Episode 3 – “In Manus Dei”

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Info & Summary

Episode Title:In Manus Dei
Original Air Date:May 16, 2016 (Canada/USA) | March 24, 2016 (UK)
IMDb Link: Click here
Written by:Melissa R. Byer & Treena Hancock
Text Preview:

At a public display by a faith healer, a heckler in the crowd is mysteriously struck down. Houdini and Doyle investigate if the healer is channelling the power of God as he claims, and if so can he help Doyle’s dying wife?

Title Explanation:

In Manus Dei is latin for In God’s Hands. Very fitting with this episode as there are many battles with faith, and even Houdini himself is at one point, in God’s hands.

DVD Chapters:In Manus Dei, Quackery, Faith, Toxic Gas, Seizure, Evidence
Intro Length:3:01
Themes:Faith | Revenge | Science vs. Religion | The Struggle Within
Short Summary:

Episode 3 brings us on an adventure involving a faith healer. The faith healer is traveling around England, holding faith healer rituals, and being praised by his supporters. However, those that speak against him are swiftly brought to death. As our trio investigate while also struggling with personal issues involving their faith. Houdini is one of those that speaks against him and he becomes sick, Doyle’s wife awakens after being visited by the faith healer, and Stratton again is caught somewhere in the middle. As it turns out the faith healer does believe in himself but unbeknownst to him, he is working as his sister’s puppet. His sister makes him believe he is powerful, while killing those that speak against him, leaving him to think he is a messenger of God. In the end, the sister is arrested, Houdini is cured and Doyle’s wife slips back into a coma.

Detailed Recap: Episode 3 begins inside a large tent pitched on a field. Inside a man named Elias Downey is preaching, and he says that The Bible teaches all things are possible to those that believe. Elias asks the congregation if they believe...Read more.
Character Appearances:

Harry Houdini | Arthur Conan Doyle | Adelaide Stratton | Sergeant George Gudgett | Inspector Merring | Kingsley Doyle | Mary Doyle | Florrie | Cecilia Weiss | Elias Downey | Jane Downey | Mrs. Anne Batch | Fred Batch

Ratings & Review


This episode was probably the most powerful yet. Not only did it carry an interesting and "twisty" plot but it also included strong emotional scenes for Doyle. Previous episodes let us know Touie was in a coma but this episode made us feel it. Houdini, not unlike Doyle, had his own struggle. While Doyle's was mental, Houdini's was very very physical. The makeup effects as the scenes go by were amazing. Houdini actually looked very unwell in almost every scene after the 10 minute mark, progressively getting worse. I know I say this every week but this episode was better than the last, and my favorite to date!

Viewer Statistics:

According to TVBTN Fox pulled a rating share of 0.6/2 for the 18-49 demographic, with an estimated 2.47 million viewers. [USA].


E03.A01Jane DowneyThe murder of Fred Batch and possibly 3 others before him.40:57


Ep#.Bet#Amount Wagered ($USD)Amount Wagered (£BP)FromToActivityWinnerTimestamp


E03.C0110:16A.M.After Arthur's dream / before Scotland Yard scene.Clock tower / Big Ben4:49
E03.C0112:29P.M.After Doyle and Houdini meet in hospital and before Houdini meets up with Stratton.Clock tower / Big Ben18:04
E03.C013:55P.M.After Houdini's mother looks after him / Before Doyle and Stratton walk through the halls of the police station. Clock tower / Big Ben37:06


Coming soon...
--- = unknown because of camera angle or covered.

Small changes not listed. For example, if a character adds a hat later in the episode but it's the same costume it will only be listed on a single row.


