and Doyle look on from the back. Houdini tells Stratton that the lady who just sat down to talk with Korzha, is wearing very expensive coat but its old. He goes on to say she still wears the ring but the money ran dry and she is a broke widow. As he does, Korzha tells the girl that her husband passed a few years ago and she agrees and says it was so sudden. Korzha says that he misses her dearly and knows life is difficult right now but it will get better. The woman gets up and Korzha starts holding her head, like she is concentrating. She says doctor Doyle and starts scanning the crowd. She notices him and says his wife is there and wants to speak through her. Korzha’s assistant Henri tells the crowd that when a spirit wishes to communicate this way, they must summon them through a séance. He tells the crowd that they are to bear witness to a remarkable event. As Doyle approaches her, Houdini tells her no fake table levitations and no ringing the bells with their toes. He looks under the table to make sure. He also goes on to say if they’re going to do this they have to set some conditions. Henri asks what conditions. We then see Henri tied with his hands behind his back and around a pole, behind Houdini. Korzha says that must open their minds and hearts, so they may reach the spirits. She then seems to concentrate, looking towards the ceiling and closing her eyes, she says Arthur, my darling, time is not up. She goes on to say his wife has not passed. Finally, she says don’t grieve, Touie is still with you. The séance ends and Doyle says thank you. The crowd claps. Houdini stops them and says “this lady is just trying to separate you from your cash”. Suddenly the shutters blow open, the table cloth raises and when it lowers a split second later, Henri and Korzha have switched places!

Later in the room, the crowd is gone and Stratton, Doyle, Houdini and Korzha is there. Doyle says I tied him myself and it was your idea [to Houdini] and questions how they could have been prepared. Houdini says it’s a multiple out principle and Korzha questions if it’s a trick how is it done. Henry seems taken back and asks Stratton if she believes it. Stratton says either he is right and she’s kidnapped Helena Wood or he’s wrong and they need her help. Korzha didn’t know another girl was missing but Stratton says if the spirits really can help her, let them. She says she will try. Korzha says they do not always give the answers they seek. As she tries to communicate Houdini makes a joke about no dramatic lighting this time but Doyle quiets him. Korzha says by the stroke of midnight she will be no more.  Doyle questions if it is Helena Wood? Korzha says no, Adelaide Stratton! All look worried.

On the subway, Houdini says it doesn’t mean anything but Doyle says every prediction Korzha had made has come true. Doyle says she is now saying Adelaide is danger and wonders why say that. Houdini says its because they are onto her and she is distracting them. Doyle says we need to protect Stratton but Stratton wonders if she has a say. She says she is a police constable of Scotland Yard and she doesn’t need saving. She says if they want to help, let her do her job and gets up to leave the subway. Houdini reminds her Charing Cross is not for two more stops but she says she will walk. She leaves them both on the train. Houdini says he could have told Doyle that would happen and Doyle makes a quip about how well Houdini knows women. He goes on to explain that out of all the mediums he ever visited, Korzha was the only one that knew his wife was still alive and knew he called her Touie. When she made contact he felt chills and knew she was communicating through his wife. Houdini sighs but Doyle says he doesn’t expect him to understand but he felt something. I know. Houdini says he knows and starts telling a story. He says there was an incredible psychic “who used to work carnivals in the north-east. One night, he contacted this woman’s husband for her. The husband sang the first song from their wedding, said he’d never let go. But then things started to go bad. The woman started neglecting her children, refused to move on, because she knew her husband was still there. A month later, she killed herself, so she could finally be with him.” He then reveals he was the psychic and it was part of his act.  He says the woman believed it all right to her end. Doyle seems a bit sympathetic and says his wife is ill but still in there. He isn’t looking to run away from anything. He goes on to say that Houdini’s father is dead, his mother is his whole life. Doyle continues that Houdini feels safe with her but she has a life to live with and without him. Houdini leaves and Doyle asks where he is going. Houdini says to put an end to Korzha’s con.

Houdini knocks on Korzha’s door and she opens it. He kind of pushes himself in. He says it was hell of a show she pulled, top notch. He asks here her boyfriend is buy she says her and Henri are not lovers. Houdini suggests just partners in crime. She says she has seen a lot of the tricksters in whose company Houdini thinks she belongs but she is not one of them. She asks if Houdini thinks she would really kidnap the girls and Houdini says yes. Korzha says no, he is not sure and Houdini tells her not to cold read him. He asks where the girl is and she says she don’t know. Houdini says she is hiding something but Korzha says everyone is. Houdini says he isn’t hiding anything but she says he is afraid of losing someone. He asks if the spirits are telling her that. Korzha confirms. At his point there seems to be some sexual tension between Houdini and Korzha and he asks what she they are telling her now. She kisses him passionately.

