Episode 10 – “The Pall of LaPier”

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Info & Summary

Episode #10
Episode Title:The Pall of LaPier
Original Air Date:July 4, 2016 (Canada/USA) | May 12, 2016 (UK)
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Written by:David Hoselton
Text Preview:The trio investigate a small town where almost everyone died simultaneously with no visible cause. However Adelaide is distracted by the revelation that her husband faked his death, while Houdini continues to see his mother’s ghost, and fears he is going mad.
Title Explanation:A pall is "a dark cloud or covering of smoke, dust, or similar matter" while LaPier is the name of the Canadian town. As Doyle, Stratton and Houdini learn, the cause of the deaths in LaPier was a cloud of carbon dioxide.
Intro Length:2:25
Themes:Religion | Fear | Love | Deception | Betrayal | Forgiveness | Friendship
Short Summary:In Episode 10 our trio investigate the mass deaths of 47 people in LaPier, Ontario. When they arrive they can find no sign of struggle and the people are positioned as if they were going about their lives with no knowledge they would die. They find a priest and a young girl who survived, but there is no indication as to why they survived. They also find an Indian man named Walt who is from a neighbouring town. They stay with Walt for a night, trying to figure out what happened and if Walt has some responsibility for what happened. Eventually they figure out it was carbon dioxide poisoning and they only reason why the priest survived is because he was at a higher altitude. The young girl survived because of her kidney disease which broke down the C02 and allowed her to live. The trio also find that Adelaide’s husband is going to assassinated the president and travels to intercept him. Houdini saves the president but Doyle is shot. Stratton is forced to shoot her husband Benjamin. After some moments of unconsciousness and conversing with “Sherlock Holmes” again, Doyle lives. Benjamin is not so lucky. The series ends with Houdini in a lounge deck chair with his mother laying beside him. Houdini is not dreaming and it is suggested that he is going crazy. Perhaps his way of grieving.
Detailed Recap:Episode 10 begins with a priest sitting inside a church, on some stairs. The priest is asleep and suddenly wakes to check his pocket watch. He reacts if he is late and rushes down the stairs. He enters the back entrance to a church and pulls a string to ring a bell. He walks through the church to the front door and swings it open. There is nobody outside and he looks at his pocket watch again. It is 7:00. He places his...Read more.
Character Appearances:Houdini | Doyle | Stratton | Benjamin Graves | Walt | Reverend Farley| Cecilia Weiss

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Viewer Statistics:

According to TVBTN Fox pulled a rating share of 0.4/2 for the 18-49 demographic, with an estimated 1.69 million viewers overall.




Ep#.Bet#Amount Wagered ($USD)Amount Wagered (£BP)FromToActivityWinnerTimestamp


E10.C017:00P.M.Reverend checks his pocket watch.Pocket Watch0:50
E10.C026:57P.M.Houdini & Doyle searching Dr. Millet's house.Dr. Millet's pocket watch9:44
E10.C037:47P.M.When Houdini & Doyle arrive at hotel.Clock in Hotel Lobby 32:33


E10.CL01DoylePlaid Plaid jacket, Dark grey overcoat w/ green collarWhiteOrangeBrown/OrangeLight BrownGrey w/ Brown Brim
E10.CL02Houdini---Blue, Grey overcoat w/ white collarWhite w/ blue stripesBlueGreen/Blue/Teal PatternLight BrownNone
E10.CL03StrattonBrown DressBrown overcoatWhite w/ red stripes NoneBrownLight BrownGrey w/ Black Feathers
E10.CL04StrattonPink Dress w/ dark stripes & flower printNoneNoneNoneNone---None
E10.CL05Doyle---Dark GreenWhiteDark BrownGreen---None
E10.CL06StrattonOff-white robe w/ flower printBlackWhiteBrownBrown---None
E10.CL07StrattonWhite nightgownNoneNoneNoneNone---None
E10.CL08Stratton---Black and white tweed overcoatWhite---None---Teal w/ black ribbon and white feathers
E10.CL09HoudiniBlackBlack with grey/white pinstripesWhite---Gold---None
E10.CL10DoyleGreen plaid w/ brown overcoatGreen plaidWhiteGreyBrown---Dark grey w/ brown brim
E10.CL11StrattonBlue striped skirt/dressBlack and white tweed overcoatWhite with blue floral printNoneBrown---Teal w/ black ribbon and white feathers
E10.CL12DoyleTaupe TaupeWhite w/ grey stripesTaupeBlack and gold floral printLight BrownNone
E10.CL13HoudiniNavy blueNavy blueWhiteOrange/peachDark red/orangeLight BrownNone
E10.CL14StrattonBlack and taupe dressNoneNoneNoneNone---None
E10.CL14HoudiniBlack tuxedo Black tuxedo WhiteWhiteWhite bow-tie BlackNone
E10.CL14DoyleBlack tuxedo Black tuxedo WhiteWhiteWhite bow-tie BlackBlack
--- = unknown because of camera angle or covered.

