Harry Houdini

Basic Info

Current Status:Alive


Portrayed by:Michael Weston [IMDb | Twitter | Instagram]
Family:Cecilia Weiss (Mother), Unknown Father (deceased)
Episode Appearances:1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10



     Houdini was born Eric Weiss and adopted the stage name much later in life. He lived in Budapest until he was four, and then immigrated to America with his parents. During his early life, Weiss was the victim of bigotry and had many negative experiences from within the American society. For example, when he was nine, he traveled to a vegetable store with his father. The shopkeeper didn’t want to serve “their kind” so Weiss, wanting to teach the storekeeper a lesson, tried to steal the vegetables since the shopkeeper wouldn’t let them pay. The shopkeeper called the cops and Houdini was arrested. As he tells Stratton, that was the first time he has ever had handcuffs placed on him. When he returned home, his Mother gave him advice saying "don't let anyone put you in chains". He says he took the advice, and nobody ever put him in chains ever since, only by his own choice. Later that evening Weiss threw a brick through the shopkeeper’s window and took all the vegetables he could carry.
     As he grew older he worked on his magic and eventually started touring with a circus. He worked as a physic, and is responsible for the death of a single mother. The woman came to him and asked Houdini to contact her husband. He told her he was singing the first song from their wedding and said he would never let go. Things started to go bad and the woman neglecting her children, and refused to move on, because she knew her husband was still there. A month later, she killed herself so that she would be with him. Houdini still carries the guilt to this day.
     Houdini is now working as a famous magician. He hires multiple stage hands and throws lavish parties. Besides being a magician he has dedicated his life to fighting against psychics, and mediums, feeling that they are preying on grieving individuals. Houdini also dedicates much of his time working with Arthur Conan Doyle and Constable Adelaide Stratton, tackling supernatural and other explainable events. When not focused on the investigation, he likes to flirt with Stratton, but she rarely reciprocates. Houdini's father has been gone for some quite some time and he lives in a suite in the Metropole Hotel with his mother. He is very protective of his mother and tries to watch out for her, sadly she dies during Episode 8.

Facts:First spoken words: "You are beautiful, Florrie."
Can pick almost any lock with the help of a paper clip and penny.
Can escape handcuffs easily.
Interested in Stratton's past life and continuously tries to find out more information.
Brushes with death:

Episode 1 - almost drowned after being tricked by Sister Grace.
Episode 2 - shot in the back 3 times while wearing a bullet proof vest.
Episode 3 - failed attempt at torture cell.
Episode 3 - Passing out due to infection #1.
Episode 3 - Passing out due to infection #2.
Episode 5 - In Mitchell Pearce's house during the struggle. Mitchell Pearce gets shot instead.
Episode 5 - While rescuing the young girl, Houdini puts his life in danger and only after sometime, finally surfaces.
Episode 8 - Buried alive until Adelaide digs him out.

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