Cheat Sheet


  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – the famous author and doctor. His wife is currently in a coma and he is left to look after the children.
  • Harry Houdini – the famous magician.
  • Constable Adelaide Stratton – a local Constable on the police force.
  • Inspector Merring – The main boss at the police station.
  • Sergeant Gudgett – a local Sergeant and Merring’s right hand man.


  • Solving strange cases often thought to be supernatural in cause.


  • All of Season 1 is set in 1901.


  • London, England.


  • Arthur Conan Doyle is interested in the supernatural.
  • Harry Houdini has devoted his live to disproving the likes of supernatural beings, mediums, etc…
  • Constable Stratton is used by Inspector Merring to keep a close eye on Houdini and Doyle.
  • Harry threatened Inspector Merring that he would use his celebrity status and call Scotland Yard if he didn’t let them work on the case.


  • using Arthur Conan Doyle’s skills as a doctor.
  • using Harry Houdini’s knowledge of illusion and deception.
  • using  Constable Stratton’s knowledge and power of the law.

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