Small changes not listed. For example, if a character adds a hat later in the episode but it's the same costume it will only be listed on a single row.


E10.D01Galen LaPierCarbon dioxide poisoning.1:09
E10.D02Mrs. LaPierCarbon dioxide poisoning.1:21
E10.D03Unknown womanCarbon dioxide poisoning.1:38
E10.D04Unknown manCarbon dioxide poisoning.1:39
E10.D05Unknown womanCarbon dioxide poisoning.1:43
E10.D06Dr. MilletCarbon dioxide poisoning.2:02
E10.D07 - E10.D093 unknown womenCarbon dioxide poisoning.2:13
E10.D10 - E10.D134 unknown menCarbon dioxide poisoning.2:13
E10.D14 - E10.D2410 bodies, unknown sexes laying in road, grass, etc...Carbon dioxide poisoning.2:13
E10.D251 childCarbon dioxide poisoning.7:05
E10.D26Greg LaughlawCarbon dioxide poisoning. *death certificate seen when Doyle is browsing papers.22:26
E10.D27 - E10.D46Doyle mentions 47 deaths in total, but Libby recovers.Carbon dioxide poisoning.5:10
E10.D47Unknown male. Body found upriver of LaPier.Carbon dioxide poisoning.21:35
E10.D48Unknown female. Body found upriver of LaPier.Carbon dioxide poisoning.21:35
E10.D49Unknown child. Body found upriver of LaPier.Carbon dioxide poisoning.21:35
E10.D50Benjamin GravesShot by Stratton.37:34

Food & Drink

E10.F01---WaterWaltInside cabin.16:45
E10.F02---Walt's mix.HoudiniInside cabin.18:13
E10.F03---UnknownHoudiniSitting around the fire with Walt discussing the afterlife.31:41

Medical Conditions

E10.MC01 The PlagueBazay mentions it.5:46
E10.MC02InfluenzaFarley mentions they town had feared it.8:24
E10.MC03Russian InfluenzaDoyle mentions it had killed a million people.8:45
E10.MC04Addison's DiseaseDoyle says Libby has Addison's disease which is a kidney ailment.12:12
E10.MC05Broken LegDoyle says a 26 year old man had a broken leg.22:25
E10.MC06AlkalosisDoyle mentions that is why Libby survived.28:41


E10.N01Walbridge's Hardware StoreWalbridge's Hardware Store20:56
E10.N02McKinley Coming to Pan-Am ExpoMcKinley Coming to Pan-Am Expo32:05
E10.N03President Visits Pan-Am Expo TodayPresident Visits Pan-Am Expo Today32:24

Sherlock References

Ep#.Ref#DescriptionNotes"Sherlock" Name DropTimestamp
E10.SR01Walt: You're Sherlock's father.117:06
E10.SR02Sherlock Holme's visits Doyle while he is bleeding out.038:10
E10.SR03Doyle writes "The Hound of The Hound of the Baskervilles" & "Sherlock Holmes"142:00


Ep#.Song#DescriptionBandSong TitleTimestamp
E10.ST01During book reading montage. Pura Fe"My People My Land"18:37
E10.ST02Stratton looking off the side of the ship.Lo-Fang"Permutations III"39:38

Smoking Attempts


Support For The Supernatural

E10.S01Walt tells Houdini his mother says to say hello to the President as he will be in Buffalo the next day.31:54


E10.TRA01Horse & CarriageToronto, OntarioLaPier, Ontario5:20
E10.TRA02Horse & CarriageLaPier, OntarioWalt's Place13:34
E10.TRA03ShipEuropeNorth America39:38

Houdini's Tricks



E10.TR01Since filming took place in Canada, Rebecca Liddiard was filming clost to home. In fact she goes on to say "At the end I got in a car and drove back to my real actual home sweet home." (Source).---
E10.TR02Josh Brandon said that the President was killed a few days later and it would be addressed if we have a Season 2. (Source)---


E10.V01Benjamin shoots Doyle.Revolver 35:46
E10.V02Stratton shoots Benjamin.Revolver 35:59

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