E01.D01Fred BatchChoking to death during faith healers gathering. However, cause of death due to his Mrs. Downey poisoning him via a drink before the gathering started.2:59

Food & Drink

E03.F01---WaterDoyleAfter being poisoned. 22:37
E03.F02Chicken Soup---HoudiniWhile he was sick in bed, his mother fed him.36:16
E03.F03---Unknown (although it looks like lemonade)Fred BatchDrinking the poisonous drink before faith healer gathering.38:59

Medical Conditions

E03.MC01Pneumonia During intro when Downey is explaining he cured his sister. Also during the end scene when Downey tells Stratton & Doyle he cured her.0:30
E03.MC02The French GoutDuring Houdini's conversation in Merring's office.5:23
E03.MC03CancerOne of the symptoms that Downey has cured.5:43
E03.MC04Blindness One of the symptoms that Downey has cured.5:43
E03.MC05LamenessDowney confirms he had done the miracle during the end scene.38:39
E03.MC06FluMrs. Batch said Fred had a mild case of the flu.6:32
E03.MC07Food poisoningHarry says its only food poisoning when he starts to vomit. Also during conversation between Stratton and Houdini's doctor.12:52
E03.MC08RashWhen Doyle is having a preliminary look at Batch at the funeral. Also, when Doyle is explaining why the rash was on Batch's chest.8:30
E03.MC09Dengue FeverDoyle mentions Batch could have had it.8:37
E03.MC10TumorHoudini removes a "tumor" from an audience member at the gathering.11:53
E03.MC11TuberculosisHoudini says several TB patients were cured by the technique that the doctor had tried.19:23
E03.MC12BoilsWhen Doyle lifts Houdini's shirt. Also when the doctor is explaining he had drained them.19:56
E03.MC13Hidradenitis SuppurativaHoudini's condition of clogged sweat glands.22:10
E03.MC14FeverDoyle talking with Houdini in hospital bed.29:34
SeizureDoyle talking with Houdini in hospital bed.29:35
E03.MC16Broken bonesDoyle talking with Houdini in hospital bed.30:01
E03.MC17PsoriasisWhen Doyle & Stratton are accusing Jane Downey.37:49


E03.N01Local Man Struck Down by God"Local Man Struck Down by God"4:53

Sherlock References

Ep#.Ref.#DescriptionNotes"Sherlock" Name DropTimestamp
E03.SR01As Doyle is praying to God to heal Touie, he says "Or that I killed Holmes."114:47
E03.SR02Stratton tells Doyle "Some constables actually embrace the methods of Sherlock Holmes."137:21

Smoking Attempts



Ep#.Song#DescriptionBandSong TitleTimestamp
E03.ST01While Arthur is praying. Foreign Fields"Subtle Weight"13:58
E03.ST02When Arthur finds that Touie has slipped back into a coma.The Gospel HarmonettesTell Him What You Want (Jesus On The Mainline)42:40

Support For The Supernatural

---"Cures" were because of a placebo effect.---



Houdini's Tricks

E03.TR01Making Merring's handkerchief disappear/reappear in his office. Sleight of Hand5:05
E03.TR02Removes "tumor" from man at faith healer's gathering.Sleight of Hand11:35



In the British/ITV version, there is an extra scene inside the hospital where Touie is staying. Both Arthur and Touie are playing cards, and she is beating him badly. The doctor interrupts to check her lungs which is where the American version picks up.


Doyle's cribbage hand: two runs of 4 and a pair, for 10 . He misses 15-2, 15-4 which goes to his wife for the win. [ITV version only]


Doyle's meal suggestion: Chateaubriand and roasted potatoes. Chateaubriand is a specific cut/type of beef. [ITV version only]


The name of the institute where Touie is being cared for is called "Brompton Sanatorium".


First episode that alludes to Adelaide's home/family life.


Doyle gets sad while Touie is talking about what dress to wear. This is because he had a dream she was wearing the black dress and secondly he was packing her clothes away at the beginning of the episode.


Houdini suffers from “hidradenitis suppurativa” or clogged sweat glands.


During the live tweet event, Josh Brandon tweeted that the lady playing Touie Doyle is Louise Delamere and is Stephen Mangan's real wife. [Source]


Houdini's Michael Weston actually had food poisoning during on of the scenes. [Source]


During the failed water torture scene, a stunt man had to be taken to hospital. [Source]

E03.TR11The song that is featured while Doyle is praying for Touie is Subtle Weight by Foreign Fields. [Source]13:58


E03.V01Houdini slaps Doyle to wake him.Hands22:19
E03.V02Houdini slaps Doyle to wake him.Hands22:21
E03.V03Houdini slaps Doyle to wake him.Hands22:26
E03.V04Doyle slaps Houdini to wake him.Hands29:23
E03.V05Doyle slaps Houdini to wake him.Hands29:28

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