Episode 1 – “The Maggie’s Redress”

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Info & Summary

Episode Title:The Maggie’s Redress
Original Air Date:May 2, 2016 (Canada/USA) | March 13, 2016 (UK)
IMDb Link: IMDb
Written by:David Hoselton & David Titcher
Text Preview:

Houdini, Doyle and Adelaide investigate when a nun from one of the notorious Magdalene Laundries is murdered. A witness claims that the murderer was a young woman tormented by the nun, but she’s been dead for 6 months.

Title Explanation:

The term “Maggies” comes from the name of the convent laundry business called Magdalene Laundries. The Maggies were girls who committed a past crime, served time in jail and then came to work at the convent. The term redress means a compensation for a wrong. The Maggie’s Redress is referring to Sister Grace/Lucy's ghost getting revenge on the nuns who killed Lucy.

DVD Chapters:The Maggie's Redress, Killer Ghost, Robbery, Busy Little Ghost, Epiphany, Sister Grace
Intro Length:1:38
Themes:Seeing vs. Believing | Religion vs. Science | Secrets | Family | Revenge
Short Summary:

Episode 1 introduces us to our three main characters. Sir Author Conan Doyle, Harry Houdini and Constable Adelaide Stratton. Doyle favors the supernatural side of things while Harry favors science. Houdini has also devoted his life to debunking the likes of mediums, fortune tellers, etc… Constable Stratton is the middle ground between them and she is there to keep them in line. The first case deals with nuns being murdered at a convent. The suspect of these murders is believed to be the ghost of a girl that died over 6 months ago. and her name is Lucy. Houdini and Doyle express interest in solving the case with some resistance from Inspector Merring, their boss. However, Houdini quickly wins him over with a threat to call the head over Scotland Yard if they don’t let them investigate the case. As our trio dig deeper, they find many girls at the convent have noticed seeing Lucy’s spirit and a second murder takes place. In the end, the killer turns out to be Sister Grace, who is a nun at the convent and also Lucy’s biological mother. Sister Grace gave her daughter up for adoption when she was younger. She was surprised one day to see her daughter enter the convent herself, but Lucy did not know Sister Grace was her mother. Lucy was being tortured and tormented by two nuns at the convent (Fabian and Mathilda), eventually soaking her with water and letting her stay out all night long. Lucy caught a cold and died soon-after. Sister Grace thought it appropriate to avenge Lucy’s death, so she killed Sister Fabian and Sister Mathilda. Houdini, Doyle and Stratton solve the case after noticing Sister Grace as the same red hair and also has the same genetic disease that Lucy had. Once the murderer has been found Houdini and Doyle both explain how the sightings occurred. Not long after Lucy had died, a subway station built not far from the convent. As the subway passes, the vibrations has an affect on the fluid on the eyeballs, causing disruptions in peripheral vision. While Houdini is in solitude, we see that he owns the complete collection of Doyle’s work and as much as they argue we can see they respect each other.

Detailed Recap:

The story opens in London, England during the year 1901. A horse-drawn carriage passes by, and we see a convent from the outside. Inside this same building, a nun is walking through the dark hallways, carrying a lantern. The nun notices a reflection... Read more.

Character Appearances:

Harry Houdini | Arthur Conan Doyle | Adelaide Stratton | Sergeant George Gudgett | Inspector Merring | Kingsley Doyle | Mary Doyle | Florrie | Cecilia Weiss | Sister Fabian | Sister Winnie | Sister Mathilda | Sister Grace



This was a great first episode. From the get-go we are immersed into action and adventure, a refreshing start to the Spring/Summer TV schedule. While the episode has its dark storyline, the characters were introduced in a playful way. We have Doyle, the believer in the supernatural teamed up with Houdini who disputes anything that science cannot prove. While both men are headstrong we have Constable Stratton to step in and separate them when their stubborn pride gets in the way. Like our main characters, our supporting characters are also introduced in a way that is not overbearing, they are there at the right times, and their backstory is given when needed. The first case for the trio involves murderers in a convent, with the murderer being the ghost of a nun who has passed over six months ago. While the reasoning could have been a bit more concrete the show does its job well. Even if you didn’t think the story was great, the peaceful conclusion is beautiful. It shows how much Houdini and Doyle respect each other. I have high hopes for this show as this episode was a very strong start.

Viewer Statistics:

According to Allocine.com Fox pulled a rating share of 0.7/2 for the 18-49 demographic, with an estimated 2.62 million viewers. [USA]


E01.A01Sister GraceThe murder of Sister Fabian and Sister Mathilda.40:39


Ep#.Bet#Amount Wagered ($USD)Amount Wagered (£BP)FromToActivityWinnerTimestamp

Betting that Doyle can't prove anything in the case in terms of the supernatural. Doyle puts up a 1st edition of his new book.