Doyle is seen waiting at the police station for Stratton while reading a newspaper. She questions whether he thinks she could make it a half mile on her own. She says she doesn’t need protection form a writer or a magician. She looks at the clock which is showing 4:35 and asks what happens at midnight. She says Korzha hasn’t been wrong yet and Doyle says there’s a first time for everything. Doyle explains that he wants to believe in Korzha because it means when he is gone, he can still watch over his children. He wants that more than anything in the world, but that doesn’t mean that Korzha is right. Stratton says she can’t imagine what it must be like to lose a child and as they are talking Doyle notices Merring become more and more sad. He says losing a child must be utter agony and asks Merring if he is right. For the first time we see Merring with feelings. He says his son, last year. Merring switches back to the case and says Hargrave’s alibi was confirmed. Doyle wants to get back to his son and Merring says sometimes he feels completely lost, blind with rage but it won’t bring him back. Doyle says it’s a tragedy and Merring says it’s a tragedy that should never have happened and he died in the Boer War that Doyle had defended. Merring tells him to find the girl.

At Korzha’s we see her and Houdini laying naked in bed. He says that was unexpected. She tells him he seems peaceful and he says “I suppose”. She says a peaceful mind is an open mind and he says not that peaceful. She says she hopes he doesn’t feel as if she is taking advantage and Houdini says of course not. Then it clicks and he asks her to clarify about her taking advantage of him. She says she is a passionate woman, its in her blood, she has urges and acts on them. She leaves the bed.

Back at the police station Houdini enters and Stratton asks what did he find. Doyle notices his ruffled shirt, flecks of eye make up, hair messed up and says he knows what he has found.  Stratton questions why he is allowed to spend time with the opposite sex but his mother is not. Houdini says it was only a one-time thing. Stratton starts to say if his mother want to have a one-time thing but Houdini interrupts and says its not about his mother and that its about the case. He shows them her passport.  Doyle says you stole her passport but Houdini says he prefers the term lifted. Doyle says to be clear, Houdini thought Korzha a kidnapper so he went to bed with her. Houdini says it was a sacrifice he had to make. He goes on to say The first girl was taken on the fourth and Korzha cleared customs on the sixth. Doyle asks doesn’t it prove it wasn’t Korzha? Houdini says it is possible Henri did the dirty work, then he realizes he just admitted it wasn’t Korzha and says not being in the same country is a solid alibi. Stratton says the alibi might not be solid and that the passport is fake.

The trio takes to the streets and to a sort of apartment complex. Stratton knocks on the door and a man answers. He lets them in and Stratton asks what he knows about the passport. She passes him some money to bribe him but he says no, give us a tenner. Stratton says she don’t have ten pounds and he says then he doesn’t know anything. Doyle asks what if she arrests him to which the man says she isn’t going to arrest him laughing. Stratton says “Fip” is trying to help and they don’t arrest people for that. The man says that’s right and he bets the Great Houdini’s got ten quid, he’s always flashing his cash. Doyle laughs and tells Houdini to play the man. Houdini goes to check for his pocket for his wallet but realizing its gone saying “she’s good”. Houdini says over to you Arthur, and Doyle passing the man some money asks would he take a give.



Walking down the road again Stratton says Edith Pilkie is the real name of the psychic and she is from Croydon. She says her alibi is completely gone. Doyle says just because she was there doesn’t mean she did it. Houdini says that she is a fraud, she is literally not who she says she is. He notices boys and girls skipping rope and playing games in the street. Doyle says she changed her name for effect and its not a crime and calls him Erik. Houdini stops walking and stares off as if thinking. He says “the ropes” and runs off. Doyle and Stratton look at each other confused, and Houdini shouts “the ropes” again, this time much further away.

At the police station Doyle is sitting down at a desk, Stratton is standing over him and Houdini is explaining “the ropes” to them. He starts laying out pictures if the crime scenes on the desk. He says the first kidnapper a year ago used simple notes, showing him photographs of the girl. Houdini says she almost untied one of them. The second kidnapper was much more intricate and however tied them was an expert and a criminal. Stratton says this proves that Emily Pearce and Julia Hargreaves kidnappings were not committed by the same person. Houdini says that is how Korzha and Henri switched places. He says Henri used a Kellar Rope Tie, positioning himself exactly how he wanted when Doyle tied him up. He says that’s how he was able to switch place so fast and only a couple of rope experts would know how to pull it off. Stratton questions if they are looking for a rope expert and Doyle confirms they are but not Korzha.

