Episode 2 – “A Dish of Adharma”

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Info & Summary

Episode Title:A Dish of Adharma
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Original Air Date:May 9, 2016 (Canada/USA) | March 17, 2016 (UK)
Written by:David Hoselton
Text Preview:

A 12-year-old boy shoots a prominent suffragette, claiming he is avenging his own murder – in a past life. Houdini, Doyle and Adelaide investigate.

Title Explanation:

Anything which is working contrary to the laws of existence is adharma. A dish in this case means a serving. Therefore the title alludes to the fact that Houdini & Doyle are dealing with something that is contrary to the laws of existence (i.e. Martin Upton being reincarnated).

DVD Chapters:A Dish of Adharma, Soul Factory, Inscription, A Pariah, Truant, Not Expecting You
Intro Length:1:26
Themes:Gender Inequality | Revenge | Secrets | Past Lives | Cheating
Short Summary:

Episode 2 takes us on an adventure of reincarnation and deals with issues plaguing our three heroes. A young boy identified as Martin Upton attempts to kill a women’s right activist named Lydia Belworth. When the assassination goes wrong, we find that Martin is accusing Lydia of killing him 10 years ago, and claiming to be reincarnated. Houdini, Doyle and Stratton investigate the strange case and slowly dig up clues. Martin, a past life, was a professional painter and womanizer. He was married to a woman named Beatrice but had multiple affairs. One of his affairs was with Lydia Belworth. Lydia told Martin she was pregnant and asked him to marry her, but he laughed in her face. She killed Martin, giving birth to the child months later and thinking it had died during childbirth. What actually happened was that her mother told Lydia the baby had died and gave it up for adoption. When the boy (now known as Peter) grew up, he learned about his mother Lydia killing his father (Martin). He became obsessed with this knowledge, and without knowing it, took on the person of Martin Upton to get revenge. Lydia finding out that Peter is actually her son, drops all charges and goes to jail while Peter goes to live with his adoptive parents.

Detailed Recap:Episode 2 opens with a young boy having a dream. He sees the gates to a building, a revolver being fired as well as his own body being thrown into a hole and starting to be buried. The boy wakes up sweating and frightened...Read more.
Character Appearances:

Harry Houdini | Arthur Conan Doyle | Adelaide Stratton | Sergeant George Gudgett | Inspector Merring | Mary Doyle | Kingsley Doyle | Lydia Belworth | Peter Bennett | Frank & Clara Bennett | Beatrice Upton | Margery Maguire

Ratings & Review


This was a great episode filled with plenty of twists and turns. The logic made more sense than the first episode and it was somewhat darker, making the villain a child. It was also nice to see the deeper sides of the characters. Houdini is battling with some father issues, and Doyle is battling with raising the children while is wife is in a coma. Stratton, not being left out, is also battling with gender inequality issues and in a way all the character’s balance each other out. That being said, the battle of gender equality is a huge issue through this episode. Getting to know the characters better, and giving them depth really shines in this episode. It wasn't the perfect episode but it was well above average. If you had trouble getting into series after the first episode, I would definitely give this one a chance.

Viewer Statistics:

According to TVBTN Fox pulled a rating share of 0.6/2 for the 18-49 demographic, with an estimated 2.36 million viewers. [USA]


E02.A01Peter BennettShooting Lydia Belworth in the arm. He is later released. 6:58
E02.A02Lydia BelworthThe murder of Peter Upton and attempted murder of Margery Maguire.37:35


Ep#.Bet#Amount Wagered ($USD)Amount Wagered (£BP)FromToActivityWinnerTimestamp
E02.B01£20 BPDoyleHoudini

Houdini can't get Stratton to go to dinner with him.



E02.C0112:29P.M.After Stratton questions Peter/Martin.Clock tower / Big Ben8:05
E02.C028:50A.M.Houdini searches Peter Bennett's house/room.Mantle in front of mirror. 30:12
E02.C039:13P.M.Right before Houdini talks with Stratton about Lydia's husbands. Clock tower / Big Ben32:16
E02.C049:34P.M.Inside Stratton's office when Houdini is talking to her about Lydia Belworth.Wall34:06
E02.C0511:33*P.M.Just before Doyle finds where Peter/Martin is hiding.
*hard to judge due to distance from camera
Clock tower / Big Ben37:37


Coming soon...
--- = unknown because of camera angle or covered.

