Houdini & Doyle

  • They annoy one another.
  • Houdini seems to care about Doyle, asking him about his wife, and giving him advice when everything isn’t okay.

Doyle & Touie

  • Touie is currently in a coma so Doyle is left to look after the children.
  • Doyle loves his wife and misses her dearly.
  • He is often sad at times when thinking about her in a coma.

Doyle & His Children

  • Because his wife is in a coma, he is left to look after two children, Kingsley and Mary.
  • He is a good father figure but sometimes forgets that they are living without a mother.
  • He is somewhat strict when it comes to schooling.
  • Doyle struggles often at trying to keep a stiff upperlip. This behavior is seen transfered to Kingsley when he tries to be manly and says he is not scared.

Doyle & Stratton

  • Doyle respects Stratton and her job.
  • Maybe times Doyle will try to protect her from how Houdini is treating her but she doesn’t need it, she is strong and many times he forgets.
  • Strictly a business/work relationship, nothing more.

Houdini & His Mother

  • Houdini cares for his mother.
  • Now that he is famous, he can provide a luxiourious lifestyle for her.
  • His mother is always there to look after him, specifically caring for him in bed during episode 3.

Houdini & Stratton

  • Houdini flirts frequently with Stratton but she seems unsure.
  • Stratton has gone to dinner with Houdini but any attempts at more she shuts down.
  • Houdini is confused about how Stratton feels about him.


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