The trio are walking down the road again and they come to an apartment. Stratton knocks and Mr. Pearce answers. He wonders if they had found the kidnapper and Houdini notices cuts on his arm. Stratton says they are working hard but they need his help. He questions why they would need his help but they barge into his apartment. He wonders why they are bothering him if there is a madman out there.  Once in his dining room, Doyle tells him he can only imagine what it is like to lose a child. He goes on to explain that when Julia Hargreaves he was worried she might identify him. Doyle says Mr. Pearce came to Scotland Yard, not to check on a kidnapper but to make sure he wasn’t a suspect. Julia Hargreaves couldn’t see his face but knew her attacker was a man with a beard so he shaved it off. We see a flash back of Doyle looking through the evidence files and a picture of Pearce (with a beard) and his daughter. Doyle goes on to say it was a gamble because it could have made him a suspect but could have hidden the scratch on his face. Doyle reaches to touch it but Pearce slaps his hand away. Doyle continues to hold him by the wrist. Doyle explains that it could have passed as a shaving cut but it is where Julia Hargreaves had scratched him. Doyle says Pearce got rid of the mask and tools but couldn’t get rid of the scratch. Doyle says Pearce had recreated the circumstances of your daughter’s tragedy, but he also added a message in his own blood. Doyle points out scratches on Pearce’s arm. Doyle says when he bound Julia’s wrists, he used knots that could only be tied by a rope expert, a docker. We hear voice mumbling from a cupboard. As Houdini goes to check, Doyle asks Pearce what his message meant and what he meant by “No Innocence”. Houdini breaks open the cupboard and we see Korzha tied up inside. Doyle unties her mouth and she says the spirits sent her and they are never wrong. Pearce pulls a gun from his pocket and holds them all at gunpoint. He says there is no innocents left in the world, it’s done, just like his little girl. Stratton tells him its not too late. Pearce says his girl was only 8, nobody cared, the police didn’t find who did it and everybody had forgotten it. Pearce explains by doing this, he got people thinking about her again. Stratton tells him they need to know the location of Helena Wood. She says putting your pain on someone else is not the answer and she understands what he is going through. She says she had lost her husband, to which Houdini and Doyle look at each other. She says she loved him more than life. Stratton says losing him nearly destroyed her. She tells him he has to fight not to lose her soul. Pearce says its too late for that and takes aim at Stratton, Doyle pushes the gun away and Houdini tackles him from behind. There is a gunshot and screaming. Doyle calls for Stratton and finds a splatter of blood over her. Houdini rolls Pearce over and finds him shot, bleeding, and dead. Stratton says it is not her blood and it belongs to Pearce.

Still in Pearce’s apartment Houdini says the girl could be anywhere and there are a million ways to drown a person. Stratton asks Korzha to help because she has been right about everything so far, and begs for her help. Houdini is a skeptical. Doyle says if Korzha hadn’t lead the police to the girl she would have drowned in the sewer just like Pearce’s daughter drowned in a water tank.  Stratton says Scotland Yard checked the tank in Shoreditch and it was empty. She says Gudgett’s had police all over the sewers and turned off half the water in London. They haven’t found anything but she says there must be a common denominator. Korzha is looking out the window and says she sees water. Houdini says brilliant our killer’s M.O. is drowning and she sees water. Korzha says the water is rising. Stratton says the water literally rose around Pearce’s daughter in the tank. She goes on to say Julia Hargreaves would’ve died in the sewer by water rising. Doyle wonders where could Pearce have placed Helena Wood so the water would drown her? Stratton says the tides. Houdini wonders what the name of the company that Pearce worked for.