Small changes not listed. For example, if a character adds a hat later in the episode but it's the same costume it will only be listed on a single row.



Food & Drink

E02.F01---MilkHoudiniHaving dinner with Stratton.43:11
E02.F02Unknown---HoudiniHaving dinner with Stratton.42:10
E02.F03---Beer/aleStrattonHaving dinner with Houdini.42:13
E02.F04Unknown---StrattonHaving dinner with Houdini.41:32

Medical Conditions

E02.MC01 TuberculosisDoyle mentions his wife has been unresponsive for 6 months.28:34


E02.N01Boy Avenges Past Life Murder"Boy Avenges Past Life Murder"2:58

Sherlock References

Ep#.Ref#DescriptionNotes"Sherlock" Name DropTimestamp
E02.SR01Houdini: Childlike.
Doyle: I prefer "Elementary".

Smoking Attempts



Ep#.Song#DescriptionBandSong TitleTimestamp
E02.ST01As Houdini is picking the lock on the safe.The Soft MoonBlack31:13

Support For The Supernatural

E02.S01The boy's birthmark/gunshot wound [pointed out by Doyle]39:39
E02.S02How the boy knew about the burial site [pointed out by Stratton]39:43


E02.TRA01SubwayLydia Belworth's Office---21:53
E02.TRA02Horse & CarriageScotland YardFrank & Clara Bennett's27:32

Houdini's Tricks

E02.T01Escaping police handcuffs with arms behind his back. This is when Doyle is searching the records.Handcuffs5:34
E02.T02Smoothly unlocks the boys handcuffs when he is cuffed to the railing.Handcuffs21:41
E02.T03Picking the lock of Lydia's safe.Locks31:46
E02.T04Pieces of paper during the truth-trade game.Other41:41



Martin Upton lived in Apartment #3.


The first scene that Michael Weston had shot was the train scene in which Houdini tells Stratton he loves his father. Michael Weston provided this information via a live-tweet during the episode.


Margery Maguire lives in Apartment #2.


Other notes Houdini had in his pocket: "losing family", "losing a child", "spiders".


This episode contains a strong theme of gender inequality. We see this when Lydia says that it would be okay for a man to have many women but for a woman to have many men it's different. Secondly, when Doyle is explaining to his daughter why she has to learn midwifery. Finally, Stratton's logic for being an interrogator. She says if she fails she is a bad interrogator, if she is successful it is because she is a woman.


As @imatoysruskid pointed out during a live tweet of the show, Doyle says his wife has been unresponsive/in a coma for 6 months. However, the time difference between when we had first seen her in a coma in Episode 1 and now is 3 years. Update (May 15, 2016): As confirmed by Joshua Brandon on twitter [screenshot], the 1904 newspaper was a mistake and the entire series takes place in 1901.


Truth Trade Questions

E02.TT01HoudiniStrattonAre you a virgin?No11:41
E02.TT02StrattonHoudiniWhy did Houdini choose to ask her something embarrassing instead of something meaningful?He wanted to see her reaction.11:52
E02.TT03HoudiniStrattonWomen, from his experience, work for three reasons - broke, can’t land a husband, or is desperate. What is she trying to prove? She is trying to prove that women have nothing to prove.22:40
E02.TT04StrattonHoudiniHoudini is unhappy. What exactly did his father do to him? Nothing, he loves his father very much.23:19
E02.TT05HoudiniStrattonWhat is your biggest fear?Being unloved.33:07
E02.TT06StrattonHoudiniWhat is your biggest fear?Being unloved.33:07
E02.TT07HoudiniStrattonWould Stratton join him for dinner?Yes.40:10


E02.V01Peter Bennett shoots Lydia Belworth in the arm.Revolver1:17
E02.V02Lydia Belworth shoots Houdini in the back 3 times.Revolver35:42

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