Arthur Conan Doyle

Basic Info

Current Status:Alive

Portrayed by:Stephen Mangan [IMDb, Twitter]
Family:Touie (Wife)
Mary (Daughter)
Kingsley (Son)
Charles (Father, Deceased)
Episode Appearances:1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10



     Not much is known about Doyle's childhood. We know that his father was mentally unstable and depended on alcohol to "hide" the effects. As he grew older, Doyle studied to be come a doctor and even served aboard the SS Mayumba as a surgeon. Eventually, Doyle stopped practicing medicine to become a writer and created the famous, Sherlock Holmes.
In 1889, Doyle married Touie Doyle and had two children. A boy named Kingsley and a girl, Mary. Touie was recently diagnosed with tuberculosis and Arthur has been left to care for their two children, along with some help from their maid.
Doyle currently works with the police force (along side of Harry Houdini and Adelaide Stratton) due to an interest in the supernatural when the convent murders took place. He has recently released a new book called The Great Boer War. Doyle frequently struggles with Touie being in a coma, which often slips into his unconsciousness and he frequently dreams about her.

Facts:First spoken words: “Good Morning”
Has one-punch knockout power. Seen when he knocks out Sergeant Gudgett in Episode 1.
Doesn’t like fritters, more of a fan of plum pudding.
Brushes with death:

Episode 1 – almost drowned after being tricked by Sister Grace.
Episode 3 – poisonous cyanide gas spraying out of chest when conducting the autopsy.
Episode 5 – In Mitchell Pearce’s house during the struggle. Mitchell Pearce gets shot instead.
Episode 7 – Ergot poisoning, saved by himself.
Episode 8 – Held with a knife to his neck until saved by Bram Stoker.
Episode 9 - Shot in the stomach.

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