To the winner of Whiff-Whaff (Ping Pong).


Betting that the train will arrive at their destination in under 6 minutes.



E01.C014m22s---Houdini's curtain starts to rise.Stage clock3:39
E01.C0210:34A.M.Just before the scene where Houdini meets with Doyle in Merring's office. Clock tower / Big Ben5:10
E01.C0310:02P.M.At the convent when Houdini is explaining the train passes every 17 minutes.Clock in background41:14
E01.C0412:15P.M.Sister Fabian's officeDesk10:46
E01.C050m9s---When Doyle & Stratton visit Houdini.Stage18:50


E01.D01Sister FabianThroat slit by Sister Grace.1:33
E01.D02Sister MathildaThroat slit by Sister Grace.21:50

Food & Drink

E01.F01---UnknownSuspect at pub.Unknown drink as Doyle approaches him.18:19
E01.F02Stage blood---DoyleDoyle tastes the stage blood at Houdini's theatre.20:53
E01.F03---TeaDoyleBreakfast table with children.33:00

Medical Conditions

E01.MC01 Ehler-Danlos SyndromeAs Doyle bends Sister Grace's fingers.34:26


E01.N01Ghost Killer Stalks Convent“Ghost Killer Stalks Convent”4:15
E01.N02Jailbreak! Houdini Outwits Police“Jailbreak! Houdini Outwits Police”6:11

Houdini's Tricks

E01.T01Escape from water torture cell.Water3:43
E01.T02Lock-pick on convent door.Locks11:00
E01.T03Making a glass of water disappear/faking a cough to get Winnie alone.Water12:13
E01.T04Picking the lock on Sister Fabian's box. Locks14:02
E01.T05Creating a fake spirit and leaving fake blood to prove a point with Doyle & Stratton.Other20:24
E01.T06Making Sister Grace believe she sees Lucy. He even mentions his timing had to be perfect.Other40:16
E01.T07Disappearing coin trick to show Stratton that "the eyes only see what the mind lets them."Coins41:30

Sherlock References

Ep#.Ref#DescriptionNotes"Sherlock" Name DropTimestamp
E01.SR01Doyle's book launch party.1 banner, 2 name drops34:29
E01.SR02Merring's office. Houdini: What's Doyle doing here? Please tell me he's doing research on one of his 'Shylock' Holmes books.15:25
E01.SR03As Doyle is waiting in front of the gates at the convent.
Gudgett: "I, for one, am glad the great Sherlock Holmes is dead."
E01.SR04Doyle enters convent.

Gudgett: "Ya popped over to Baker Street, ya saw Sherlock Holmes, ya ..."
E01.SR05Seen on bookends when Houdini is putting away "The Great Boer War"143:50

Smoking Attempts

E01.SA01 HoudiniAt the end of the episode he tries to light his pipe but is distracted by the piano playing outside his door.43:54


Ep#.Song#DescriptionBandSong TitleTimestamp
E01.ST01Gudgett walking through the jail towards Stratton's office. Unknown Unknown 7:40
E01.ST02When our trio first enter Magdalene Laundry and we see the sisters washing clothes. (FOX/Global)Algiers"Blood"9:39

Support For The Supernatural

E01.S01The fortune teller knew the killings were about redress. 30:54
E01.S02Piano playing by itself at the end of the episode.44:02


E01.TRA01SubwayDoyle's HouseMagdalene Laundry / Convent33:48



Houdini's First Words: You are beautiful, Florrie.


Doyle's First Words: Good morning.


Houdini is staying in the Royal Suite at the Metropole Hotel.


Doyle's car can do 14 miles per hour while Houdini's Oldsmobile does 15.


The name of the newly built subway station was the London Bridge Station.


There are small differences between the British ITV airing and the North American Global/Fox airing. For example, the first difference is in the intro of the show. In the British version we see Houdini and Doyle trapped under the grate, almost drowning, then it flashes back to 3 days earlier with the horse and buggy passing the camera. In the Global/Fox airing, it just starts with the horse and buggy passing. A second difference comes during the introduction of Arthur Conan Doyle with his book and publisher. In the ITV/British version, this scene is skipped entirely. Instead Arthur Conan Doyle just appears on screen in Merring's office.



E01.V01Stratton hits the man running away from Arthur. Blackjack / Club18:39
E01.V02Arthur punches Gudgett, knocking him out.Hands30:13
E01.V03Lucy's unwanted haircut.Scissors35:33

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