A group of police on foot are seen storming into the Jennings’s Shipping Co. yard. Our trio split from the police and search as well. Stratton notices blood on one of the walkways and calls for Houdini. They look up and see another “No Innocence” sign on a wall. Again marked with blood. They follow the blood trail and it leads over the side of the dock. They look down and see a girl tied to one of the support beams of the dock and the water is rising. Stratton says they need a knife but Stratton dives in, head first. He swims to the girl and tells her she will be fine. He goes underwater, uniting her wrists, and ankles. The water is rising fast and Houdini tells her to hold her breath as long as she can. Stratton tells her to be brave. After sometime under water, Stratton calls for Harry. By this time a large crowd is gathered above waiting for Harry and the girl to rise up out of the water. They finally rise and he swims to the ladder with her. She is limp and lifeless. The men fathered above lay her on the ground and Doyle says she is not breathing. Houdini starts to perform CPR. Everyone is watching in suspense. She finally gasps and coughs up water. Houdini turns towards Stratton and says “I work with water a lot.”

A police man can be seen carrying the girl to get medical help. Merring is seen meeting with our trio. He says we let him down. Houdini questions if he is talking about the insane kidnapper. Merring says his child’s killer is still out there and wonders how he could not go mad. Stratton asks if he would like to meet the girl and he says thank you and leaves. Korzha says they owe the spirits their gratitude. Doyle says she only has powers of detection. He goes on to say she solves crimes by following the clues. He says someone she discovered the doll factory and gloves which smelled like sewage leading her to the girl. Doyle says that Sherlock Holmes wasn’t entertainment for her, the stories were her textbooks. He says through bribery or other means she used the same photographs that they were using. Using her knowledge of ropes analyzed the knots and deduced Pearce was the culprit. He says she went to his house, searching for a clue as to where he’d taken Helena, but he came home and surprised her. Doyel pulls a photograph from his pocket, saying there is a distinct set of finger prints on the photographs and it’s a perfect match for…Houdini interrupts and says “Edith Pilkie”. Korzha mysteriously switches from French to an English accent. She says Doyle would have been proud. She had found boot prints near Julia’s school. There was a set of small prints, joined by a set of big prints and it led her to the factory. She smelled the gloves and found a manwhole. She couldn’t open it without help so she went to the police. She says she can’t believe Doyle matched her prints. Doyle says he didn’t as it would have been painstaking. Korzha says brilliant. Houdini says he figured out the rope thing and Korzha tells him he is more than just a pretty face. Doyle says he wanted to believe in her and she says she admits she can’t contact the dead. That’s not saying they aren’t out there, she hss seen and felt things, maybe they’re trying to get through. She tells him what he felt was real. He wants to know why she sad Stratton would be dead by midnight. He wants to know whether she believed she was in danger or just trying to distract us. Korzha takes a piece of paper and writes on it. Passing the paper to Doyle she says “the facts might be met speciously enough.” He looks at the sheet and it says “Prove 29-11141”. Korzha kisses Houdini, gives him back his wallet and starts to leave. Doyle calls her back and says how did she know his wife’s nickname. She says it just came to her.

Back at Houdni’s hotel room, his mother is home and taking off her necklace. He gives her a kiss and she says she had seen him at the restaurant. She questions the fact that he doesn’t want her to see the man. He says he didn’t. He explains that she is all he has and he needs her but he is okay. She has her permission and blessing; he won’t stand in her way. He just asks her not to forget about him.   She says she broke up with him and says they have each other and they don’t need anyone else.

At Doyle’s Mary is sleeping in her bed with “The Memories of Sherlock Holmes” on top of her. Doyle says sorry he woke her. She passes him the book and he says ‘The Adventure of the Stockbroker’s Clerk’. Good choice. He starts to read. Mary falls back to sleep and he starts to get up. Suddenly he has an idea. He says “twisted lip” and starts turning pages in his book. He repeats what Korzha had said “The facts might be met speciously enough” and focuses on the line in the book. He looks at the clock and leaves the room.

At the police station, Stratton is sitting at her desk.

Elsewhere Houdini and Doyle are looking through records. Doyle tells Houdini that when when Korzha said Adelaide would be “no more”, she was trying to tell them something. Houdini questions whether they had to prove something? Doyle says no but PRO stands for Public Records Office. They are standing at the VE section and Houdini asks about he quote. He says it is from ‘The Man with the Twisted Lip’, a Holmes story. and Houdini wonders why it took him so long to figure out his own quote. Doyle says he bets Houdini remembers every line he has used in every performance and Houdini says he does. Houdini also wonders what’s special about that story. Doyle says its about a person with a false identity. Suspenseful and dramatic music starts playing as we zoom in on a photograph or a family. Doyle says Adelaide Stratton is not actually Adelaide Stratton. Houdini says she’s Penelope Graves. The clock starts chiming signaling its midnight. Stratton is still sitting at her desk. Cue end credits!

The plot thickens...

The plot thickens…

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